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  1. Jeff Hipps

    Updating electronics in an old stereo cabinet

    I haven't seen one of these units facelifted in some time. There are several issues trying to upgrade the electronics to a more modern receiver. 1. That form factor doesn't exist. 2. That unit is probably suspended by the face plate and most modern receivers don't like that. 3. Unless...
  2. Jeff Hipps

    Sherwood AV receiver help!

    The RD-6103R is quite an old receiver and predates "bitstream". Please try PCM. If that fails, you will need to use the analog output.   Jeff
  3. Jeff Hipps

    Looking for Dolby Headphone

    Sherwood's R-904n "NetBoxx" is a dual-zone 7.1 receiver with DNLA and UPNP audio video streaming and Dolby Volume. Price is $649.95. Jeff
  4. Jeff Hipps

    Consequences of crappy receiver?

    Let this be a dissenting voice. Although the Samsung may work, it clearly uses digital (class D) amplifiers and was optimized for a 3 ohm load. Using it with 8 ohms speakers will result in less power output, probably by a factor of 3, and in frequency response irregularities that may be audible...
  5. Jeff Hipps

    Sherwood R-965 problems

    Sorry to hear of your problems. I think the first step to diagnose the cause will be to re-set the microprocessor in your receiver. To successfully reset this receiver you need to start with the unit in the Standby Mode. To put the unit in the standby mode simply press the standby button...
  6. Jeff Hipps

    Inexpensive Stereo Receievers w/good radio reception

    The Sherwood Newcastle RX-770 seems to fit the bill. A/B speaker switching from the front panel or the remote; 4-gang FM tuner. It also has AM. MSRP is $300.00. Jeff
  7. Jeff Hipps

    ever owned a sherwood necastle R-952RDS?

    Sorry to report that even I do not recognize that model number. Are you sure it's not an R-925? Jeff
  8. Jeff Hipps

    Sherwood Newcastle R-972 HDMI 1.3 Receiver

    Dave: Any fears that Lawrence Ullman, Ultimate AV Mag's reveiwer had about the specs of the R-965 were well settled by the measurements: Driving all seven channels into 8ohms, the Sherwood delivered (to the nearest watt) 108Wpc at 20Hz (126Wpc into 4ohms) and 113Wpc at 1kHz (144Wpc into...
  9. Jeff Hipps

    Sherwood Newcastle R-972 HDMI 1.3 Receiver

    Dave: Opinions are easy. Everyone has one--or even more. When Home Theater Mag ran a receiver shoot out between, Denon, Pioneer Elite, HK and the Sherwood Newcastle R-865, they judged the Newcastle #1 for build and sound quality and #2 overall. Ultimate AV Mag has a list of the 9 best...
  10. Jeff Hipps

    Cheap Reciever

    Matt: Either of the Sherwood models will work well. The RX-4109 has a built-in phono section. The RX-4105 does not. Jeff
  11. Jeff Hipps

    Cheap Reciever

    Radio Shack offers the Sherwood RX-4109. Circuit City has the RX-4105. Both are inexpensive. Neither is cheap nor low quality. Jeff
  12. Jeff Hipps

    Shallow Depth Receiver Needed

    The Sherwood Newcastle R-903 is 10" deep. Details here: Jeff
  13. Jeff Hipps

    Question about HDMI 1.3

    There's no firmware upgrade to convert lesser versions of HDMI to 1.3. It's all hardware. Jeff
  14. Jeff Hipps

    sansui 9090...last questions

    From my memory the damping factor of the 9090 was far lower than what was normal for that time. I remember it as being rated at 10. Jeff
  15. Jeff Hipps

    harman kardon sansui 4 ohm receivers and blowing them

    The Sansui 9090 was never my favorite receivier. While it is solid state and not tubed as has already been pointed out, I recall that it had a very low damping factor and very sloppy bass performance as a result. Jeff
  16. Jeff Hipps

    Component Video Bandwidth

    Flat to 35 MHz is sufficient for HD. Jeff
  17. Jeff Hipps

    Best A/V Receiver for under a grand?

    LanceJ: Thanks for the plug. The Newcastle R-756 is sold out. Jeff
  18. Jeff Hipps

    Best A/V Receiver for under a grand?

    With the Boston Acoustics 7120 on close-out, there is no question as to what's the best receiver available for under $1000. Jeff
  19. Jeff Hipps

    BOSE speakers blown to smithereens! Possible?

    Bose speakers contain elaborate protection circuitry within the "acoustimass module" to safeguard the speakers. When the signal to the speakers reaches a level that could injure them, the signal is automatically routed through a light bulb. This keeps the speakers operating and the excess...
  20. Jeff Hipps

    What is a good 6.1 receiver to buy?

    Search on the net for the Sherwood RD-8601. 6.1 with universal video upconversion to component and automatic speaker set-up. Jeff
  21. Jeff Hipps

    outlaw 990 and the 7100 amp

    The 990 has both balanced and unbalanced outputs so there is no problem with your amp choice.
  22. Jeff Hipps

    Looking for a receiver to power 2 sets of in ceiling speakers

    All DVD players have a two channel analog ouput. Jeff
  23. Jeff Hipps

    Would you get a Sherwood Amplifier?

    Be careful should you decide to purchase from Reliable AV as they are not an authorized dealer. Make sure you get a valid bill of sale, that the serial numbers are in place and that they have not been defaced. Jeff
  24. Jeff Hipps

    Looking for a receiver to power 2 sets of in ceiling speakers

    Sherwood RX-4100, RX-4103, RX-4105 and Sherwood Newcastle RX-770 all have indpedent A, B speaker switching available from the front panel or from the remote. Jeff
  25. Jeff Hipps

    Seperate processor, opinions.....

    The Sherwood Newcastle P-965 is within your price range. Jeff
  26. Jeff Hipps

    "The Future-Proof Anchor to Your Entertainment Needs" - WOW

    Sherwood Newcastle has posted two firmware upgrades for our '65 Series products--P-965 pre/pro, R-965 and R-865 receivers. The first added lip-synch delay. The second added automatic speaker set-up and we gave our customers a mic and mic-preamp. The 3rd upgrade will add Room EQ. Jeff
  27. Jeff Hipps

    Need seperates\speaker advice from the audiophile communuity.

    Shameless plug--the Sherwood Newcastle P-965 tuner/preamp/processor has edge of the art performance, decodes everything available today, is firemware upgradeable and has a USB input that will allow your computer .wav and mp3 files to be played over your A/V system. Mate with the matching...
  28. Jeff Hipps

    Looking for a pre/pro-sites for info?

    Doug: For what it's worth, there is a site where a consumer has compiled details on a number of pre/pros. Here's the link: You might want to verify any critical details with the manufacturer's own sites as there could be some errors on this one. Jeff
  29. Jeff Hipps

    Does anybody here own this crammed-with-features Sherwood?

    RD-8601's should be arriving in the US next month. Jeff
  30. Jeff Hipps

    receiver options and components...confusion

    IMO, knowing the brand name of the DAC's gives one insufficient information to use as the basis of a decision on quality. All the DAC companies offer a wide range of models with different capabilities and different prices. Burr Brown can be better than Analog Devices or it could be worse...