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  1. Paul Chalk

    Paradigm Studio 20 vs Totem Mite

    Both the 20 and the Mite are great speakers. It all depends on the type of speaker you want. The 20 is a more up front speaker while the Mite is more laid back. In terms of sound quality, both are on par with each other. I have auditioned both extensively, and finally decided on the Mite...
  2. Paul Chalk

    American Made Speakers

    Wilson Audio speakers, made with Focal (French) drivers. ;)
  3. Paul Chalk

    floorstanders with small footprint?

    The Totem Arro was the first speaker that came to mind when I saw this thread. Superb sound with a tiny footprint, 5" wide and 7" deep.
  4. Paul Chalk

    JM Labs?

    I have 906's. I love them! The only other bookshelf speakers I've heard that I like better than the 906's are the Totem Mani-2's, which cost about twice as much. That's an amazing price for them, I'd pick them up in a heartbeat.
  5. Paul Chalk

    Where to Buy BFD In Toronto

    Anyone know any places in Calgary that sell them?
  6. Paul Chalk

    Totem Dealers?

    You can't buy Totem speakers online unless you bought them second hand. You can fire Totem an email to get info on dealers located near you. They usually send a reply in the same day. [email protected]
  7. Paul Chalk

    Comparing B&W Nautilus 805 to LSi9

    I second this recommendation. I upgraded from B&W 602's to JMlab 906's, and it remains as the best upgrade I've done for my system. I was considering the B&W 805's, but after hearing the Electras it was a no-brainer. The 906's were better in every way, deeper and tighter bass, crystal clear...
  8. Paul Chalk

    B&W Dealer discounts - need advice

    I'm lucky enough to live in a city with 2 B&W dealers. I bought a pair 602 S3's from one store and an LCR600 S3 from the other. Since both were competing for my business, I was able to get some decent discounts. I got the 602's at 20% off and the LCR600 at 15% off.
  9. Paul Chalk

    Newbie PC Speakers and receiver help.

    I remember discussing this a lot on the Klipsch Promedia forum back in the day. We figured out that you can hook the Promedias to a receiver with 5.1 preouts. Preouts are RCA outputs that send an audio signal to an external amplifier. You'll need three 1/8"-RCA adapters to connect the mini-plugs...
  10. Paul Chalk

    Is there a good forum specifically for B&W?

    Also try Club B&W Speakers at the HTGuide Forum.
  11. Paul Chalk

    Any Canadian Bryston owners around?.............

    There aren't any Bryston dealers in that area. But there are two dealers in Calgary, which is about a 2 hour drive away. Smart Home Systems Loyalty Sound The people at Loyalty are really difficult to bargain with. Consider yourself very lucky if you manage to get 5% off retail price...
  12. Paul Chalk

    JM Lab CC900 vs CC800 S

    I asked a JMlab dealer the exact same question. I wanted to pair a Cobalt CC800S with my Electra 906's simply because it was a lot cheaper to do so. He responded by saying the pairing would work, but it wouldn't sound that great since the timbre is different and the Cobalt speakers simply lack...
  13. Paul Chalk

    Totem Mite Vs. Axiom M22Ti

    I've never heard the Axioms before, but I can tell you the Totem Mite is the best music mini-monitor I've heard for under $1000. They retail at $750, so it's a steal if you can get them at the same cost as the M22Ti.
  14. Paul Chalk


    I have JMlab Electra speakers, which are a step down from the Utopia line. I use the 906 bookshelves and the CC901 centre speaker. Simply incredibly speakers, efficient, dynamic, detailed but very smooth, tight bass response, and they throw a huge 3D soundstage. I've listened to the Chorus...
  15. Paul Chalk

    WTB: B&W center speaker

    Check your email.
  16. Paul Chalk

    Can't decide between JMLab or B&W speakers.

    Can you audition them side by side? That's the best way to determine what sounds best to you. I personally love both. I currently have JMlab Electra speakers for my mains and centre, and B&W 600 speakers for my surrounds and rears. I've found, even in the lower end models, JMlab's are more...
  17. Paul Chalk

    Paradigm PW-2200 sub - How much should I pay?

    Ken, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you bought the recently discontinued PW-2200, which is why you were able to get it a such a low price. Michael is talking about the new PW-2200, which Paradigm released a few months ago. It's retail price is a little higher than the older PW.
  18. Paul Chalk

    Paradigm PW-2200 sub - How much should I pay?

    I always try to aim for 20-25% off retail prices. In this case that would be $825-880. As for a dealer, I would recommend Audio Ark. I've been there a couple times. They are really nice people and I'm sure they can make you a great deal.
  19. Paul Chalk

    where is harman/kardon manufactured?

    HK products are made in China.
  20. Paul Chalk

    Best Loudspeaker for $2,000

    Totem Acoustic Hawk Energy Veritas v2.3 JMlab Cobalt 826 S Paradigm Studio 100 V.3 Monitor Audio Silver S10 Some of those speakers are over $2000, but if you somewhat know how to haggle it should be a problem.
  21. Paul Chalk

    McDonald's upset over new dictionary word All I have to say is, way to go Merriam-Webster. :D :emoji_thumbsup:
  22. Paul Chalk

    Paradigm Signature S2 Demo

    I talked to a guy who has heard the S2 already. He said the new Paradigms impressed him so much, with the sound quality and the gorgeous finish, they're now his second favorite bookshelf speaker after the Dynaudio Special 25. He said the new Paradigms offer a huge value, giving high end brands a...
  23. Paul Chalk

    Energy Veritas and Totem same store in GTA?

    While Totem mostly caters to 2 channel, they are starting to get into HT more and more. Hence the recently released Dreamcatchers and lynks bipole/dipole speakers. They also just released a new sub, the Thunder, which looks like it may have been designed with HT in mind. I think they are...
  24. Paul Chalk

    Paradigm pricing

    There are several Paradigm dealers in Alberta. Three alone in Calgary. You should contact one of them. There's a dealer locator on the Paradigm site. I've heard the guys at General Audio give fairly reasonable deals on Paradigm products. Sounds of Music, the place I deal with regularly are...
  25. Paul Chalk

    Problem with Denon AVR-2803

    Have you made sure the speaker wire and the binding posts on the speakers are on tightly? Do you have another amp you can power the speakers with to see if the problem is still there? If you've tried both of those and the problem is still there, then you most likely have blown tweeters. You...
  26. Paul Chalk

    RX-V1400 in Toronto?

    That's rather odd how the American 1400's and 2400's don't have DPL-IIx.