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  1. Phil Mays

    subwoofer cables/really a difference?

    Are you sure it was their fingertips?
  2. Phil Mays

    Should I Run Video Through The Receiver

    I connect DVD video straight to the TV. If you go through the receiver that is just one more set of connections that could erode the signal. Same with Direct TV. Only audio goes to the "system".
  3. Phil Mays

    subwoofer cables/really a difference?

    What about a teflon coated coat hanger? will that help keep the electrons from "escaping"?
  4. Phil Mays

    Denon AVR70 - Need Help

    I have a Denon AVR 65. I originally purchased it for a replacement from a lightening strike and insurance settlement. It was the reciever for a "HTIB". I wish I would have gotten something else more in line with what I replaced. Having said that, it is now in my bedroom where all "rejects"...
  5. Phil Mays

    how many of you actually USE the Denon warranty?

    Skip, I don't think you would really save $1,500. List on the 5803 is $4,300. You should be able to get up to a 20% discount locally if the shop wants the sale. Also do you have to pay shipping on that beast as it weighs about 70 lbs? If you do have a problem you have to pay the shipping to...
  6. Phil Mays

    HTB and speaker sets

    Jeremy, Next months issue (due in a week or two) of Home Theater Magazine will address HTB's. May be a good read for you.
  7. Phil Mays

    Kipsch vs. Velodyne sub-worth the extra?

    Ron, Push your Klipsch rep for $1,000 to $1,100 on the RSW-12. It is very typical to get Klipsch at a 20% to 25% discount locally. If you are a Klipsch fan and and have a local dealer you may be able to get two KSW-12's cheaper than one RSW-12. I currently have a KSW-15 which produces...
  8. Phil Mays

    DTS Neo 6 vs. Dolby Pro Logic II (CONSOLIDATED THREAD)

    I'm a Neo:6 fan also. I have been highly disappointed with DPL II. I would never buy a reciever just for DPL II. However I do like DPL II for music better than Neo:6. Even so I like other modes for music over DPL II.
  9. Phil Mays

    I want a SVS but sheesh!!

    Just a thought. Klipsch Synergy subs are priced right at the moment. Quite frankly my KSW-15 has more bass than I will ever use. I also had the KSW-12 that I liked a little better and it had more bass than I could use. I've never heard the KSW-10 but our local dealor has them for $300.
  10. Phil Mays

    No one Buying Onkyo Receivers Anymore?

    I have the 797 that does have the dropouts. How long does it take for Onkyo to repair? This unit replaced a Denon that had replaced an Onkyo Integra TX-88. The power on that baby was great. I found the 797 to distort at louder volumes (55+). I have Klipsch Reference speakers, Kimber Kable...
  11. Phil Mays

    What amp for Klipsch Referece Speakers?

    I have RF-7's, KLF-20's, RF-3's, & RC-7. I purchased an AMC 150 watt per channel amp (5 channels) which sounds far superior to the internal amps in my Onkyo TXDS 797. I think one can get these for about $800.
  12. Phil Mays

    DVD Player connection?

    Thanks Bob! I have it connected just that way. Today I saw the optical connections at a store which caused me to question again.
  13. Phil Mays

    DVD Player connection?

    What is the best way to connect to a HDTV (Projection)for both sound and picture. I have been under the impression that component video was the best and that digital cable was the best audio. What about fiber optic? Does that hold true for cd players as well?
  14. Phil Mays

    Well, I hate to say it, but I am now a believer... Receiver vs. Separates

    Me too, and congrats! I think that a receiver around the 100WPC range benefits from an external amp. I also think it is less critical with some of the flagship type receivers that have more robust internal amps.
  15. Phil Mays

    Recievers..narrowed down to 3..some questions

    Thank you Nick & Peter, just as I suspected all along. Just another plot by the audio industry to overthrow the government to create a utilitarian society of flower a bead wearing conformists.:D ;) :D
  16. Phil Mays

    Recievers..narrowed down to 3..some questions

    Still no answer on the DAC question? I have asked this before and have never gotten a responce either. Some short answers I got were that there is no processing over 96Khz so it seemed that 192 was overkill. However I have asked my local dealer that is trying to sell me a Denon 5800 and they...
  17. Phil Mays

    Is it worthwhile to upgrade to prologic II?

    I personally like Neo 6 over DPL II.
  18. Phil Mays

    Yamaha warranty like Denon?

    Mike, Don't be scared to go into the high end shops!!!!! They see people like you every day and look at it as an opertunity to convert a loyal customer. They realize that 90% of the folks that walk through the door cannot afford most of the stuff. However thats why they have such great...
  19. Phil Mays

    Denon's Questionable Warranty

    Ahhh, class action suits. The consumer get a warranty book and the lawyers get big bucks:D Sorry not harm intended;) I once recieved an .18 cent check from my credit card company as a class action settelment. I still don't know what they did to me to deserve such a gracious settlement.:D...
  20. Phil Mays

    The truth about internet e-tailers!

    Patrick, Does the $2,000 saved include shipping. If you are buying speakers for this price range then I imagine the shipping will be very high. If you purchase seperatly item-by-item shipping will "eat you alive". I could see your savings being cut by 25% to 33% quickly. Also if something...
  21. Phil Mays

    Yamaha warranty like Denon?

    Mike, One thing to consider. Look at the shipping of product policy. You may end up paying more for shipping than it is worth. In a place like Tampa you may be able to purchase locally and avoid that headache, not always, but maybe. I had to use my denon warranty (unit purchased at Sear's)...
  22. Phil Mays

    Denon's Questionable Warranty

    Chip, Excellent link. From skimming I find the "implied warranty of merchantability" very interesting. In other words the product will do what you say it will do. I guess unauthorized dealers can get around that by offering their own "in-house" service or selling the product "as-is".
  23. Phil Mays

    reccomendations...First DIY sub, but i'm handy.

    Great suggestions...Thanks! I too have been led to believe a sealed enclosure was the way to go for what I want to do. Frankly the KSW-15 has way too much bass for what my house, wife, dogs, guests can handle. We are always picking junk up from the floor that falls from vibration.
  24. Phil Mays

    Denon's Questionable Warranty

    Wow, that's pretty clear. I personally have never questioned whether or not it's legal or questionable (it's rather clear cut) but rather if it's good business practice to allow unauthorized sale's of their product. Then again I guess it all depends on your scope of what is good. Short term...
  25. Phil Mays

    reccomendations...First DIY sub, but i'm handy.

    My wife passes it every day and out VET is located just around the corner.
  26. Phil Mays

    reccomendations...First DIY sub, but i'm handy.

    We live west of Chatham close to Callands.
  27. Phil Mays

    reccomendations...First DIY sub, but i'm handy.

    Wow, I may be interested. I did get the sub, and all my "stuff" at Sounds Unlimited. Which side of Chatham do your folks live on?
  28. Phil Mays

    reccomendations...First DIY sub, but i'm handy.

    Currently I have a Klipsch KSW-15 sub that I really like. However I want to build a great sub that will reach deep and yet be VERY:D musical. I enjoy home theater but am highly critical with our music. I've seen sonitubes and box designs. What do the pro's think? BTW, I would buil two...
  29. Phil Mays

    Looking for 2 channel amp to work w/ my Denon...

    I have an AMC 150 watt per channel x 5 channels. Very clean power and am totally happy with it. Beat the heck out of the Onkyo TX DS 797 internal amps. A three channel amp ca be had for around $600 dollars I guess. I overpaid at $950 for a 5 channel.