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  1. Kevin Miller

    ISF Calibrators in NYC

    Hi Robert, I am right here in New York. For more information on my services please visit my web site at www.ISFTV.COM. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] or call me at 718-274-0236. Thanks! Regards,
  2. Kevin Miller

    KV34XBR800 problem (s)

    Hi Eric, Jeff may very well be right. If you have unshielded speakers close to the tube it will throw off the corner convergence pretty seriously. It could also be convergence errors in the corners. As to the aspect ratio issue. The picture you posted looks like an anamorphic DVD image in...
  3. Kevin Miller

    I saw the new 2003 Mitsubishi's last night.....

    Hi All, Just tweaked a new Mitzi 65909 2 days ago. the color decoder fix is now in the Service menu, and that to my mind is the single biggest improvement in the line. Vishal is right the lenses are said to be improved, and I believe it as I had visible scan line on 1080i HDTV after focusing...
  4. Kevin Miller

    40H80 and Progressive DVD

    Hi Brian, There is a VPOS item is service that will move the image up and down a certain amount. If you have the set calibrated a good ISF tech will do this as part of the calibration. Regards,
  5. Kevin Miller

    Sony KD 57 XBR 2

    Hi Louis, The Sony XBRs are very good. There are some great tweaks that qualified ISF techs can perform on those sets. One is teaching a service convergence to the set's Auto-convergence circuitry. Since you are from NY let me know if you are interested in having it professionally calibrated...
  6. Kevin Miller

    Best ISF Calibraton techs in NY Area?

    Hi Alex, My name is Kevin Miller. I am a local NY Tri-State ISF technician. I have been calibrating in the Tri-State area for over 8 years now, and have experience with virtually all TV makes and models. I have a web site where you can get some information on my services and various...
  7. Kevin Miller

    Toshiba 40H80 vs 56H80

    The 40H80 and the 56H80 are nearly identical with the exception of the lens system another poster pionted out. The Toshiba H-series chassis' are among the best consumer RPTV HDTV sets available today. The Color decoding is among the best, the line doubler is improved over last year's X-series...
  8. Kevin Miller

    56H80 screen placement problem

    Hi Mark, I doubt gray scale will be seriously effected if you remove the protective screen. However, you need to place spacers around the inside of the screen's frame before putting the Lenticular back in place to ensure that it remains in the same position so focus is not effected. Give me a...