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  1. Mike_Gr

    newbie needs speakers

    One of the best budget speaker systems I have heard to date is the Wharfedale Diamond 8 series. These are very hard to beat at their price point. IMO, they are more competent than Best Buys top stuff...which IMO are the Athena's & Infinity's top line they carry (can't recall the name). Even...
  2. Mike_Gr

    Please review my 5.1 system before i buy.

    I had an Axiom system in my home for a 30 day trial (M60's, QS8's, & VP150) & I also currently own an SVS PB12-ISD. I didn't end up keeping the Axioms and went with a Wharfedale Evo system instead. Don't get me wrong, the Axioms are very good. I just preferred the Evo's a little more...
  3. Mike_Gr

    Need Advice on Improving Speaker System

    You should probably elaborate a little more so it will be easier for people to assist you. Are you looking for a system only for your PC or are you thinking of getting a dedicated HT system w/ an A/V receiver that you can also use with your PC? Also, what about budget?
  4. Mike_Gr

    Speaker suggestions $1500/pair

    First, let your friend audition the Martin Logan's and decide for himself. Just make sure during the audition he gets up and walks around the room; including walking toward the main speakers on the outsides of each speaker. Do this and he will likely realize that Martin Logan's have a very small...
  5. Mike_Gr

    Optoma H31 vs InFocus 4805

    Gregg, I am only quoting the manufacturer specs. Since you state the manufacturers specs are far from accurate, you must know what they actually are. Would you please share with us the accurate specs for the H31 and 4805? I, and probably others, would like to know what they are. Evan, I...
  6. Mike_Gr

    What's wrong with this setup?

    I say take the plunge. If you don't like the Axioms, the return process is hassle-free...and I know from first-hand experience. I returned an Axiom system and it took 3 days delivery time to Buffalo, NY. They issued a credit to my card the same day and it took 2 days before the funds were...
  7. Mike_Gr

    surround speakers under $1000

    The PI-W6 is the Evolution series. I will call the local Wharfedale dealer here in KS (I have to call him tommorow anyway)and ask the owner about in-wall surrounds for the Diamond series. I will check back in tommorow.
  8. Mike_Gr

    advice on surround speakers to go with my paradigm pw2200 sub?

    I second the recommendations John G made but would like to add another. Wharfedale Diamond 9.1
  9. Mike_Gr

    Optoma H31 vs InFocus 4805

    Evan, you failed to mention that the H31 has 3000:1 contrast while the 4805 has 2000:1. That means the H31 will have better color and better blacks. That accounts for a lot of what you see. I also disagree with your stating the H31 has 'bugs'. I haven't read about any yet. Perhaps you meant to...
  10. Mike_Gr

    Optoma H31 vs InFocus 4805

    Yes, I favored the H30 over the 4805. Since I find the H31 to be a significant improvement over the H30, then logic dictates I would prefer the H31 over the 4805; unless the 4805 was improved since I initially auditioned it. All I can say is that I trust my eyes. Specs are meaningful, but...
  11. Mike_Gr

    Optoma H31 vs InFocus 4805

    I auditioned the H30 and the 4805 back to back and the H30 readily won. The H30 simply had better picture in every aspect. To my eyes, it wasn't even close. That was a while back. A few weeks ago on lunch break a co-worker and I auditioned the H31. The dealer selected the Time Warner HDTV...
  12. Mike_Gr

    build your own ?

    There are a lot of places you can find all the parts one would need. An example of such sites are below.
  13. Mike_Gr


    I looked at a pair of Opus 2's (rosewood) about a month and a half ago. They are demo models that are just like new and 50% off (around $1,000 for the pair, if memory serves). I was at the store to AB a pair of Axiom M60's against some Wharfedale Evo-30's and afterwards asked the owner if I...
  14. Mike_Gr

    Subwoofer Optimization Question

    $40 bucks at radio shack (analog). Don't both with a digital meter. They work great and it will do everything it is supposed to.
  15. Mike_Gr

    surround speakers under $1000

    I recommend the Wharfedale Diamond series. If you want to buy from a local dealer, I suggest you consider the Diamond 8.4 towers, Diamond in-wall surrounds, and the Diamond 8 center. Although it might not be readily apparent, Wharfedale does make in-wall surrounds for their systems. I know...
  16. Mike_Gr

    Martin-Logan subs - how are they?

    I have heard the Descent and was very impressed. I watched scenes from a few DVD's but didn't listen to music.
  17. Mike_Gr

    Axoim or Wharfedale Evo? Ready to pull trigger any day

    Ah..nevermind. I just pulled the trigger a few minutes ago and ordered the Axiom M60's, VP150, and QS8's. They should be here this Friday.
  18. Mike_Gr

    Screen Optoma H31

    I am pretty much sold on the Optoma H31 DLP. I went to the local dealer today to see it, but they still don't have it in yet. While I was there, I went ahead and priced some fixed screens from Da-lite. I believe we priced 92 or 96" screens and they were around 1k. I had no idea they were...
  19. Mike_Gr

    Axoim or Wharfedale Evo? Ready to pull trigger any day

    A few months ago I narrowed my selection down to the Axiom M60 or the Evo 30. I will be using the Axiom QS8 surrounds in a 5.1 setup no matter which tower I ultimately choose. I can get the Evo 30's and the Evo center for $1,100 or I can go Axiom M60 and VP150 center for $1285. I will be...
  20. Mike_Gr

    $2500 to pre-wire house, worth it?

    Have you exhausted all networking efforts? Call all your friends and ask them if they know any electricians or maybe some do-it-yourselfers that know how to wire. Ask your co-workers. Call anybody you can think of. Odds are there is somebody out there that one of your...
  21. Mike_Gr

    Polk LSi, Axiom and other bookshelves comparo

    Comparing two speakers that are $400 apart is a somewhat fair comparison if A costs $1,600 and speaker B costs $2,000 (25% difference). However, when that same $400 represents a 100% increase in price, it becomes a comparison rendered on a non-level playing field, IMO. Good review.
  22. Mike_Gr

    Good speaker match for my NAD amp?

    Anyway, who cares about cost ratios? The important thing is to find a bookshelf within your budget that will provide a significant improvement. Now that I know you will be using a sub, and perhaps upgrading your sub in the future, I think any of the three (Axiom M22, Ascend 340, and...
  23. Mike_Gr

    speakers--mix and match?

    I suggest you try to locate a used center that matches your mains. If you can't find one, get in touch with Boston Acoustics and ask them how their current center channel offerings match your mains. If there isn't a dealer in your immediate area, locate the dealer closest to you and give...
  24. Mike_Gr

    Good speaker match for my NAD amp?

    Let me get this straight. You are looking for a set of speakers that will allow you to achieve a speaker to amp cost ratio of 1:1? Are you unhappy with your current setup? If so, what about your PSB's seems to be lacking in your opinion? OR, are you content with your current setup but looking...
  25. Mike_Gr

    Boston Acoustics, a good brand?

    I like most of what Boston Acoustics does. I have listened to the VR's 3 times and I like everything about them except two aspects. First, every time I heard the VR's the vocals were terrible. Vocals have a hiss, especially on words that begin or end with the letter S. This becomes more...
  26. Mike_Gr

    Swan's Divas to Wharfedale Pacific Evolutions... Upgrade? Downgrade? or Lateral Move?

    I have auditioned the Evo's several times and auditioned the Opus once. The Evo's are one of my personal favorites. They offer excellent midrange and clean, tight bass. The highs don't sound tinny at all. I would describe the highs as detailed and clear with a hint of warmth. In other words...
  27. Mike_Gr

    Paradigm new signature series

    I did notice a minor difference between the two. I think this difference is most likely attributed to some minor crossover work. Yes, we all pay a premium for real wood. But they are asking for a premium on top of a premiun, IMO.
  28. Mike_Gr

    Supercube Reference Sub or SVS?

    My question is simple. How does the Supercube Reference compare/stack up to the SVS PB2+? Anybody heard both? Thanks.
  29. Mike_Gr

    Paradigm new signature series

    The new signature series have fantastic looking cabinets. Unfortunately, that is the only significant improvement you get by stepping up to this new series, IMO. Aside from the cabinet, there are no notable changes. Even the drivers are identical, with exception to the gold-anodized dust cap...
  30. Mike_Gr

    Need a < $1000 5 or 6 speaker setup.

    Steve, From your original post, I am taking 'natural' to mean accurate. With this in mind, I think you are on the right track by narrowing your search down to Axiom and Ascend. Since the highs on the Rockets are rolled-off, they are by definition not accurate (not true to the source). I...