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    So, Robert De it just me or...

    Yes, I think I was thinking of that scene and also having read about another scene that was in the script but ultimately cut or never filmed. Something like that anyway.
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    So, Robert De it just me or...

    Ha, yes, Bananarama! Guess I haven't seen Raging Bull in a long time. Thought there was a scene involving, well, you know, "Robert De Niro wanking?"
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    So, Robert De it just me or...

    I can't believe there are 7 pages of people mostly talking about movies and performances they've never actually seen! I have no interest in Dirty Grandpa though I'm sure many people will and I'm also sure there have probably been far worse movies made than this with names just as big as Robert...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ "I Confess" -- in Blu-ray

    I like Stage Fright more and more every time I see it. It has so many great and unusual Hitchcock touches. As for I Confess, I'm a huge Hitchcock fan and a huge Montgomery Clift fan so that combination alone really has my interest! I think it's a very underrated film Hitchcock or otherwise...
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    TV Westerns Tournament

    My favorites in chronological order are: Gunsmoke Sugarfoot Lawman The Rifleman Rawhide Bonanza Daniel Boone The Big Valley Cimarron Strip Alias Smith and Jones Honorable mention: The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Cheyenne Wanted Dead or Alive The Texan The Rebel
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    What did you watch this week in classic TV on DVD(or Blu)?

    Watched an episode or two from: Lost in Space-Season 2 Batman-Season 2 Lawman-Season 1 (with Adam West as Doc Holliday, which was a fun surprise!) Wanted Dead or Alive-Season 1 The Rebel-Season 1 Bonanza-Season 1 The Mod Squad-Season 1 The Rookies-Season 1 The Six Million Dollar...
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    Daniel Boone Season One Coming from Shout/Timeless 4/19/16

    I also bought The Complete Series from Amazon last summer and they are indeed pressed disks!
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    DVD Guilt

    We got rid of cable a few years ago and have a Roku box with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, which we use more to watch some current series plus a few of the classics we don't have on DVD, but we still watch more shows on DVD/Blu-Ray than anything else. I figure we've been buying TV shows on...
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    Blu-ray Review The Crooked Way Blu-ray Review

    I'll definitely pick this up at some point. Love film noir and John Payne. Thanks for the review!
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    'The Egg and I' Blu-ray (TCM Exclusive)

    I have quite a few TCM titles on DVD and Blu-Ray and am very happy with them. I also wait until they have a decent sale to buy them. Many of them would probably have never seen the light of day if not for TCM releasing them, so I certainly don't want them to "get out of this business." As for...
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    Black Friday - 2015

    Today only at Deep Discount: The Addams Family-Complete Series on DVD $33.99 Lost in Space-Complete Series on Blu $74.99
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    Official 2015 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals Page: Post Your Favorite Deals Here

    The Flash: Season 1 is $19.99 on Blu-Ray on Amazon!
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    So, Robert De it just me or...

    If you haven't seen most of the movies he's been in for the last 16 years, how can you really say they're bad? I mean, that's something like 40 movies! Are any of his contemporaries consistently doing the kinds of movies you'd like to see him do more of? I think more than anything that...
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    Warner Bros. deals a little blow to Netflix...

    Even if I had to subscribe to half a dozen services, it would still come out to less than what my cable bill used to. And at least you can cancel anytime and pick them back up anytime without any kind of fees, re-installation, etc.
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    Classic TV Stars - Who's Still With Us (Part 1 - The 60's)

    From the 50s, we also still have Clint Walker (Cheyenne) and Hugh O' Brien (The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp)!
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    Classic TV Stars - Who's Still With Us (Part 1 - The 60's)

    Dorothy Malone (Peyton Place) is also still with us!
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    International Original Music on Northern Exposure UK Version?

    I was just watching Jules et Joel for Halloween the other night and started wishing again that this series would be redone on Blu-Ray with all the original music! I wish Time-Life or Shout would do it! Maybe some day...
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    Classic TV Stars - Who's Still With Us (Part 1 - The 60's)

    Batman - Julie Newmar (Catwoman). Bewitched - Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay). Daniel Boone - Darby Hinton (Israel), Veronica Cartwright (Jemima), Ed Ames (Mingo). Family Affair - Johnny Whitaker (Jody) and Kathy Garver (Cissy). Flipper - Luke Halpin (Sandy) and Tommy Norden (Bud). Laredo -...
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    UHD Vote for the release of "Ryan's Daughter" on UHD/4K

    I think the fact that you would take the time to even make a comment like that instead of just ignoring this thread shows that you should take your own advice, man!
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    Looking for "Daktari" like show

    How about Tarzan? It's in color, has animals, action-adventure, and is pretty family friendly! Maybe Daniel Boone? Doesn't exactly feature animals although he wears one on his head most of the time!
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    The Rifleman Season Sets in 2013 ?

    After reading some reviews and comments here, I wasn't expecting much as far as picture quality when I picked up Season 1 not too long ago (Actually Season 1 Volume 1 from Wal-Mart). I've been pleasantly surprised as I find it to look pretty good, much better than I was expecting anyway. I...
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    GREAT DIRECTORS - who do you consider the very best?

    Alfred Hitchcock Howard Hawks William Wyler Anthony Mann Preston Sturges Douglas Sirk Sergio Leone Clint Eastwood Steven Spielberg Martin Scorsese
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    Warner Archives in 2015, Take A Shot!

    I agree with everything Frank said about Courtship of Eddie's Father. I also love the relationship that both Tom and Eddie have with their housekeeper, Mrs. Livingston, wonderfully played by Miyoshi Umeki! Of course, as with all classic TV series, there's a long list of great guest stars too...
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    Green Acres:Season 4 DVD

    Not as ideal as having them on disk of course, but I did see recently that all 6 seasons are streaming on Hulu.
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    Lost In Space: The Complete Adventures (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    My card got charged and I also got that super low price! Since I hadn't registered at Fox Connect when placing the order, it's never shown up under my account so I've been a little unsure if I even had an order. I had e-mailed them about it and forwarded my confirmation e-mail but just got a...
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    The Monkees TV Series & 33⅓ Revolutions per Monkee + "Head" (1968) movie, coming to Blu

    I want this too but not for $200. I probably wouldn't balk (too much) if it was even $150 but $200 is just really high. Hopefully, they'll offer some kind of sale or coupon. Otherwise, I'll just hope that there's another Blu-Ray edition released sometime next year! Would love to see this in...
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    Batman The Complete TV Series Limited Edition (11/11)(Blu-ray)(DVD) Available for Preorder

    Julie Newmar is my favorite but I like Eartha Kitt a lot too. I always remembered her and was always surprised she only appeared 3 times. I think Eartha's Catwoman is more scary and intense, more like a feral cat as opposed to Julie's more playful approach. I've only seen the movie a few...
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    Yvonne Craig RIP

    Thanks for the link to that interview Ron! It was really informative and a lot of fun. Love that her favorite (current) TV series was Big Bang Theory, and her story about loving Pulp Fiction and her husband hating it was hilarious! The Batgirl/That Girl mix-up story was really funny too. She...
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    Will Bringing Up Baby get a blu-ray release?

    I love Holiday! It might even be my favorite of the Grant/Hepburn movies though I love all of them. I'd also love to see all the others that have been mentioned on Blu-Ray along with The Awful Truth!
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    LAWMAN: The Complete First Season, May 5, 2015

    I'm about halfway through Season 1 and am glad Season 2 is coming so fast. I don't have Encore (or cable for that matter). I hadn't seen this show before but it's become one of my favorites of the Warner Brothers western series. Actually, this and Sugarfoot, which I'd also never seen before...