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  1. PaulWY

    That annoying "pop" on my Anthem amp

    I've had a pop on my amp as well. Maybe email Anthem and see what they have to say.
  2. PaulWY

    Paradigm Studio 40's

    In general, you'll be paying 10% off list if your dealer is fair, 15%-20% off list if your dealer is really generous, or full list if your dealer is not looking for repeat business. Canadian list is $1400, not sure about american.
  3. PaulWY

    My DIY sub plans

    Hey Guys, I would like to build a sub for both music and HT. My room is about 18'x15' with concrete floor. After spending days trying to place the fronts for decent bass, I've discovered the room is a bass vacuum. Anyways, after some research, I'm looking at getting the AVA250 sub amp and...
  4. PaulWY

    Hmmm... Paradigm PW-2200 vs Adire Dharman (???)

    Hey Michael, check your pm's.
  5. PaulWY

    What to get? Paradigm Studio 100 v2 vs 60 v3

    Kevin, You are quite right. If I had tried the 60's with sub I'm sure it would have been impressive. However, for two reasons I decided on the 100s. First, I heard differences in not only the bass, but the mid-range as well. To me, 60s seemed less detailed, slightly more muffled. As Michael has...
  6. PaulWY

    What to get? Paradigm Studio 100 v2 vs 60 v3

    I finally got a chance to go back to the dealer to compare the speakers. The used 100 v.2s were no longer available, but I was a little unsure about them anyways (consignment item, no warranty). After 2 hours of fun (or 2 grueling hours for the girlfriend :D ) with the 100 v.3, the 60 v.3, and...
  7. PaulWY

    What to get? Paradigm Studio 100 v2 vs 60 v3

    Hey Guys, I didn't know that about the cc-570 and the 100 v2s. I'll keep that in mind when making my decision. Out of curiousity, what speakers to you have Ernest? Nick? Michael? As for power, I'll be using an Anthem MCA-2, 200 watts per channel. This is one reason I want to upgrade my...
  8. PaulWY

    What to get? Paradigm Studio 100 v2 vs 60 v3

    Nick V, the 100 v2s are laminate. Being Paradigm's former flagship model, I had high hopes. What would you suggest is a fair price then? Kevin, are you sure that's $1650 USD? That would work out to over $2200 CAD right now... even I can see that's an awful deal. You said the 60 v3 would be a...
  9. PaulWY

    What to get? Paradigm Studio 100 v2 vs 60 v3

    WayneO, If you were able to get the 100 v2 brand spanking new for $1650 out the door with full warranty, it doesn't seem like my deal for the used 100 v2s is very good. Maybe I'll just get the 60 v3s. I don't have a subwoofer at this point, but was planning on getting one down the road once I...
  10. PaulWY

    What to get? Paradigm Studio 100 v2 vs 60 v3

    I've caught holiday upgraditis and would like to move up from my Paradigm Monitor speakers. On the way home from work today I stopped by my dealer to check out their annual Christmas/boxing day sale. The dealer has available a previously owned (for a few years) pair of Studio 100 v2s that he...
  11. PaulWY

    Newbie needs help buying speakers .....

    Joe, you got mail. :) check your pm's (private messages).
  12. PaulWY

    Anyone heard of Pro-Linear ??

    The specs for the Base Cube 10 on the web site look pretty good. Goes down to 17 Hz with 400 watt amp for $549 CAD MSRP. Has anybody heard this thing yet? The Base Cube 8 doesn't look too shabby either. I'm interested...
  13. PaulWY

    i need a recommendation

    The album "Love is here" by Star Sailor--acoustic guitar and piano.
  14. PaulWY

    Does your Anthem MCA amplifier "pop?"

    I've got my mains connected to an MCA 2 Series II amplifier. When I turn on the amp, my speakers make a small "pop" sound. When my speakers are connected directly to my receiver (Denon 2802) there is no "pop" when I power up. To be clear, I'm not confusing this with the "click" noise that I...
  15. PaulWY

    Has anyone paid anywhere close to MSRP for a DENON receiver?

    I've spent a fair amount of time mostly lurking in these types of a/v forums and it seems that nobody has ever paid anything near MSRP. Either they buy unauthorized at a steal of a price or they walk into a B&M store and somehow still manage to get a great discount. Am I the only person who paid...
  16. PaulWY

    Paradigm replacement tweeters?

    I am kind of shocked. Can you actually just replace a tweeter with a different brand like that? Physically speaking, are tweeters "one size fits all" or something? Wouldn't that throw off the speakers "signature sound"? If this really is common practice, I wouldn't mind trying this out to see...
  17. PaulWY

    pre-pro for only 129.99???

    I'm also interested in the sound quality of these items. Can anyone comment?
  18. PaulWY

    Rotel and Paradigm?

    Wayne_T, You say you and a friend purchased an Anthem MCA 3 for $795 Canadian in June? Was that the Series II version? Is there any reason why you got it for so cheap? I ask because I purchased a floor model MCA 2 Series II in May for $900 here in Alberta. I asked if the MCA 2/3/5 amps...