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    Speakers Side L/R vs Rear L/R

    If I only have 2 speakers for the rear, which channels should I use the side or rear channels?
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    Downward firing subwoofer

    What’s the benefit of downward firing subwoofer? Can I just take my existing subwoofer and point it downward? Of course, I’ll put some feet to offset from floor.
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    Can the surround speakers be the same as the front speakers

    Can rear speakers and front speakers be the same like the following: Klipsch R-41M Powerful Detailed Bookshelf Home Speaker Set of 2 Black Would it be worth it? Are the ones above decent for the price? I’d be upgrading from a Sony DAV-HDX589W all-in-one system (purchased around 2008)
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    Center channel or left/right speakers

    If you only had a choice to upgrade one which one would you choose? Center speaker or the left/right?
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    Home surround rear speakers options

    Does it matter if your rear speakers are wired or wireless for sound quality? I don't want to run wires in my attic and if I can get more than decent sound quality out of wireless I think I'd prefer that. Something like this...
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    Why do they label the inputs on receivers

    Is there any reason why almost all receivers are labeled to specific kinds of devices for device inputs? For example, Game, SAT, DVD, BD, etc. It seems like it should be generic, like Input1 Input2 Input3. I have my AppleTV in my SAT/Cable source, I think I'd rather remember a number like...
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    Getting my first upgrade

    If you can't get to settings from front panel controls, I recommend the Harmony hub and remote. I've used this for years and have been very pleased with this universal remote. I think I got mine on sale for around $90...
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    Subwoofer crossover at 9 o’clock and gain at 8 o’clock kinda boomy already

    I have an old Sony DAV-HDX588W all-in-one surround sound system and newer Klipsch subwoofer R-12SW and during action movies like Transformers or The Mandalorian it’s pretty boomy even with my low settings (crossover 9 o’clock and gain 8 o’clock). Almost to point sounds muffled but can’t really...
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    Getting my first upgrade

    Hi all, I'm Rodney. I have a Sony surround sound system from around 2008 (DAV-HDX589W). It's been a decent system being on a budget for home theater category. I'm trying my first upgrade to a newer Klipsch R-12SW subwoofer. Not sure if this is possible, which brings me here. I've posted a...
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    Trying to connect Sony all-in-one home theater to newer Klipsch subwoofer

    I'm trying to connect a newer Klipsch subwoofer (only has RCA plugs) to my Sony surround (DAV-HDX589W) system (has only 2 wires going to Sony subwoofer). Which one of these do I need? Can I just get the cheaper one? CESS-064-1f Speaker Cables to RCA Plugs Adapter, 2-Channel (1 Foot) [Go]...
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    Sony DAV-HDX589W to Klipsch subwoofer

    Thanks for the feedback. I think I found one on Amazon. I have 2 questions: 1) I noticed this one requires a 9-volt battery, but also noticed some didn't. Is having one with a battery better than the other? 2) There are several wires on the device, which one would I connect the 2 subwoofer wires to?
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    Sony DAV-HDX589W to Klipsch subwoofer

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to connect my old Sony surround system DAV-HDX589W to new Klipsch R-12SW. Klipsch only has the RCA jacks. I understand there’s a speaker wire to RCA cord but would that work in my case, being that it’s an all in one system? There is a dedicated subwoofer...