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  1. Brett C

    Any "Midnight Cowboy" 16x9 remaster???

    Did any other MGM DVD feature the trailer for this film? Besides the original release of course. It ain't included on this new release.
  2. Brett C

    'Wolf Creek' R1 Question...

    The film was slightly cut in the US by a few frames. The Australian and UK versions are uncut, so the unrated R1 DVD I'd imagine is this same version released everywhere else.
  3. Brett C

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Fly - Collector's Edition

    This is a terrific release, I love the extras on it,always good to see a release thats not filled with the usual fluff pieces you get on the majority of releases. BTW, I thought the foot eating scene shown in the docu at 1.19.15 was pretty damm cool, besides the monkey cat scene.
  4. Brett C

    Evil Dead II - Book of the Dead COMPARISON SHOTS

    Going from those screenshots if accurate, its not the color that puts me off in the new transfer its the level of DVNR thats been applied. It looks stripped of detail compared to the previous transfer.
  5. Brett C

    The Aviator DVD thoughts

    The disc is fine however I have one problem with the audio.The dialogue clips at,or near reference level in quite a few scenes, possibly due to Warner using the low bitrate of 384kbps on this title. I'm thinking about getting the R3 edition to see if the DTS track improves on this.
  6. Brett C

    Where's the BRAM STOKER documentary on laser disc?

    Columbia issued two different releases of the film on Laserdisc,a regular barebones edition and a slightly higher priced one that contained extras. Both were 2 discs and the one with extras had the HBO special you mention that btw,was only in snippets on the Criterion release.Catalog number for...
  7. Brett C

    any chance of darkman spec ed or color of money ?

    If a Darkman SE ever cameout it'd be without the involvement of Sam Raimi. He had a horrible experiance making it and expressed no interest in revisting it for a DVD when asked in an interview recently.
  8. Brett C

    Yamaha Reciever won't lock onto DTS tracks!

    The DTS track shows on the front display but flickers because it can't hold lock for anymore than a second at a time.Forcing it into DTS mode doesn't make a difference at all.
  9. Brett C

    Yamaha Reciever won't lock onto DTS tracks!

    I have a Yamaha HTR5760 and Ive just noticed it won't lock onto the DTS track on a number of discs! These discs playup at ,(samepoint) everytime from two different makes of player and its not just a random dropout it basicly cant lock at all onto signal and just stutters. Why is this happening...
  10. Brett C

    DVD Review HTF Review: Van Helsing

    Yeah I was just curious since most of the foreign releases are at 384kbps for this film.
  11. Brett C

    DVD Review HTF Review: Van Helsing

    Whats the bitrate of the 5.1 DD track on the R1 release?
  12. Brett C

    The Night Stalker / The Night Strangler Re-release

    A review has popped up for the new release,and MGM have restored the missing audio! I'll upgrade my copy for sure now.
  13. Brett C

    2 versions of Jeepers Creepers?

    The reason it was redone in later pressings as a 2 disc set was because they had a big problem with faulty DVD14's of this title when it was first released. It was very faulty on a number of different makes of players.
  14. Brett C

    2 versions of Jeepers Creepers?

    The reason it was redone in later pressings as a 2 disc set was because they had a big problem with faulty DVD14's of this title when it was first released. It was very faulty on a number of different makes of players.
  15. Brett C

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Angel Heart

    There is one shot in the sex scene that is shortened by about a split second, mere frames I'd say. Its the shot where you see them both coupled bouncing hard up and down high off bed with blood splattering fiercly onto Rourke's buttocks. Its really no big deal IMO, and wouldn't be missed if you...
  16. Brett C

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Angel Heart

    (That R2 UK Special Edition is actually missing some stuff from the sex scene as well as a couple frames of the murders) I compared the old and new R1 discs and the UK R2 to the unrated Laserdisc, and both R1 discs are the R rated version,and the UK R2 is actually the one thats uncut! But...
  17. Brett C

    Friday The 13th SEs/Box Set Info Coming on September 19th!?

    Ive read that this set will cost around $100 list,when its app 5 discs using recycled transfers. I think I'll be passing now myself, even though I wanted to see the extras. A rebate for owners of the previous 8 discs might change my mind, but thats never going to happen. My DVD Collection
  18. Brett C

    Frankenstein/Classic Monsters: The Legacy Collection DVD by Universal (Merged)

    Found this review for the Frankenstein set,can't wait!
  19. Brett C

    kill bill r2,3

    Well that ain't entirely true,with the film Scream being a a good example.
  20. Brett C

    DVD Review HTF Review: The Rundown (Highly Recommended!)

    Some news about his new film, Walking Tall.Heres the interesting bit, The original intent for Walking Tall was to make it as powerful and graphic as possible. "What we ended up with was a hard R picture which proved too rough for the studio (MGM) so it's been drastically trimmed back for...
  21. Brett C

    Details: Matrix Revolutions (Merged)

    For me personally, saying the film is bad is actually paying it a compliment,lol. Anyway the disc quality was very good, although the sound level was rather muted, no doubt due to the dialog normalization applied. But once turned up to compensate, it did deliver the goods.
  22. Brett C

    Anyone else want a DVD of The Creeping Flesh?

    Heres a dealer link, And go here where it confirms details of the extras submitted to the BBFC for classification, doesn't mention the interview here, but its been mentioned around the net, My DVD Collection
  23. Brett C

    Anyone else want a DVD of The Creeping Flesh?

    I'm a huge Horror fan, just look at my collection, lol. I'll be getting the UK R2 release, as it features a commentary track and video interview from Christopher Lee. My DVD Collection
  24. Brett C

    Monster - DVD Details

    According to this site the disc will have a DTS audio option! Strange for Columbia, since they reserve that only for Superbit, with exceptions like Memento Limited Edition. DVD SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE: Widescreen Presentation Featurette Interview with Patty Jenkins and BT DTS Film...
  25. Brett C

    Question: Lucia Fulci Collection

    I loved all the DVDs that cameout of the Fulci films and can't wait for the new disc of Zombi 2 aka(Zombie)to comeout. And hopefully Lizard In A Womens skin ain't too far behind that, from Media Blasters. My DVD Collection
  26. Brett C

    I want Frankenstein:The True Story on dvd

    I would like to see this on DVD as well. My DVD Collection
  27. Brett C

    The omnibus thread about Scorsese's CASINO (including all SE discussion)

    I haven't heard anything, but would love a new edition of this film. Can only hope Universal will get around to it. My DVD Collection
  28. Brett C


    Huge Hammer fan, Can't wait for this and the other two titles, Dracula has risen from the grave and Frankenstein must be destroyed, to comeout on April 27th. My DVD Collection
  29. Brett C

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" (Highly Recommended!)

    One of last years best films, look forward to this disc.