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  1. Brian Duke

    No Advanced Babylon 5 Reviews?

    Can someone tell me the difference between the Canadian box set on and the US box set, besides the fact that the one on is cheaper? Thanks, Brian
  2. Brian Duke

    Will the Babylon 5 season sets be far behind?...

    I've been busy at work and such lately and haven't caught up to the B5 threads till now, but I just want to put my 2 cents in here in case any decision makers read this forum. I've read some of the rumors here about B5 being released with 2 eps/disc and also rumors that idea was scrapped...
  3. Brian Duke

    : ( Disappointed. No DTS on the Black Hawk Down DVD

    Thank God for HTF so I know about SE's coming out later. No way I'm buying both, I'll wait... - Brian
  4. Brian Duke

    Kazaa to use your "unused computing power and storage space"?!

    There's another file sharing tool called WinMX that claims to not have shareware and when I looked into it about a month ago, I didn't see any posts or references on the Net claiming otherwise. - Brian
  5. Brian Duke

    Friends: Season 1 a bit high priced?

    Don't forget Sex in the City for $25. My wife loves Friends and I thought about getting this till I saw the price tag. If anybody is listening, here's one more sale when the price is right... - Brian
  6. Brian Duke

    HTF REVIEW: "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the Eighth Dimension!

    I wasn't one of the 6 in the theatre, but the first time I saw BB was on a friend's videodisc player. Anybody remember that technology flop from the 80's? - Brian
  7. Brian Duke

    Anyone know about the new Emmanuelle dvds?

    I may have to check that one out with Sylvia Kristel someday, but I'm mainly interested in the ones that came out this week with Krista Allen. Seems like I heard once that there was a censored version of these that came out on tape or something, so I wanted to try and find out if these are the...
  8. Brian Duke

    Babylon 5 on DVD: Vote with your dollars

    I put my vote in. Too bad it's 4:3 as someone noted in this thread. I sure hope if they release the rest they are 16:9 anamorphic. Anyone know any way we can pressure someone for 16:9 anamorphic? :cool:
  9. Brian Duke

    Anyone know about the new Emmanuelle dvds?

    I hope they're the same, but I'd like to find out for sure. If anyone views one, please let me know. Thanks, Brian
  10. Brian Duke

    Anyone know about the new Emmanuelle dvds?

    Just noticed there are a bunch of Emmanuelle dvds coming out that Krista Allen starred in. There is also a box set I believe. Does anyone know if these are the original movies or have they been censored down? I assume the box set contains all the dvd's? Emmanuelle In Space: A Time To Dream...
  11. Brian Duke

    Dances With Wolves OOP? You MUST Be Kidding!!!

    Just saw this thread a little late. Glad you found a copy Rob, because this version may never be released again. I tried to find the old threads that dealt with this subject, but the HTF search only seems to go back a couple months. Here's what I remember: Some time ago, a thread popped up...
  12. Brian Duke

    Help, which power strip should I buy?

    Thanks for the tip. I found this TrippLite product at globalmart that has 6 outlets, rj12 and coax protection: It looks nice, but I wish it had more outlets. Has anyone taken any of these products apart to see if the guts are as good as the...
  13. Brian Duke

    Help, which power strip should I buy?

    I've done some searches here but can't quite decide on what is best. I want to spend under $150 and hope that will get me adequate protection for my equipment which is worth about $5K. From what I've read, it sounds like a surge supressor/line filter is preferred over a true line conditioner for...
  14. Brian Duke

    Monster Cable HTS-2500 vs. HTS-2000 Which one would you buy?

    I'm trying to decide what to get as well, and it looks like a good surge surpressor/filter is preferred to a line conditioner. I have also found that products fromLink Removed looks the same as panamax products but are cheaper. Anyone know who is the real manufacturer? Are these products truly...