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  1. walter wagers

    DOA : XVB - It's Here!

    Brian, this sarcasm, if I may call it such- does not become you, my little droogie. And I don't think it takes a whole lot of effort on your part to be snide, it really seems to come naturally. And to answer your question- I decided what the hell? The internet wouldn't be the fun place it is, if...
  2. walter wagers

    DOA : XVB - It's Here!

    No Brian, I didn't sell it. I decided to keep it instead. Hmmm...I don't suppose that was a snide comment on your part, was it? It would be fitting, considering you're the King of Snide around here. Has that ever done you any favors? :rolleyes
  3. walter wagers

    Zach Galligan from Gremlins arrested for shoplifting a Deep Purple CD

    Well, there goes my theory that Z.G. [i]couldn't get arrested[i] in Hollywood.:D
  4. walter wagers

    "The Savage Nation"hits #1 on N.Y.Times list

    I've never heard of the man until now, but he seems like my kind'o'people. I'll have to check the 'ol library for this one.
  5. walter wagers

    DOA : XVB - It's Here!

    Eric, have you ever considered reviewing XBOX games for Gamespot? You certainly seem qualified.
  6. walter wagers

    DOA : XVB - It's Here!

    I know there are people who will defend Gamespot to the death (and up till now, I've given them the benifit of the doubt), but when they give it a 6, and IGN gives it 9.2, it just reeks of bias, IMO.
  7. walter wagers

    Xbox vs PS2 - the online battle!

    Morgan, are you telling me that some obscure marketing ploy has really gotten you this upset? It's really hard to believe you don't have ulterior motives where your attitude about this is concerned. And when I said it was as sure as death and taxes that you would have something negative to say...
  8. walter wagers

    Xbox vs PS2 - the online battle!

    The three sure things in life- Death Taxes Morgan Jolley bad-mouthing MS/Xbox
  9. walter wagers

    White trash Christmas...

    White heterosexual males are the last group that's it's politicaly correct to mock. For instance, I too have noticed that in a lot of commercials when you have a group of people it's almost always the white male who is made to look the fool. As Dennis Miller once said- "I'm a white, anglo male...
  10. walter wagers

    *** Official Gaming Software & Hardware Sale/Trade thread: The Sequel!

    FS XBOX and games. Includes: console 2 controlers (full size) advanced A/V pack and standard A/V pack S-Video cable optical digital audio cable DVD playback kit Halo (slight water damage on instruction book) Project Gotham Racing Rallisport Challange All original packaging...
  11. walter wagers

    Best PROTEST SONGS...?

    Sweet Home Alabama- the flip side so to speak of Southern Man. Fuck Neil Young.
  12. walter wagers

    I Got My Driving Permit!

    I've got all of you late-comers beat. I'm 35 and just got my first license last Tuesday. And I got my first flat tire last night. :angry:
  13. walter wagers

    Barry Bonds hits 600th home run.

    Barry Bonds is exhibit A in "better baseball through chemistry." JMO, of course.
  14. walter wagers

    The all-in-one THE TROUBLE WITH AMC thread

    AMC used to be "Once Upon a Time in the West", uncut, commercial-free, letterboxed, trailer before the feature goodness. It used to be a Planet of the Apes marathon in original aspect ratio, orginal theatrical trailer, making-of documentary heaven. Now it's My Cousin Vinny and a My Cousin Vinny...
  15. walter wagers

    XBOX sales increase 131% since price drop

    I'll take that "I love you too, Walter!" as sarcasm, Brian. If you really loved me, you'd go away. But since you won't, I will. Cheerio!
  16. walter wagers

    XBOX sales increase 131% since price drop

    BrianB, you may have most of the members of this message board suckerd into thinking that just because you're an "insider", that your snotty remarks have extra merit. But as far as I'm concerned, you just come off like a jerk. In thread after thread, as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, I...
  17. walter wagers

    Any XBOX games worth a look?? Very picky...

    You've owned a system for a year (that actually first hit the shelves last Nov.), and you've only bothered to sample 4 or 5 games for it? Hmmmm.......
  18. walter wagers

    FS: Pioneer CLD-D503 LD Player

    This player has been sold.
  19. walter wagers

    FS: Chinon sound movie projector

    This is a pretty sweet projector, and I hate to part with it. It features: Volume/tone control/rec level knobs Sound on sound/normal selector switch Record button Aux input jack Microphone input jack PA input jack 18/24 fps selector switch Chinon zoom lens-F/1.3 15.5~30mm...
  20. walter wagers

    FS: Pioneer CLD-D503 LD Player

    I listed this a few days ago, and have now reduced the price to $100 firm plus s+h. This model features dual-sided play and has a dedicated CD tray. Cosmeticly perfect and works as good as new. Includes manual and remote. It would make a great secondary or back up player. If interested, please...
  21. walter wagers

    FS- Pioneer CLD-D503 LD Player

    FS- Pioneer CLD-D503 LaserDisc player. Dual sided play, plays 12 and 8 inch LD's, and CD's. Includes manual and remote. Would make a great back-up player. Asking $150, plus shipping and insurance. Contact me at [email protected]
  22. walter wagers

    Lots of LaserDiscs for sale!

    I have the following LD's FS- The Thing WS $5 SOLD 2001 CAV Box Set $10 The Manchurian Candidate WS $5 Jurrasic Park CAV LBX $10 MASH WS $5 A Night at the Opera $5 SOLD Apocalypse Now WS $5 48 Hrs. WS $5 Reservior Dogs $5 SOLD A Clockwork Orange WS $5 The Road Warrior WS $5...
  23. walter wagers

    OMFG!! I just finished Halo!!

    Once you figure out the "hide behind the corner and blast them with the shotgun as they come after you" strategy, the library isn't really that hard, just monotonous. As far as single player mode on legendary goes, I'd say T'n'R is the biggest bitch to complete.
  24. walter wagers

    Lookin' like GTA3 for Xbox is Xtinct...

    Evan, by "buzz worthy", I mean something that actually lives up to the hype after it's release. Halo has been it. Perhaps I expressed that badly. Too many games so far for the 'box have either been ho-hum ports or dissappointing (Bloodwake and Wreckless, anyone?). The best games so far imo, have...
  25. walter wagers

    Lookin' like GTA3 for Xbox is Xtinct...

    Like I said Brian, it's okay...
  26. walter wagers

    Lookin' like GTA3 for Xbox is Xtinct...

    Romier, the titles I listed we as Xbox owners know are very good. But the average Joe who may be leaning one way or another will probably never know that because they won't give them a chance simply because the Xbox doesn't have the premier system seller- GTA. Sony already has more well known...
  27. walter wagers

    Lookin' like GTA3 for Xbox is Xtinct...

    You post on here quite often. (2400+ post and counting.) I know you well enough. You may disagree. That's okay.
  28. walter wagers

    Lookin' like GTA3 for Xbox is Xtinct...

    Well Brian, I'll see your "yawn" and raise you one. I may piss'n moan about the lack of a GTA game coming to the Xbox, but I don't consider Halo, RSC, PGR or DOA3 to be "bugger". GTA is the ONLY game on PS2 that would entice me to pick one up, and that alone ain't good enough. Halo alone...
  29. walter wagers

    Lookin' like GTA3 for Xbox is Xtinct...

    Pretty damn far since the GTA series is a Sony exclusive thru 2004. And you gotta figure there'll be at least a couple more GTA games by then, since it's such a cash cow. And every Sony fanboy will be raving how great it is and rubbing every 'box owners nose in it.
  30. walter wagers

    Lookin' like GTA3 for Xbox is Xtinct...

    Whatever developers have in store for the Xbox, it had better be good, because GTA is a system maker and a system breaker, and right now it's making the PS2 and breaking the 'box. And no one can seriously argue that point. Microsoft can only ride Halo's coattails for so long. Sad but true. And...