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  1. PS Nystrom

    30 Rock season 6 thread

    Funny that Criss hasn't earned any points for "Absolute Silence During Celebrity Apprentice" or killing spiders. I wonder if that's because there haven't been any spiders to kill, or if the chore isn't worth the points to him.
  2. PS Nystrom

    So You Think You Can Dance - Season 7

    Way to go, Lauren!   I hate being a hater, but what a lousy ending. Robert got the opportunity for a nice goodbye speech, Lauren was given a chance, but didn't seem to have anything prepared, and poor Kent was given no face time for coming in second. I also would have loved to hear some...
  3. PS Nystrom

    Big Brother 12

    Thank goodness no one saw through Brendon's plan to paint a target on his back. Rachel is an instigator with no logic behind her beliefs. The house was smart to keep Brendon as he hasn't proven to be much of a competitor. I'll be interested to see who he hitches his wagon to this week as there's...
  4. PS Nystrom

    Track the Films You Watch (2010)

  5. PS Nystrom

    So You Think You Can Dance - Season 6

    That's so not cool! She owned the top spot in my heart once Wade Robson took a major back-seat. I haven't read this anywhere, but I'm hoping it's true... Will there be four judges every week this season? I really enjoyed the variety of opinions the SYTYCD rotation offered and will be bummed if...
  6. PS Nystrom

    So You Think You Can Dance - Season 6

    Don't suppose anyone knows the name of the song that was used during Billy Bell's solo this week? It had a lot of piano in it.
  7. PS Nystrom

    If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, PLEASE go buy geoDefense!

    Looks fun. I'll give it a go in the morning. Thanks for the recommendation.
  8. PS Nystrom

    The Office season 5

    No one liked the roast? I guess it was pretty tame, but I cracked up when Pam said, "Every hour someone falls victim to an Internet scam. That someone is Michael Scott."
  9. PS Nystrom

    Lost: Season Four

    Right before one of the commercials I thought Kate said to her lawyer something along the lines of, "You're not putting my son on the stand!" Am I remembering that correctly? Would they really put such a young child on the stand? And I wonder why he would be a good witness? What could he say...
  10. PS Nystrom

    Lost: Season Four

    I'm pretty sure Naomi was talking to someone named George when she called in.
  11. PS Nystrom

    I'm feeling masochistic: Which Uwe Boll film should I watch?

    The only Boll film I have seen is BloodRayne and I didn't think it was nearly as bad as everyone said. I guess a constant barrage of "Worst Movie Ever" claims made my expectations low enough to enjoy it slightly. Granted, if it hadn't been for T3's breast showing up I may feel much more angry at...
  12. PS Nystrom

    Track the Films You Watch (2008)

    Films Watched in 2008 01/01 - Interview (2007) :star::star: 01/02 - Angel-A (2005) :star::star::star: 01/03 - Futurama: Bender's Big Score (2007) :star::star::star: 01/04 - For One More Day (2007) :star: 01/05 - Because I Said So (2007) :star::star: 01/06 - Paris, Je T'taime (2007)...
  13. PS Nystrom

    Ghost Whisperer - Season 3

    Do we have a photo of this clingy top with a bow? I missed the episode.
  14. PS Nystrom

    NBC/Universal Shows will no longer be available on iTunes.

    The loss of The Office, 30 Rock, and Battlestar Galactica just punched a sizeable hole in the value of my Apple TV.
  15. PS Nystrom

    Lost season 3 discussion....

    "I'm not alone" was what I heard, but I only watched it once. The only reason I doubt myself is because I heard spanish - "no estoy sola" - which I assume Hurley would have picked up on and mentioned.
  16. PS Nystrom

    Home Theater Forum Cancer Research Team

    Still no Mac version?
  17. PS Nystrom

    Oscars Predictions Thread

    Best Picture Little Miss Sunshine Director Paul Greengrass, United 93 Actor in a Supporting Role Alan Arkin, Little Miss Sunshine Actress in a Supporting Role Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine Animated Feature Film Cars Art Direction Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's...
  18. PS Nystrom

    If real CSIs don't like the TV CSIs, then...

    The show I laugh at the most is Las Vegas. Zooming in to get a clearer image on screen, searching DMV databases, and Ed's connections to everyone in the world - all of whom conveniently "owe him one."
  19. PS Nystrom

    Big Brother 6 - ongoing thread

    Janelle's in the final 2 if you ask me. She's already made final 3, and even if she doesn't win HOH next week, either of the other two would be foolish not to take Janelle with them to the end.
  20. PS Nystrom

    Big Brother 6 - ongoing thread

    I agree completely. When Kaysar told Maggie, "You aren't the target, your partner is," I cheered as he is the first player I've seen in a long while do such a good job of manipulating the other players. It was even more brilliant than last year's plot that eventually saw the removal of Jase...
  21. PS Nystrom

    I love vinyl!

    I bought a copy of Miles Davis "My Funny Valentine" on vinyl today and it sounds glorious. What I'd like to find next is a great vocal version of "My Funny Valentine." Can anyone recommend a singer/album?
  22. PS Nystrom

    The Restaurant

  23. PS Nystrom

    What is the most disturbing movie you have ever seen?

    Irreversible . I read all the reviews, but nothing could have prepared me. Other movies have disturbed me, but Irreversible is the only one I wish I could unwatch. Pieter
  24. PS Nystrom

    The Restaurant

    Poor kid must've never been respected a day in his life and uses his mantra to defend the fact that he's a bastard to everyone he comes in contact with. Still, I'm a bit surprised they got rid of him so quickly, he was a character you love to hate and I'm sure the show's producers were hoping to...
  25. PS Nystrom

    Is Friends: S7 still "Super-Sized"?

    On disc 3 of season 7 (sorry, I don't know the episode title), I was surprised to see/hear an added scene that included a bad word. It was the episode where Joey and Ross battle for the affections of Kristen (guest star Gabrielle Union). The boys get left by themselves at a restaurant and when...
  26. PS Nystrom

    What Three Albums Would You Most Like To See In Hirez?

    Radiohead - OK Computer James - Laid Sigur Ros - Agaetis Byrjun Pieter
  27. PS Nystrom

    Home Movies: Focus Grill

    That news makes me sad. I haven't watched last night's episode yet, now it'll have extra meaning for me. Too bad the magic number isn't what it should be... 260. Pieter
  28. PS Nystrom

    Beyonce and Britney Spears coming on hi-rez

    Is the Britney album still coming to DVD-A? All I can find at amazon is a DVD-V being released on April 6 In the Zone .
  29. PS Nystrom

    Friends TV question

    Well, IMNSHO, you're right, you are being a scrooge. Of course it was ridiculous, but damn was it funny. Obviously Ross wouldn't rub lotion, baby powder, and water on his legs to get his pants up, but I didn't care. I couldn't stop laughing. I thought the lamest thing about that situation was he...