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  1. GaryAR

    FS: Onix Ref 1s, 24" Osiris Stands & Wharfedale sub

    *bump* Price dropped again, now $775 plus shipping and I eat the paypal fee. Thanks Gary
  2. GaryAR

    FS: Onix Ref 1s, 24" Osiris Stands & Wharfedale sub

    Hi Scott Mine are in Birdseye Maple, guess I forgot to mention that. This is certainly the best looking finish in my opinion, the only speakers I've seen that look better are the B&W signature 805's, which sell for $3500 or so. I'm not positive about the paypal fees, I think it was at...
  3. GaryAR

    FS: Onix Ref 1s, 24" Osiris Stands & Wharfedale sub

    The time to upgrade speakers has come and I've got to sell my Onix Ref 1 monitors. For anyone not familiar with them, here are the specs from Mine are the current MK II model, they've been babied from the time I got them and kept in a dedicated room - a smoke free, pet free, and child...
  4. GaryAR

    B&W pricing

    oops... i was looking at the wrong post :) -Gary
  5. GaryAR

    B&W pricing

    Garrett- Assuming it's not the place you're talking about, have you been to Son Ideal on Bishop just off St. Catherines? I don't know if they'll go below list (they might) but the guys there are top-notch. They're very knowledgeable and trustworthy, and they don't mind talking with you for a...
  6. GaryAR

    which bookshelf speakers offer the biggest sound for around $100

    No doubt about it... Omage AV21's are the best speakers out there for that kind of money. There are several threads at audiogon & avsforum about them, and here's one on how to make them sound even better for little or no extra money:
  7. GaryAR

    Upgrading Speakers...Your Advice Please

    Look into Omage... seriously. I've got a pair of AV-21's in my bedroom, and I can't get over how well these things do for 2-channel. At $100 a pair (and $100 for the matching center), they're an unbeatable deal in my book. Of course I had to do a lot of tweaking to mine to get them to the point...
  8. GaryAR

    Cyberhome CH-DVD 300/S Sound Quality?

    Thanks for the reply. I ended up taking it back, and spending the same $50 for a used Sony ES cd player that sold for $300 a year ago. Should be a much better way to go :) -Gary
  9. GaryAR

    Cyberhome CH-DVD 300/S Sound Quality?

    I was looking for a CD player for my bedroom 2-channel system, and this one came up as being a good bargain. Although I won't be using it for DVDs (no tv up there) I figured it'd make a decent enough cd player. Unfortunately, I got it home and the sound is horrible. There's a popping sound...
  10. GaryAR

    I've got $2k for 5 bookshelf speakers. Whats your thoughts?

    Good luck checking out the rockets... they'd be a great match for the sony. I'm sure you know it, but it's not an AVR. It's a class D amp... much different technology. I had the old version and I can assure you the highs aren't "laid back" by any stretch of the imagination. The micro detail was...
  11. GaryAR

    Anyone seen one of these Norh machines?

    here's a link looks like a great, great htpc. sure it's not the fastest thing around, but there's no fan... i'm seriously tempted to order one, i was just wondering if anyone here had any experience with them. -Gary
  12. GaryAR

    Tony Hawk 4-Wow, this is hard...

    hawk 4 is pure evil. you don't even want to know how many hours it took me to get a 1.5 million point score at the carnival... here's my advice: learn two or three different special tricks really well (i used the barrel roll and indy 900). start your run by getting special on the first ramp...
  13. GaryAR

    Panzer Dragoon Orta

    am i just a retard, or is there no way for two different people to save their own games??? it's immensely frustrating that my brother & i can't go through it separately at our own pace. and so far, that's the biggest flaw i've found with this game... it's not like the stuff i typically play, but...
  14. GaryAR

    FS: Energy Encore speaker system

    *bump* i've uploaded some pictures to the listing at audiogon here it is -gary
  15. GaryAR

    FS: Energy Encore speaker system

    I'm looking to sell my energy encore system. All six speakers are in great condition, and with a little dusting would probably be indistinguishable from new. I will include one pair of energy stands ($200 list, i paid about $120) and all the speaker wire needed (3 pieces of 12ga for fronts &...
  16. GaryAR

    Kazaa Starts When I Start My Computer?!!?

    get rid of kazaa immediately. if you still have the urge to download spuriously, get kazaa lite. it's the same thing, minus the spyware. you should be able to find it with a search at -gary
  17. GaryAR

    WinXP turns down volume

    happens all the freakin' time on my laptop. so i turn up the main volume with the little jog dial on the side. then, out of nowhere, a random mouseclick jumps the .wav volume from zilch to all out. this is especially painful when i'm wearing headphones. as of yet, i haven't found a fix for...
  18. GaryAR

    Anyone using a Radeon 8500 with the component adapter?

    Ken thanks for the response. i was confused about the adapter, i guess i'll need to get an HDTV card for the computer and run the component signal into it. -gary
  19. GaryAR

    Anyone using a Radeon 8500 with the component adapter?

    here's a question i can't get an answer for: if i have the component adapter, can i scale at 16:9 1080i signal to fit on an svga monitor at 800x600 (basically, change the aspect ratio from 16:9 to 4:3)? if the answer is yes, i'll get this card in a second. thanks -gary
  20. GaryAR

    Help - 480i/480p Component->VGA solution for Gamecube?

    no good advice here. i gave up & bought the key digital converter for $300. ouch. it looks like it should have cost $25... the fact that it only handles progressive scann is a real pain. every time i want to go to the dashboard, or play a cd or dvd i have to unplug it. plus, the auto...
  21. GaryAR

    Pocket PC owners give me some links

    Andre beat me to the punch, those are pretty much the main ppc sites. you might also want to check out pocketpc thoughts as for games, doug beck rules. you gotta check out rocket elite, it's awesome. he's coming out with a new one called motorcross stunt racer, watch for it. there are a...
  22. GaryAR

    Question about using wireless mouse/kb through USB

    i have the logitech cordless freedom optical keyboard & mouse. i'm also running winXPpro, i only have the usb plugged in, and everything works fine. you might want to call logitech tech support on this one. now, you'll need to get some decent rechargeable AA batteries. the mouse goes through...
  23. GaryAR

    Looking to upgrade my system...what should I look for?

    have you considered getting a used denon AVR3300? it's a great amp, especially for the price (i think they go for about $325 or so on ebay). i love mine. just a year ago it was a $1000 amp... you wouldn't have to eat that kind of depreciation though. as for your sub, are you sure it's powered...
  24. GaryAR

    anyone here get motogp for the xbox yet?

    i picked it up yesterday, and i only played it for a couple hours, but the game just rocks. very realistic lighting/environmental effects (i love the shadows, the sun is modeled behind clouds and looks very real, water droplets on the screen when the course is wet, etc.) and a great control...
  25. GaryAR

    IGN spanks Bruce Lee

    "the game is simply BAD." this thread summed up in one short sentance. i rented it from blockbuster because all their copies of outlaw golf were out. BIG mistake. i played it for about five minutes, and i couldn't take any more. on a more positive note, i bought motogp. that game, on the...
  26. GaryAR

    XBOX Game bargains at Target

    thanks for the tip, guys. i picked up dave mirra 2 for $20. after renting it, i certainly wasn't going to pay $50 for it but it's sure worth every cent of twenty dollars. -gary
  27. GaryAR

    Suggestions for PC Gamepad

    i have a thrustmaster wireless joystick, the one with an analog stick and a d-pad. it's pretty decent for what i use it for, and being wireless is an especially nice feature in the HTPC setting. -gary
  28. GaryAR

    Safe to run AMD without thermal compound/pad for a week or two?

    i ran a thunderbird 1 GHz for quite a while w/o heat sink compound. it wasn't very stable, and it liked to instantaneously reboot every once in a while. (of course, i didn't realize there was nothing between the fan & the cpu). if you have a good motherboard (asus, abit, etc.) then i doubt...
  29. GaryAR

    Need help chosing gaming pc

    Should I get a bigger processor (2.0 pentium 4 or higher) or spend the dough on a great video card? i wouldn't bother with anything more than a 1.6 or 1.8 GHz P4. anything more than that will be overkill (especially for gaming). dollar for dollar, you'll get a much bigger return spending...