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  1. Greg Madsen

    Deep Discount Spring 2009 Sale?

    Code LATIMES is working right now. 25% off.
  2. Greg Madsen


    from Kate Bush News & Information - News 12th March 2006: Kate's first 7 albums were re-issued in Japan last year and will be available on import in the UK & Ireland from March 13th 2006 (please note that these are NOT the re-mastered re-issues that we've been awaiting from EMI UK, these are...
  3. Greg Madsen


    Are they remastered for sure? Amazon describes them as "Features most recently mastered audio" That doesn't mean they are remastered necessarily.
  4. Greg Madsen

    Freaks & Geeks "yearbook" set still available?

    It appears that it is being re-released and up for preorder at Amazon: Freaks and Geeks DVD news: Announcement for Freaks and Geeks - Yearbook Edition | Freaks And Geeks Yearbook Edition: John Francis Daley, James Franco, Samm Levine, Jason Segel, Linda...
  5. Greg Madsen

    Gone Baby Gone

    I thought the movie was very well done but I agree with the above post.
  6. Greg Madsen

    Announcing MAUDE : The Complete First Season DVD

    Add Mary Hartman Mary Hartman to the list
  7. Greg Madsen

    Loreena McKennitt's new CDs - better than the old versions?

    I just saw her last month. She is phenomenal live. Don't hesitate, just go. I would gladly pay $150.00 to see her again. As for the remastered albums, they are a big improvement. I gave away my originals.
  8. Greg Madsen

    Has anyone sold season sets when found out series sets are coming?

    Yup, Angel, I love Lucy, Gilmore Girls, Raymond, X-files, O.C. Seinfeld will be sold soon.
  9. Greg Madsen

    New iPods Coming Next Week (9/5/07)

    Well, they've sucked me in again. I currently own a 1st gen shuffle, a 2nd gen shuffle, a 1st gen 4 gb nano, a 30gb Ipod photo, a 60 gb Ipod video and an 80 gb Ipod video. I just ordered a 16 gb touch and a 160 gb classic. When will it stop! Probably never.
  10. Greg Madsen

    Dinner for Five Season 1-4 warning

    Her is a link to the whole saga at dvdtalk
  11. Greg Madsen

    America's Next Top Model (I'm not a fan, just wondering)

    My guess is that season 1 wasn't a huge seller.
  12. Greg Madsen

    Loretta Young Show is coming!

    They have also released her one-season follow up show "The New Loretta Young Show"
  13. Greg Madsen

    Absolutely Fabulous: White Box (2005 Special) - Any Word?
  14. Greg Madsen

    Cagney and Lacey season 2

    Well, they should have added the movie and the actual season 1 for incentive. I felt they were trying to fool everyone by calling it season 1.
  15. Greg Madsen

    Weekly RoundUp 6-19-2007

    Amazon's price for Picket Fences is $39.99
  16. Greg Madsen

    Mama's Family - Season 2?

    It hasn't even been out a year yet. (September 26, 2006)
  17. Greg Madsen

    I fear Universal dropped the ball on Kate And Allie

    Canada is getting season 4 in July:
  18. Greg Madsen

    Get Smart!

    I only paid $159.97 from Time Life.
  19. Greg Madsen

    Scoring for television or: "they don't write 'em like they used to"

    Murphy Brown is the first I remember. They played a different Mowtown song each week.
  20. Greg Madsen

    Get Smart!

    Set is now listed as In Stock. Mine Shipped today.
  21. Greg Madsen

    Get Smart!

    There is a new 20% off $100.00 and up coupon for those interested. TLNN20 (expires Jan 17)
  22. Greg Madsen

    Mr. Magoo Show Out on DVD now!

    I received mine today. It really is an excellent set.
  23. Greg Madsen

    Mr. Magoo coming to DVD in 2005!

    You can order it here: I received mine today. Excellent set!!
  24. Greg Madsen

    charlies angels seasons 4 & 5

    I am hoping that they haven't given up on releasing it.
  25. Greg Madsen

    Criterion's Eclipse line
  26. Greg Madsen

    Match Game on DVD

    I received mine today from DeepDiscountDvd!
  27. Greg Madsen

    I Love Lucy - Season Four - Missing Scenes

    Sorry, but you are the one that is misinformed. VERY misinformed!
  28. Greg Madsen

    I Love Lucy - Season Four - Missing Scenes
  29. Greg Madsen


    It is apparently going to be an Amazon exclusive.