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  1. Dean M

    Canadians: I need some suggestions...

  2. Dean M

    Question about Rush *Signals* album. Canadians may be able to help.

    Geddy has always been a huge baseball fan, hell, he still goes to Blue Jay games! Alex not as much (hockey). He didn't get season tickets until the early '90s.
  3. Dean M

    Celine Dion kills iMacs! [Actually it's CD Copy Protection, But That's Not As Funny]]

    Now, not only do they break equipment their CDs sound like CRAP! Is this why I have spent over $100,000 on A/V equipment? (Not that I listen to any of the above artists). Why would the Star Wars soundtrack have encryption? Those that would want it are probably not the types to use...
  4. Dean M

    Proceed AVP ......Problem...NO power!

    I don't envy you. Looks as if you will have to send it to Madrigal and they can be slow (I'm waiting for the updated communications port right now and it has been three weeks and counting...). On the bright side, you could upgrade to the AVP2 at the same time.:) Looks like a killer unit. What...
  5. Dean M

    Best SuperBit DVD?

    The first movie I watched on my new PMDT was Dracula. I know that it was not all the machine. Amazing color, shadows and sound. All I can say is... WOW! Then again, the first time I saw it at the theater I was on a first date and my mind was a little preoccupied... :D
  6. Dean M

    More Disney OAR/MAR nonsense

    So what is the answer? Should a web site be set up that just deals with OAR issues. Something that would help to educate the general population as well as pressure the studios and retailers. If there are people out there willing to contribute to such an endeavor I am more than willing to put...
  7. Dean M

    More Disney OAR/MAR nonsense

    C'mon people, Disney only makes sound business decisions. They pay their exalted CEO $140 million dollars for a reason! Just look at their five-year return on investment: From $25 to $23 during that period and they have a fantastic Web...
  8. Dean M

    The Bits confirms Strange Brew! Let the quoting begin...

    Almost at the same time as the new Rush album, er...CD. What a coincidence, eh?! Can't wait for both. :D
  9. Dean M

    Which 5 channel amp with these B&W speakers?

    Amp 5! Amp 5! just my $.02 :emoji_thumbsup:
  10. Dean M

    *** FOX goes PAN&SCAN? 10 Fox discs re-released in MARCH

    I don't have time to read the entire thread but here's my take: 1-It is simply about sales. If J6P wishes to buy full-screen DVDs now because he/she does not like the black bars, then the studios will oblige. Why you ask? If they don't like the little black bars now, they really won't like...
  11. Dean M

    READ: Vivendi Certainly Has Big Rocks!

    I don't know if this was posted yet. This is absolutely obscene. Sounds like an interesting way to make money... buy a floundering company and sue their legal counsel for bad advice. Hmmm, maybe Enron could make a few bucks this way. Make of it what you will... sues former counsel...
  12. Dean M

    FEATURE-CD-creator Philips blasts labels over protected discs

    Unfortunately, we are in a recession so the Republicans, and the Democrats, are not going to do anything that might jeopardize business in any way. I believe the 'Enron affair' will finally open the eyes of many Americans as to how corrupt the political system has become. They are going to...
  13. Dean M

    FEATURE-CD-creator Philips blasts labels over protected discs

    By Adam Pasick NEW YORK, Jan 17 (Reuters) - As major record labels roll out a new breed of compact disc designed to prevent Napster-style piracy, Dutch consumer electronics maker Philips , the co-creator of the CD, is refusing to play along. ADVERTISEMENT The new discs now making their way...
  14. Dean M

    Huge SACD announcements at CES!

    Isn't it obvious? DVD-A is easily readable in a DVD player or DVD ROM drive. DVD-RW is already available therefore the tools are almost in place for the copying of DVD audio discs. If the powers-that-be can latch onto a format such as SACD -- voila. Instant encryption all under the SACD...
  15. Dean M

    DVD Music Concerts!

  16. Dean M

    History DVDs

    I love those movies as well but I'm thinking more along the lines of BBC stuff, documentaries, history of war etc.... as well as motion pictures.
  17. Dean M

    History DVDs

    Can somebody direct me to a resource for history DVDs? What are your favorite history based DVDs? Whether they be a complete series, conspiracy theories, war, history of music, or anything else. I would love to hear your suggestions.
  18. Dean M

    Microsoft trying to push its way into DVD

    MS TV: It'll Be Watching You By Michelle Delio 3:05 p.m. Dec. 11, 2001 PST Soon your television could be watching you far more carefully than you watch it. Microsoft announced on Tuesday it will be using Predictive Networks' technology to track the viewing habits of people who use...
  19. Dean M

    Microsoft trying to push its way into DVD

    Okay, I usually just read these posts and don't comment but when it comes to Microsoft... This is a thread that everybody should have an opinion on. Even more so than a Bose thread :eek: Everybody on the Home Theater Forum is probably a little more 'informed' than the average consumer; or...
  20. Dean M

    Details about Proceed AVP upgrade are up.

    Did you notice that is actually two separate upgrades. There is a standard upgrade and then a separate hardware upgrade for DVD-A and multichannel SACD. Seems to me that any AVP owner that would want the standard upgrade (32-bit Sharc DACs, software etc.) wouldn't they also want the six...
  21. Dean M

    Proceed PMDT/PVP...

    Other than the information posted on the Madrigal web site, does anybody have any more information (or links to reviews) about the PVP and its performance. It seems like a lot of money to pay for a DVDO chip. Though I do like the seamless integration with the AVP unit, not to mention its other...
  22. Dean M

    Upcoming Toshiba RPTV's info: convergence

    For those of us that do not want to touch up our convergence constantly, my Toshiba Rep. was here last week and gave me some information on Toshiba's upcoming RPTV's. He stated that Toshiba's new rear projection televisions will have a new 'one key' convergence. The service convergence, or...
  23. Dean M

    FS: Paradigm 5SE/Cerwin sub/Target

    Canadian $. Will sell speakers & sub seperately.
  24. Dean M

    FS: Paradigm 5SE/Cerwin sub/Target

    Approximately 10 years old and in good condition. Black Paradigm 5SE MK2 (pair) with Target stands. Cerwin Vega SW-12P 150w subwoofer. If you are located in the Toronto area and are interested contact me. Also have approximately 8 ft.x2 of AudioQuest type 4 cable. 250.00 for pickup only.
  25. Dean M

    Canadians: Any ExpressVU HDTV Comments?

    I connected my 6000 receiver last year. They told me I was the first one to have the unit activated. I purchased my unit from Future Shop (yeck! In fact it still has the Dish Network logo on it, no ExpressVu.) There seems to be some small problems with the unit. Different people have...