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  1. Gail M

    sony ta-p9000es ?

    Martice, We have a Sony 555es SACD player feeding an ICBM which feeds into the #1 5.1 input; and a Parasound Tuner feeding the Rear L/R, and my Turntable/phono preamp feeding the Front L/R of #2 5.1 input. We have nothing feeding the 2 channel bypass input and an Outlaw 950 feeding the 5.1...
  2. Gail M

    sony ta-p9000es ?

    We bought our Sony P9K from OneCall for $475 delivered. And, previously, Outlaw told us that they were not considering a multi-input ICBM.
  3. Gail M

    Hands On Listening Comparison Between the Two Pre/Pro's: 950 and 1066

    Brian C, We can not make it up to DFW on the 25th. We have prior plans to party with Sugar Ray that evening. If you decide to do it any other day, please let us know.
  4. Gail M

    Windows XP Pro Only $48.94 For MS Resellers

    Thanks Roy! I just bought one too. Does it actually take 4-6 weeks to get it? Has anyone actually gotten their copy yet?
  5. Gail M

    FS/FT Panasonic TU-DST51 HDTV tuner OTA Only

    Steve, You've got mail.
  6. Gail M

    ***Official*** Rotel RSP 1066 Fact and LOGICAL discussion thread

    I am talking about the yes/no/max setting stating whether you have a sub or not. Sorry, I have no idea. ....
  7. Gail M

    Ground Loop Isolator Install Question

    Hey Earl, Some other HTF member recommended this many times in the past. I know he won't mind if I borrow his link to help you. Use the bottom unit in the picture. Link Removed
  8. Gail M

    Anthem AVM20-get off the $$$

    Bill, Yes, the Anthem is one sexy piece. Sounds damn good too. Still, if you gotta spend $2500 to get good sound, then we would recommend that you buy an Outlaw 950($900) plus a Sony TA-P9000es($475), plus a Sony 555es MC SACD player($600), plus an Outlaw ICBM($299), plus a bunch of high...
  9. Gail M

    Hands On Listening Comparison Between the Two Pre/Pro's: 950 and 1066

    Brian and Jeff, We just sent an email to you guys. We can bring up our 950 for the shootout in Dallas/Plano if need be. Let us know, when and where. We figured that we could make it a full day if we do the shootout during the day and then check out AOTC at the DPL Digital Theater in Plano...
  10. Gail M

    FS: VPH 1030Q1 CRT projector!!

    Mark, Where will this unit ship from?
  11. Gail M

    FS: Viewsonic PJL830 (Davis DL450 Clone) DLP Projector

    Greg, Will this projector display native HDTV images? If not, will it display progressive scan, component video output from a DVD player? Thanks!
  12. Gail M

    Parasound AVC-2500u

    John K, What pre/pro are you going to replace the Ref 30 with? Also, Congrats on your new gig with Widescreen Review!!! Who is JJ going to hire to try to replace you?
  13. Gail M

    Scam? Denon 4802 on Ubid for $1000 New

    We've bought many items from Ubid, HOWEVER, we ONLY buy from Ubid, and NOT from participating sellers. If the item is not in Ubid's warehouse, we don't bid period. Parasound, Harmon International, Denon, Sony, ADA, Klipsch(all divisions) and Sherwood Newcastle all use Ubid to sell overstocked...
  14. Gail M

    *** Official *** Outlaw 950 questions thread

    Does the 950 have a mono setting for the AM tuner? If not, that could be one of the reasons that AM sounds poorer than it should? On my bedroom receiver, it sounds like an AM signal is not coming in until I push the mono button. Then all is well. Try pushing the mono button on the 950 to see if...
  15. Gail M

    DTS NEO or DPL II or ? When Going from 2 Channel Source to 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1?

    We prefer using DPL2C-CES for my DPL VHS tapes and for cable movies which use stereo, DPL or DD 2.0 audio formatting.
  16. Gail M

    ***Official*** Rotel RSP 1066 Fact and LOGICAL discussion thread

    Here is an example of a good upgrade policy - a Sunfire Theater Grand 2 to a Sunfire Theater Grand 3 for free - but it does require you find a really good retailer. Check it out here:
  17. Gail M

    AVM-20 Review.....finally!

    Oops, multiple post.
  18. Gail M

    Bose beats JBL in law suit

    Larry B: My husband has had some discussions with you, or was it LarryB(no space) on a forum in the past and he told me that you were an attorney. Sorry if I made the mistake of listening to him. It wouldn't be the first, or last, time he was wrong. :) I am a 1982 graduate of Thomas Jefferson in...
  19. Gail M

    Used equip prices for amps. Reasonable?

    Shawn: Without researching these items I can give no opinion on each item's value. However, alot more goes into my value estimate on used equipment than just the original MSRP and the model number. A couple of other things to consider when buying used gear are the following: - the age of the...