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  1. Gordman

    Basement Family Room

    Very nice indeed... How long did it take you to finish this room? I like the classic style, and the massive wood pool table. I am thinking to have a game room myself and these details could be a great help for me.
  2. Gordman

    My First Home Theater, Suggestions.

    I couldn't agree more!
  3. Gordman

    HD-A2 upgrade is now available for download. Now version 2.5!

    I was looking forward to see this.
  4. Gordman

    The Contract

    You are absolutely right!
  5. Gordman

    cable connections.....

    Thanks, i'll look into it!
  6. Gordman

    HD Question

    Thanks for the info, i had the same problem!
  7. Gordman

    New HT system underwhelms me

    It's good to know! I learned a lot since i have subscribed for this forum.
  8. Gordman

    Want to make my own home theater

    I could use some tips myself.
  9. Gordman

    Hair in Anamorphic please!

    You are right about this.
  10. Gordman

    New HD DVD contest!

    Sounds great!