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  1. Darren Davis

    Happy Birthday Ronald Epstein!

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for this wonderful place! I'd hate to be the family member or friend trying to find you a DVD for your birthday, though.
  2. Darren Davis

    Happy Birthday Ronald Epstein!

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for this wonderful place! I'd hate to be the family member or friend trying to find you a DVD for your birthday, though.
  3. Darren Davis

    Cross foruming... Dealer drops man's prized 'vette!!

    There are pics on page 3 except they're attached and require membership to view them.
  4. Darren Davis

    Top U.S. Political Science Graduate (M.A.) Schools?

    You might want to look into the US News college report. Not sure if it lists the top by major but it's got a lot of good information on pretty much every good school in the US. Also, some really good websites for overall information are (look for the college search thing)...
  5. Darren Davis

    The High School/College Thread

    For the next three weeks I'm taking 4 AP exams and 5 IB exams (IB exams are broken up into different "Papers" and usually span two or more testing days. After that I get to enjoy my summer and then come September (I think) it's college life at UNC-Chapel Hill. Morgan, your school doesn't...
  6. Darren Davis

    FINALLY!!! it finally happened to me!!

    Hah, I got the Van Speakers pitch for the second time last Monday. I was walking out of a Publix and this Ford Explorer slams on the brakes and almost hits another car, just so the guy could yell out the window, "Hey man, you want some speakers?" I feel kind of bad that there are people trying...
  7. Darren Davis

    *** Official DAWN OF THE DEAD Discussion Thread

    Saw it yesterday afternoon and the theater was laughing out loud for the most part. It just didn't seem that scary because it was hard for me to take it seriously. Oh well, at least I enjoyed myself. I do think it's worth a watch because there are some parts that are pretty good, whether scary...
  8. Darren Davis

    What are some good Internet radio stations? I like to put one of the electronica/techno/club/house/whatever-you-want-to-call-it stations on while I do homework. The classical station is also pretty good.
  9. Darren Davis

    Parking etiquette

    I have to agree with you here. I see this a lot at my school.
  10. Darren Davis

    stupid game but .....

    I got the monkey at 846mph.
  11. Darren Davis

    Better Jobs for Teenagers?

    I'm 18 and I've worked at KB Toys since July but now that the Christmas rush is over the hours I work have dropped a considerable amount and I'd like to look into getting a second job. Now I hope this doesn't seem far-fetched but I'm looking for something that pays $10/hr or more, allows me to...
  12. Darren Davis

    Movies that promised a sequel but didn't deliver

    History of the World: Part 1 promised a second installment with such segments as "Jews in Space" and "Hitler on Ice." ;)
  13. Darren Davis

    Great movies under 90 minutes running length

    Orange County (82m)
  14. Darren Davis

    LOTR: ROTK- EE DVD case colour ?

    darn, for some reason I really wanted black/charcoal to go with the fight against Sauron's army. But I also see how white/cream would be appropriate. Blue, though...
  15. Darren Davis

    definition of the "izzles"....

    Yeah, a lot of it needs context to really understand it. Sometimes it can be a complex and beautiful thing, mah nizzle.
  16. Darren Davis

    Howdja make out on black friday?

    I work at KB Toys and had to be there at 4AM. I made out with my life ;). Actually, it wasn't that bad, just a lot of people. I am, however, very tempted by the $9.99 CDs at Circuit City...
  17. Darren Davis

    FCC Allows the F* word, rumor or truth?

    Christ, I asked a question about the "shit" episode of South Park on this very forum and was told that the FCC doesn't regulate Comedy Central because it's a cable channel. I guess the channel can technically say what it wants. Not sure, though. Anyone out there own a TV station? ;)
  18. Darren Davis

    The High School/College Thread

    Speaking of the SAT IIs, I took them Oct. 11 (Math IIC, Physics, and Writing) and so far they only have my math and physics scores on I called them up and they said they were still grading the writing test but it's been over a week. Has anyone else had this happen? I kind of...
  19. Darren Davis

    The High School/College Thread

    Just wanted to chime in and exclaim my happiness that my 4000 word research paper (dubbed the "Extended Essay") that is a requirement for my HS diploma (International Baccalaureate programme) was turned in today at 3 PM. Ahh, such a huge weight off of me now. It's not the greatest thing I've...
  20. Darren Davis

    What's with all the popularity threads?

    You've just started another. :p)
  21. Darren Davis


    Sarchasm...too good. I think I'll have to use that one from now on. :D
  22. Darren Davis

    Apple products in films and TV

    There was the best of both worlds in Zoolander. Apple fans got their product placement and PC fans got to see an iMac smashed onto a runway stage. "Where are all the files?" :D
  23. Darren Davis

    Hike to Signal Hill - *TONS* of Pictures

    Very nice pictures. That area has a lot of history and such beautiful scenery. But I would suggest you just link to the pictures from HTF so you don't clog any of their bandwidth or create a nightmare for 56k users.
  24. Darren Davis

    The High School/College Thread

    ahahah, I have to laugh because I've had more than one teacher pull the same thing on me. When it comes down to it, teachers are people, too, and usually have lives outside of school. It is *much* easier to grade essays all on the same prompt, especially if it needs to contain a wealth of names...
  25. Darren Davis

    The High School/College Thread

    This might be a good thread for me as I'm currently straining through school (the work isn't difficult, the workload coupled with a job and other inconveniences is) and working on college applications. I'm in the International Baccalaureate program in high school, which is basically like taking...
  26. Darren Davis

    Jerri Blank is Finally Home or Strangers With Candy-Season One

    YES! I was just watching a rerun the other night and wishing they'd release the episodes on DVD. Now if they could only get Upright Citizens Brigade out.
  27. Darren Davis

    My driploma contains a typographical error!

    ^Generally, the "/" is used for a closing tag: "...unpossible!"[/Ralph Wiggum] :D
  28. Darren Davis

    The funniest website I have ever read. (warped humor required)

    Oh goodness, I haven't seen all of the updated stuff on yet so thanks for reminding me about this gem. PumpUp2 put me in tears:D . Also, Super Greg is cool, but is he any match for Ill Mitch?
  29. Darren Davis

    School History Project: specific, debatable topics on the Cold War

    Hello all, I want to thank you all very much for your input into this thread. A lot of you mentioned different topics that helped me narrow down my subject for investigation. I had a good meeting with my teacher and after about an hour or so of discussion we came up with this topic: An...