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  1. Leo

    FS: Toshiba HD-DVD HD-A35 $400 shipped

    The player has been sold.
  2. Leo

    WTB: Pioneer Laserdisc Player

    I've got a working (great condition unit) Pioneer CLD-D606 Laserdisc player if you're still looking for a LD player. PM me if you're interested.
  3. Leo

    FS: Toshiba HD-DVD HD-A35 $400 shipped

    PRICE REDUCTION: Asking SOLD instead for the package - includes UPS Ground Shipping. Selling Toshiba HD-A35 HD-DVD player and 46 HD-DVD movies. Player in excellent condition. Original owner. Includes owners manual, remote, power cable and original box. Will ship via UPS Ground. CONT U.S...
  4. Leo

    Blu-ray Review HTF Blu-Ray Review: Iron Man Ultimate Two-Disc Edition (RECOMMENDED!)

    Yep, I'll be snagging my copy first thing on the way to work. Why couldn't I have Tuesday my telecommute day. Oh well. Worthwhile movie. ENjoyed the review.
  5. Leo

    Looking for the most jaw-dropping DTS-HD MA track on blu...

    Yeah, this one is fun with the opening ice shelf cracking as well as the twister thru L.A.
  6. Leo

    New to Blu? Buy a PS3: the most featured BD hardware available...

    And from the DTS site: DTS - We Bring Entertainment Alive!
  7. Leo

    News on Playstation3 DTS-MA decoding & 1080 deinterlacing support

    Well it's coming next week per this press release from DTS: DTS - We Bring Entertainment Alive!
  8. Leo

    BR: 30 Days of Night

    Good remote, only wish it was backlight.
  9. Leo

    Guess what I have in my hot little hands? (Contest!)

    Rocky Sullivan - excellent character from "Angels with Dirty Faces".
  10. Leo

    Onkyo SR605 compatibility

    Thanks for the response. For now, I'll stick with using the A35 with component and 5.1 analog out to my NAD T163 Pre/Pro. I'll continue to wait until I'm reading to upgrade the Pre/Pro and RPTV to a projector.
  11. Leo

    Onkyo SR605 compatibility

    I have a Toshiba HD-DVD A35 and am using an old Mitsubishi RPTV with only Component inputs for video (1080i). My question is, I can hook up the A35 via HDMI and have the receiver handle the video out to component only. My question is, can I still use the HDMI to pass the audio from the A35?
  12. Leo

    BDP-S300 audio out

    I found this thread in my search too and was wondering about the BDP-S300 to pass uncompressed PCM via 5.1 analog inputs on my NAD T163 pre/pro. Since my T163 doesn't have HDMI and I'm wanting to enjoy the uncompressed audio from BD I was wondering if this player would fit the bill or should I...
  13. Leo

    Blu-ray owners: What Blu-Ray Players do you have?

    PS3 160GB (ok, formerly 60GB).
  14. Leo

    HDMI 1.3 pre-pro?

    I'm in queue to test out the NAD T175 once it hits early October at my local audio shop. I don't currently have a HDMI compliant display, so I want to test to see if the NAD can put component out and use HDMI as an audio only. Too bad my PS3 didn't have regular analog 5.1 out.
  15. Leo

    Need Help Running PS3 through receiver using HDMI

    Wonder if anyone is running the audio side of HDMI and using component for the video side. I assume this is possible.
  16. Leo

    PS3 audio out question

    You can however run the PS3 analog out for SACD. Just remember to switch between the two in the PS3 audio settings.
  17. Leo

    GTHD now available!

    Update: It is available for the US market also. Weighs in as about ~625MB download. Runs 1080p. Enjoy.
  18. Leo

    Official Playstation 3 Blu-Ray player Thread

    It will also output via the 2-ch analog out with SACD, but to get multi-ch, HDMI is what you'll have to go.
  19. Leo

    Post when you bought your XBox360 and if it is has broken down or not

    Purchased launch day, no problems aside from rare lockup during a game or two.
  20. Leo

    What Hirez Discs Have You Purchased Recently?

    Received DVD-Audio's by Laurence Juber - Guitar Noir and The Latin Jazz Trio from AIX Records. Also received their 2 demo DVD-A discs A High-Resolution Audio Experience and Start Here.
  21. Leo

    11 new Depeche Mode SACDs!!

    Waiting on the next batch to be released. Anyone have a current date of the next releases?
  22. Leo

    11 new Depeche Mode SACDs!!

    No too shabby a turnaround. Got them delivered today. Looking forward to the next batch.
  23. Leo

    11 new Depeche Mode SACDs!!

    Welp ordered the first batch of DM SACD's from CDWOW. Looking forward to them.
  24. Leo

    11 new Depeche Mode SACDs!!

    So these are UK releases only. Wonder if they'd ever see the light of day as a US release. But I'll be in line to order a few of these titles.
  25. Leo

    B&K ref 50 vs NAD T163?

    Well I can vouch that the NAD T163 pre-pro is excellent. I have it paired with the T973 7-channel power amp. I don't have HDMI or DVI gear, so no real problem for me. Plenty of options, plenty of surround flavors, clean and simple units, easy to use programmable remote. Supports triggering (both...
  26. Leo

    ***Official Xbox Live Gamertag Listing Thread***

    Well here's mine:
  27. Leo

    Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel SACD - 5.1?

    I too will be at the Gwinnett Arena Nov 5th for this concert. Should be fun - old man reliving his fleeting youth (grew up listening to them and KROQ in LA back in the 80's while in high school/college). Fond memories - broke, but still enjoyed my music.
  28. Leo

    Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms - DVD-A or DualDisc?

    I wish they had stuck with DVD-A. I hate to have to run the risk of getting a Dualdisc stuck in my Acura TL's slot drive.
  29. Leo

    Remote sensors and PS2

    Which PS2 model do you have? The PS2 supports IR. The original required an IR dongle to handle IR remote commands. The newer PS2 (model SCPH-50001) as well as the the "slim" PS2 (model SCPH-70011) both have IR receiver built-in and will accept IR eyes to transmit signals to the closet. Now if...
  30. Leo

    PSP and Memory Stick Pro Duo

    Yeah, the memory stick pro duo is a challenge to find in stock. What I normally do is go to and submit my email for notification when they get them in stock. I got a notification yesterday from them and ordered one. It's scheduled to ship on Wednesday. They're marked as sold out now.