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  1. mikeabt

    SONY BDP-CX960 - is it all over???

    Thank you very much. I am looking forward to trying that disc remove/replace tactic. Also, I do agree, up until now I have dreaded taking the full device for repair for fear of taking a hard turn in the vehicle and letting the inertia of the turn table strip the drives in the player. Your input...
  2. mikeabt

    SONY BDP-CX960 - is it all over???

    Wayne, thank you. What you are explaining is exactly the way it started with me. I would simply call up a disk to play and would receive the invalid disk warning (or words to that affect). This happened more often until one day when going to a disk the player seemed as though it was slowing...
  3. mikeabt

    SONY BDP-CX960 - is it all over???

    Thank you. I just recently found a Sony repair center locally that will look at the device. I intend to take it to him this coming week. When I placed each disk in the player it would go to GraceNote via the web to download all disc information and jacket art. Now that Sony and GraceNote...
  4. mikeabt

    SONY BDP-CX960 - is it all over???

    ALL: I own a Sony BDP-CX960 400 Disc Blu-Ray Player. It has been a great player since about 2010 for me and my family. Over the past year a few discs have become "un-readable" by the player. Meaning that I would have to remove them and re-install them and they would magically become readable...
  5. mikeabt

    SACD Through Receiver Without 5.1 input

    I have an Onkyo TX-NR717 receiver which does not have 5.1 input. Does anyone know of a switch that allows 5.1 input to HDMI output (I assume that a digital coax or Toslink output could work as well). If such switch exists I assume that could use this between the SACD player and the receiver.Are...
  6. mikeabt

    Refresh rate question

    All,I realize this is likely a question that has been asked before and I am sure I am just not thinking straight to figure it out. I purchased a new TV with a refresh rate of 120hz and I see currently that the actual refresh rate is 60hz. Why is this?
  7. mikeabt

    Harmony 650 - problems

    Tried the battery change with no difference in results. I can see that the IR is received because there is an indicator light that glows on the connecting block. I know that the signal transfer is true when the direct TV remote is used. I think the 650 remote must be sending corrupt signal. If...
  8. mikeabt

    Harmony 650 - problems

    One other thing I would like to clarify: when I use the Direct TV remote I get flawless activity, so that tells me that the remote itself is the culprit. Not the systems ability to receive, transfer and transmit the commands to the individual device.
  9. mikeabt

    Harmony 650 - problems

    All:I have had my current set up in-place for several months using the Harmony 650 as my remote of choice. Within the last couple of weeks I have noticed that the remote is having trouble communicating with the Direct TV receiver. No other devices or functions have encountered difficulties and...
  10. mikeabt

    Screen goes blank intermittently

    Sam, Thanks again. I did purchase a female/female HDMI coupler and removed the HDMI Switch from the path. Connecting to each manually I have been able to prove your theory. The switch is the culprit. I am now planning a receiver purchase. Appreciate your input. Regards.
  11. mikeabt

    Old-School TV & 5.1 Home Theater

    If you have an old-school TV, it likely won't support a 5.1 sound on its own (few, if any, do). You will need a receiver attached to the system in order to route the sound to the speakers shown (all 6 of them). But, my guess is that you have a cable system hooked up to your old school set or...
  12. mikeabt

    Center channel speaker problems

    Not sure what your problem is. Do you say that the sound was emmitted from the center channel speaker. What do you mean by base? Everything was off? Including the receiver? It sounds like a receiver issue, not a speaker issue. Have you checked the speaker wire from the receiver to the...
  13. mikeabt

    No audio

    A couple of reasons for this: 1) you have not configured the receiver by assigning the input from the set (optical digital) to the output device. 2) if you look at page 41 of your TV owner's manual you will see that you have to set the tv speaker to the off position. Also, I would recommend...
  14. mikeabt

    $600 tops. What reciever should I Buy?

    I would like to propose the Pioneer Elite VSX-30. It is the entry level (lowest priced) Elite model. It is very similar to the VSX-1120-K (standard Pioneer label), but has 24 months warranty vs a typical receiver at 12 months. Don't let the 80W / channel (real watts ;>) x 7.1 - throw you by...
  15. mikeabt


    Tom, My experience tells me that the Paradigms are going to better match the sound that you will get from the Infinity rear speakers. Although that is not the only reason I would go with Paradigms. My front sound field is Paradigm and I really have not regretted the purchase - ever. I...
  16. mikeabt

    Hookup problem

    Paul, I'm with you on the diminishing wires thing - simpler is better in a lot of ways - but I think technology has dealt you hand that you can't fix otherwise. Let's take this from another perspective. The receiver is capable of accepting the HDMI which should allow you access to the...
  17. mikeabt

    Hookup problem

    I have seen others on this forum discuss similar problems when using DVI / HDMI connections. I have not had a chance to encounter this first hand, however I am led to believe that the electronic "handshake" can't occur in your current configuration. The "handshake" I am talking about is based...
  18. mikeabt

    problem with input sound

    The fact that this is an "outside source", not the on-board DVD or CD. I assume that is why you will need to go through page 24 to make sure that the incoming signal is able to process in. The fact that this source is 2-channel, may preclude it form 5-channel playback. After you follow the...
  19. mikeabt

    PS3 / HDMI / Home theater CONFUSION. Any help?

    Yes, a digital optical cable is what you are looking for. Try the above link. Very inexpensive. Be mindful of the length needed between your PS3 and reciever before you order. Also, don't forget to assign the digital optical cable to...
  20. mikeabt

    PS3 / HDMI / Home theater CONFUSION. Any help?

    Greg, I just went to the Sony site and looked up your receiver's Owner's Manual. Take a look at page 30 (top right hand corner). It says "NOTE When a playback component connected to this receiver and this receiver connected to the TV with HDMI, the sound is output from the TV speaker...
  21. mikeabt

    Cannot decode 'digital' on my Marantz SR5002

    Oh yeah! Marantz has always been one of my favorites. My first Receiver was a Marantz and it is still going strong. Bought it in 1982 and connected it to 12" Cerwin Vega's. Very good sound. I'm sure that once you get everything squared away (with a little trial and error even) you will...
  22. mikeabt

    Cannot decode 'digital' on my Marantz SR5002

    Are you connecting with HDMI to your source or are you connecting with toslink or digital coax? Look at page 31 of your manual to see how to assign an input jack to an input source. I think this is your problem. It looks like an assignment must have been modified when you were going through...
  23. mikeabt

    No Digital sound output

    When you connect the digital leads (coax or toslink) you need to assign those to the DVD input. Did you do that in the receiver set-up menu?
  24. mikeabt

    PS3 / HDMI / Home theater CONFUSION. Any help?

    Greg, Quick question? You mentioned that the "component cable" was transmitting audio. "Component" typically referes to a three wire video connection that is colored red/green/blue. When you said "component cable" and said audio I thought that you might actually have a singl digital coax...
  25. mikeabt

    Need help setting up new Receiver

    When you say "stretched" does that mean that it actually looks the screen is zoomed? What looks different from your "normal" picture? You have a zoom setting and that might be engaged. Have you tried to modify that? When you are connected through the receiver have you tried to modify...
  26. mikeabt

    PS3 / HDMI / Home theater CONFUSION. Any help?

    First - I assume that Cable box = Video Box (as you call it) - Is this correct? If above is correct, then it is possible that when you run the HDMI from the PS3 to the Receiver that there is a "handshake" problem between the PS3 and the TV since you run Component wires from Receiver to the...
  27. mikeabt

    The typical christmas nightmare

    When I do "the test" on my Toshiba BD player I get funky playback as well. However, performance is fine. I have come to not trust those.
  28. mikeabt

    The typical christmas nightmare

    John, If you are running only 7.1 analog out of the blu-ray, then it must be a plug-in issue at the BD player or at the back of the reciever. Concentrate on the front/center where dialog is typically generated. That would be the first move to make. Then it could be in the set-up of the BD...
  29. mikeabt

    Need help! Have static noise coming from all surround speakers.

    Do you have florescent lighting in the room where the theater system is located or in an adjoining room? Basement /floor below? I once had a receiver that provided static to the front-left speaker only. It got progressively more pronounced but assumed it indicated that the receiver was going...