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    im new to Directv, Help!?

    thanks for the responses. my signal strength is 74 to 75. if it goes out that long again, i will look into the possibilities you mentioned, thanks.
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    im new to Directv, Help!?

    PS- everytime it rains now, the signal goes out for awhile, today for half an hour. i know weather affects the satellite signal but i thought they said it rarely happens. and it only rained lightly. is this going to be a very common problem?
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    im new to Directv, Help!?

    hi, i hope this is the right forum to ask about Directv. i recently bought Directv with the Tivo and the Total Choice Premiere package. my question is that i have a ton of channels that are "channel not available", for example CBSE and CBSW, i assume CBS EAST and CBS WEST. am i supposed...
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    MGM's Fireball 500/ Thunder Alley & Panic In Year Zero/ The Last Man On Earth

    quite a few of us got copies of Panic/Last Man shipped out today from that looks like the bets bet right now.
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    Whatever happened to Over The Edge?

    i hope the holdup for this isnt in the music rights. some great music is in this film...the Ramones, Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Cheap Trick, The Cars etc. with The Cars now having the Circuit City theme song, their price may have gone way up, Ramones have been in some recent commercials too. WB...
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    Whatever happened to Over The Edge?

    im still waiting. this was announced during the WB chat and nothing has been said since. i hope they havent forgotten.
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    A Few Words About A few words about... Mean Creek

    i loved the film but have 2 pretty big issues that i cant really make sense of... when rocky tells sam to trust him, im your big brother, sam says "but i dont trust you". thats understandable to a point, you cant really trust anyone after this, but after this whole ordeal, i would think he...
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    Midnite Movies going OOP?

    ya when i heard about this, i started to look for the Deranged/Motel Hell DVD and it was very difficult to find. out of stock everywhere and unavailable to order. luckily i grabbed the last copy at Best Buy for 9.99. Media Play has it as well but its 13.99 there. that would have been a last...
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    Leon: 10th Anniversary Edition coming "later this year"

    just a heads up, the older R1 International Version with Corrected audio is only $9.99 at Best Buy this week.
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    Is NEIGHBORS out on DVD? (Consolidated Thread)

    awesome! i would have liked the TV scenes as supplements and something more in the extras dept, but its widescreen and a must-buy for me. i will gladly double dip if R1 gets a release as well. thanks for the post.
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    Has "Dodgeball" been edited? has the specs for the R2 version of Dodgeball, it proclaims "UNCUT VERSION!" across the top. strange that the US didnt at least get 2 seperate versions of this. heres the link...
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    Has "Dodgeball" been edited?

    i didnt see this in the theater, i saw it elsewhere.
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    Has "Dodgeball" been edited?

    checking at it says there that the UK version has the unedited lines and the US has the ones that are on the DVD.
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    Has "Dodgeball" been edited?

    i guess my post on this issue was deleted based on some of the content, i apologize to the forum. i will try it a different way. the version i saw had the original lines intact. for whatever reason, when the DVD was released these lines were changed. i suppose one of the other regions will...
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    WILD AT HEART (consolidated thread)

    i think this whole issue, non-issue?, is all on Lynch. Lynch supervised this transfer, obviously including this scene. unless i hear that Lynch went to MGM and said "I want to use the original version without the smoke" and they said NO, then this is the version Lynch wants. sure, he had to...
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    A list of DVDs that have Script-to-Screen feature. Can you fill in the missing ones?

    i dont know if this is what you mean but FOLLOWING from Christopher Nolan has the pages of the script up on the screen while the audio of the movie plays.
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Dead End

    I rented this the other day and i thought it was great, though in a made-for-video way. its a fun little film with some really cool moments, the hearse was very creepy. Ray Wise was excellent in his role, an absolute joy to watch. Mick Cain on the other hand was pretty annoying. the twist...
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    George Romero's Martin?

    Lions Gate really screwed this new DVD up, not surprisingly. some screenshots are here... martin screenshots
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    Has Warner announced its' January releases yet?

    im still very anxiously awaiting an announcement for OVER THE EDGE which was said to be forthcoming at the warner chat.
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    "Return of the Living Dead part 2" DVD - October 5th

    this one has a $5 higher retail price, so the lowest price ive seen is 14.99. it is interesting that the original music is supposedly on the french audio track. so i dont see where the cost savings would be in including the original score on one track PLUS doing a new score. i would love an...
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    "Return of the Living Dead part 2" DVD - October 5th

    im waiting to hear if the DVD is going to have the changed music before i buy it. rumor is that it does.
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    Tom Waits Real Gone CD 10-05-04

    Tom Waits only has 2 North America shows scheduled, Seattle and one in Canada. he may come back for a second leg, if you call that first thing a leg. i love Tom Waits but i found the new CD to be disappointing. very uneven, some great stuff, some bad and some just blah. HOIST THAT RAG, DAY...
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    Netflix alternatives

    unfortunately i found Greencine to be terrible. i couldnt even find enough movies to get the most out of my 2 week trial and i wasnt even after new releases. rumor was, which they admitted to, was that they dont have all the movies they say they do. when they come back damaged or lost, they...
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    Finally an official RAMONES DVD

    i assume you mean MORE CD reissues? there are already 8 of them out with nice bonus tracks.
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    Any reviews for Children of the Corn SE?

    there is a review over at
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    DeepDiscountDVD New Release Prices

    because BB no longer has free shipping, that gives DDD a leeway of about $1.25. so they can add that extra buck per DVD and still be the lowest total price.
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    MGM -- quietly downgrading special editions

    this is true but has been corrected on more recent pressings. so be careful when buying the cheaper version for these features that arent supposed to be on there. chances are those features will still be there but occassionally they arent.
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    Didn't Warner Announce "Over The Edge"

    im starting to get worried too. i check the news sites every couple days looking for the an announcement on a release date. hopefully they havent forgotten about this, im ready for it NOW.
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    Finally an official RAMONES DVD

    End Of The Century is screening here in Pittsburgh starting Sept 24th, if anyone is from around here.
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    Finally an official RAMONES DVD

    i just realized while reading a review of this DVD at dvdtalk, that this is evidently a special edition of the aforementioned marky ramone home video, Ramones Around the World aka RAW, which wasnt very great, but with some nice extras.