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  1. Andre Bijelic

    North By Northwest 50th Anniversary blu ray??

    Actually, all of Warner's BDs so far have had extras in NTSC - even in PAL territories.
  2. Andre Bijelic

    DVD Review HTF Review: The Black Hole

    This was released back in the day when most theatres still had curtains covering the screen. I remember seeing this and the first "Star Trek" around the same time as a kid. The overture to both films came up, then the curtains parted and the films proper started. Edited by Andre Bijelic -...
  3. Andre Bijelic

    The Exorcist on Blu-Ray?

    Well, there are quite a few changes, which totally alter the pacing of the film: A slightly different opening, which shows the MacNeil's home in Georgetown, then cuts to the opening titles.The scene where Chris MacNeil screams on the phone includes a new music cue and omits the line "I've been...
  4. Andre Bijelic

    William Friedkin's Sorcerer?

  5. Andre Bijelic

    Momitsu BDP-899 Setup

    Yes and no. While the vast majority of films are encoded as 1080p/24 worldwide, there are a few titles in PAL territories that are 1080i/50, which could be described as HD PAL. These discs won't play on the vast majority of North American players, even if the discs themselves have no region...
  6. Andre Bijelic

    LG BD370 BluRay player: wont return to last position after stop

    The problem is with the disc, not the player. Most blu-ray discs are encoded in such a way that doesn't allow for the resume function to work. Try it with a standard DVD and it should work just fine.
  7. Andre Bijelic

    Have there been any non-OAR blu-rays yet?

    But both films were released theatrically at 1.85 - so the blu-rays can't really be considered wrong.
  8. Andre Bijelic

    Have there been any non-OAR blu-rays yet?

    The blu-ray of "Planet Terror" has been opened up to 1.78:1 from 'scope. As has the Canadian release of "Hostage", the thriller with Bruce Willis. I ca't honestly belive that anyone considers the 1.85-1.78 thing an issue. Even with zero overscan, the difference is barely noticable, and you'll...
  9. Andre Bijelic

    Any word on Se7en on Blu?

    And the bad news is that it's a 1.78:1 transfer rather than the original 'scope ratio.
  10. Andre Bijelic

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Amadeus -- in Blu-ray

    I'm not quite sure what it is that you're arguing here. Are you saying that a properly transfered, well-mastered, filmlike image would somehow look worse on smaller sets? Of course video, even HD video, is not the same as film. But video, especially HD, can very closely approximate the look...
  11. Andre Bijelic

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Patton -- in Blu-Ray

    This was on one of the movie channels in HD recently and it looked much better than the BD. I recorded it and compared it directly to my BD copy. The broadcast version was a bit grainier and sharper overall, with none of the smeary DNR look. I don't know if it was an older transfer, or if...
  12. Andre Bijelic

    Movies in 3D

    I just saw "Coraline" in 3D and agree with this statement 100%. It's been a long time, and I know memory can be a tricky thing, but it didn't seem appreciably better to me than the 3D films I saw in the 80s. I still think it's a fad - albeit one that keeps coming back every 25 years.
  13. Andre Bijelic

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The French Connection -- in Blu-ray

    I certainly wasn't around when say the original "King Kong" appeared in 1933, but I'd like to see it the way that a contemporary audience would have - at least as closely as possible, so I don't see what sentimentality or nostalgia has to do with it. There's also the issue of when changes are...
  14. Andre Bijelic

    Netflix, Blu, HD Downloads, Xbox 360 (don't get the pitchforks and torches yet!)

    There's no Netflix per se, but is its Canadian equivalent.
  15. Andre Bijelic

    JVC tube TV black box on screen problem

    I believe this has something to do with the closed-caption display. Try turning off the captioning and the the problem should go away.
  16. Andre Bijelic

    Flash Gordon re-release is coming.....

    There's already an R1/R3 version available: It's 16:9 widescreen (2.35:1), 5.1, NTSC and appears to be a recent transfer - I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Universal used the same transfer for the upcoming SE. The only downside...
  17. Andre Bijelic

    OPPO 971 and Infocus X1 trouble

    Most DVI players disable component output when a DVI cable is connected. Unplug the DVI cable first, then test the compenent connections. Also, it's my understanding that the Oppo only outputs 480i over component.
  18. Andre Bijelic

    Canadian on line rentals?

    I started using VHQ but switched over to because zip offers a much larger selection. Another benefit of zip is that they'll buy a title that they don't have if you request it. The only downside is that it can take a while to get some of the more popular titles - expect a long wait...
  19. Andre Bijelic

    Walter Hill's "The Driver" (1978) w/Ryan O'Neil out on DVD

    It's available in Toronto at the Sunrise Records on Yonge St., just north of Dundas.
  20. Andre Bijelic

    Doctor Who '05 - perhaps October?

    The show is co-produced by the CBC in addition to the BBC, so it's possible that there will be an exclusive Canadian release.
  21. Andre Bijelic

    Getting an I-Scan Pro, what should I expect?

    Not exactly. I have a very similar setup - an I-Scan Ultra feeding a Sony CRT set (KP-46WT510). The set only upscales to 1080i when being fed standard 480i interlaced sources. A 480p source will be displayed as 480p. That said, all of my sources (DVD, LD, VHS) look superior via I-Scan than...
  22. Andre Bijelic

    HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Merger Possible?

    Count me in as another who refuses to take part in a format war. So what if Sony succeeds in seeling millions of PS3s? It's useless to me if it won't play "2001", "Blade Runner", "The Lord of the Rings" and every other movie owned by studios that back HD DVD. This situation is far...
  23. Andre Bijelic

    DVNR-Do People Not Know What This Is?

    I truly despise DVNR. Give me a grainy, noisy image any day over a muddy, smeary filtered, overly "digital" image. The "Star Wars" LDs are pretty bad - I actually prefer the original widescreen releases to the (supposedly) superior THX reissues. But the worst offender has to be MGMs...
  24. Andre Bijelic

    Non Region 1 DVDs

    If you want to avoid paying high prices for R2 discs from the UK, a good alternative is to get them from Australia. I'd say the majority of R4 Australian discs are identical to their UK R2 counterparts. An Australian site I've dealt with frequently is Family Box Office.
  25. Andre Bijelic

    Are there anyDVD players with a 4:3 squeeze feature for 16:9 displays

    All of the current Panasonic models have the pillarbox feature.
  26. Andre Bijelic

    2-disc LIFEFORCE SE in the works?

    Where is an anamorphic version of "Lifeforce" currently available?
  27. Andre Bijelic

    Rare DTS and/or Anamorphic titles (Brazil R4 NTSC)

    "I heard that there's a R4 NTSC anamorphic "Muppet Christmas Carol"... is that true?" "Muppet Christmas Carol" is pan-and-scan. However, there is a 16X9 version of the TV movie "It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas". There's also a 16X9 Australian R4 disc (PAL) of "Muppet Treasure Island".
  28. Andre Bijelic

    Why are Universal re-issuing Friedkin's "Sorcerer" on Feb. 8th?

    "Sorcerer" was originally a Universal/Paramount co-production. Does anyone know if Paramount has put together a decent version of this film in another region?
  29. Andre Bijelic

    February Fox Titles

    I just picked up a copy of "The Star Chamber". It's a double-sided, single-layer disc, with a pan-and-scan version on one side and an anamorphic widescreen version on the other (unlabeled!) side. It's in 5.1 - probably taken from the 70mm mix - and the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Image...