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  1. Brian Treinen

    Ground Loop Problem?

    I had a similar problem and for about a year suffered through the 75>300
  2. Brian Treinen

    How would you rate/rank these amp-makers?

    How about a handful of Norh Le Amp or the new Le Amp II's? $300 each new and 180wpc monoblocks?!? VERY interesting...
  3. Brian Treinen

    cheap amp

    Look on ebay or audiogon for an adcom 535 amp - regularly go for $150 or so. If that's not cheap enough just browse through the power amp section of ebay - Good luck.
  4. Brian Treinen

    5 channel amp

    I've got a Sherwood Newcastle 9080 I bought over a year ago. As has been mentioned, it's a great amp and you can regularly see them around $500. It's a beast at 70lbs. and it drives my 6ohm mains and the rest of the speakers effortlessly. The only reason I'd change is power, which I don't have...
  5. Brian Treinen

    Power Conditioners

    I used to have a brickwall and used it exclusively for the protection features which after all the research I did seems clear to me that it's the best out there for that. Zerosurge is actually the company that came up with it, Brickwall has licensed it for audio and HT instances and Adcom has...
  6. Brian Treinen

    Any knowledge of McCormack MAP preamp?

    I've owned / own a couple of McCormack pieces. I still have the Digital Drive SST-1 transport. One of the best transports ever. I also had the Digital Drive DAC-1 which was, in 1996 a Stereophile Class C DAC. Still sounds quite good, but I really like my Channel Islands Audio VDA-1 better. At...
  7. Brian Treinen

    Secrets shootout is misleading

    In the 3.5+ years since I got my first DVD player I traded up twice so the RP82 is my third. The first (Proscan PS8680Z) I gave away and the second (Toshiba SD4700) I sold to a friend. I've got a great transport and DAC for redbook CD playback so the DVD player is ONLY used for video/movies. To...
  8. Brian Treinen

    FS: Zerosurge Brickwall 2R20 20 amp 2 outlet surge supress line conditioner

    Hello, I needed more outlets so this unit has to go. It is arguably the best surge protection available. NON MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) based so protection will never deteriorate. MOVs are sacrificial and WILL over time become useless. This is a near...
  9. Brian Treinen

    Where to buy a Denon 3802?!?

    Thanks guys! When it gets right down to it I'll send you a message and ask about the contact info. OR if you'd like just go ahead and email me with it now! Again, Thanks!
  10. Brian Treinen

    Finally detected where hum was coming from but don't know how to get rid of it. Help

    One other thing to check is, do you have a cable modem? My cable co. said that those things are also notoriously noisy and can cause a ground loop hum becasue they are sheiled and grounded so poorly. If you turn off the cable modem and disconnect it and the hum goes away that's your issue. To...
  11. Brian Treinen

    Where to buy a Denon 3802?!?

    Hello, Friend is looking for a 3802. I bought mine from 6th ave a year ago for a good price - authorized dealer and all. Are they still the place to go? Thanks.
  12. Brian Treinen

    B&K - how's the customer service?

    I don't have any experience with the pre/pro you're talking about but I do have quite a bit with their CS. You're right, email is NOT the way to get hold of them unless you're looking for literature on their products. Underneath the email form on thier page you'll notice they say if you have...
  13. Brian Treinen

    Is "Monster" speaker wire worth the extra $$$??

    I second the sound king choice from - if you don't want to go that route then you can get a pretty decent deal on cables at too.
  14. Brian Treinen

    Help recommend a decent 3 quality amp, please!

    Lynn, I saw a great price on a 3 channel Chiro amp at ($450 if it's still available!!), there were also a couple of B&K amps (3 channel) over there too.
  15. Brian Treinen

    Amps-please help

    What's it for? 2/3/5 channel? What other pieces will it be used with? Best prices on used audio are on ebay or Realistically, $100 isn't much and you'd probably be better off waiting and saving some - but it depends on some of the other questions above.
  16. Brian Treinen

    Sugestions to improve audio

    Rui, If you haven't already, I'd second the suggestion to get a calibration disc and a sound level meter. Great tools! I was in a similar situation as you not long ago. Hometheater sound was good but two channel just stunk. When I upgraded my receiver, surround speakers to match the rest...
  17. Brian Treinen

    Considering buying a 5ch Amp - moving to seperates. Please Advise!

    Justin, It took me about 2 months after getting my 3802 and reading too many "separates" threads here before I got the itch! I ended up finding a great deal on a Sherwood 9080 ($440 shipped) and couldn't pass it up. WOW is all I can say. The 3802 is very good, but adding the amp was like...
  18. Brian Treinen

    Which Is A Better Upgrade: Separate Amplification or More Speakers?

    Justin, I'd go amp as well. Wait for the center until you can get surrounds too - that will make a big difference. I've also got a 3802 and after about 2 months added a Sherwood Newcastle AM9080 5 channel amp to it. WOW what a difference! It was like going from listening to 2 channel in...
  19. Brian Treinen

    Denon 4802 and Radio Shack 15-1994 remote

    Have you tried here: The denon receiver should be either 0004 or 0160 set-up code. From there you can go to the advanced codes list and see what you can find. I've got a 3802 and didn't need to program anything directly from that remote to the RS. I...
  20. Brian Treinen

    Thinking about entering the world of separates. Advice needed!

    Cory, You won't be sorry. I was in the same boat as you a few months ago but with a Denon 3802 and Polks all around. Debated the 3 vs. 5 channel and ended up getting a great deal on a Sherwood Newcastle AM9080. What a beast! I also looked at the 855a which would have been less expensive but...
  21. Brian Treinen

    Best partner for the 3802?

    I've got my 3802 paired with a Sherwood Newcastle AM9080. Paid about $450 for it I think. It's a fantastic combo. The 9080 puts out 125wpc into 5 channels - three are powering the front three speakers and the other two power the 2nd zone patio speakers. I also considered Rotel and parasound amps...
  22. Brian Treinen

    Cheater plug...Really dangerous??

    Well, apparently you weren't in Spinal Tap huh? What did they lose, like 3-4 drummers spontaneously combusting? Who says it's not because some roadie used a cheater plug!! :D That being said, I for one am against them and would rather address the real issue and remove the noise from the system.
  23. Brian Treinen

    Please help me with sub hum

    Here's another, arguably safer option than using a cheater plug and not much more expensive. There is a picture there of what worked for me. The culprit for me was the cable feed coming in to the TV, although it could also be (in other cases) the...
  24. Brian Treinen

    Plexus to clean RPTV screen

    Has anyone ever used (or even heard of) Plexus for cleaning their RPTV screen? I haven't done the rotate the protective plastic screen to the back since we've got a VERY curious Golden Retriever who's nose leave marks on anything her height. Needless to say cleaning the screen became a pain. So...
  25. Brian Treinen

    Denon 3802 multizone question

    There are a couple of ways you could go. A great source for a good used amp is Tons of stuff - but much if it is pretty high end. You can check Ebay too. You could also go pick up a $100 receiver from Best Buy or CCity and use it - just plug the pre-outs into any receiver input but...
  26. Brian Treinen

    Denon 3802 multizone question

    You can have both, but you would need an extra amplifier. The 3802 has pre-outs for either the surround back channel(s) and the multizone stuff. You could (as I have) get an outboard amp and power one or the other giving you the use of BOTH.
  27. Brian Treinen

    WHY is POLK AUDIO not respeced??

    I, too, own RTA-11t's and at the time - as you mentioned - they were sold and compared right next to Maggies and other pretty damn high end stuff. Got mine in like '85 for $850 for the pair which at the time wasn't (and even still isn't) chump change for speakers. Whenever I read about someone...
  28. Brian Treinen

    Help!! Denon 3802 or 2802?? Is the extra 7th channel of amplication worth it??

    In things like this I always try and follow two complimentary "theories". First, buy the best/biggest/fastest thing you can afford, be it watts/channel, processor speed, amount of memory/hard disk, cup size ;) - Second, if you don't you're gonna regret it at some point. Case in point. I bought...
  29. Brian Treinen

    Cheater plug question

    HA! Artie - good one! Jeff, DO NOT use a cheater plug. Search the forum for ground loop hum. First thing you should do is determine what is causing the hum - in my case it was the cable into the TV. The fix for this is - . That's where I'd start...