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  1. Patrick TX

    Yamaha Rx-v1 and Rxv3300 vs the field.

    I sold my DA777ES in favor of a Yamaha RX-V1. I preferred the Sony slightly over the Yammie in 2 channel. It was a little more warm. In 5.1, the Yammie really shines! I greatly prefer it over the Sonys or Denons. I think the Denon 4800 series is more in line with the Yamahas & HK mentioned...
  2. Patrick TX

    Yamaha, Sony, & JVC

    The RX-V1 came with a hard button remote. I purchased the RAV-2000 seperate. I would be inclined to offer a package deal, as I have both.
  3. Patrick TX

    Panasonic RP82 vs. JVC SA600BK

    I have both players right now. I would say the Panny has an edge (slight) in Video, & the JVC is built MUCH nicer. The sound is the same to my ears. The JVC will zoom, & the Panny will NOT. Remote on the JVC kills the Panny. I have the 600 in the for sale section today. I'm moving to silver...
  4. Patrick TX

    Yamaha, Sony, & JVC

    I have the following items for sale. Paypal OK. [email protected] Yamaha RX-V1 - $850 MINT. Purchased from an AUTHORIZED DEALER 4 months ago. Still has plenty of warranty left. I have the original box, manual, warranty card, & remote. MSRP - $3,200...
  5. Patrick TX

    Remote for Yamaha RX-V1

    The remote that comes with the RX-V1 is a simple hard key remote. There is also an option for a RAV-2000, which is a Philips Pronto 2000 clone that has ALL the settings for the RX-V1 PRE-INSTALLED. It is an AWESOME remote, and fully tweakable to use with other gear. I have both remotes...
  6. Patrick TX

    RP82's for $345!?

    I just caved in to the hype & picked up an RP-82 from Ultimate Electronics in Frisco, TX this afternoon. It was the LAST ONE btw. The Dallas Galleria location had one left as well. It ran me $206. Too bad I have to wait until Friday to hook it up.
  7. Patrick TX

    Denon 3803 vs Sony 7ES

    I used to have a Sony DA777ES, which WAS a Flagship. The DA7 has no business having a 7 in the part #. The 4 is the real deal.
  8. Patrick TX

    Denon 3803 vs Sony 7ES

    The DA4ES is more akin to the 3803. The DA7ES is the Sony "flagship".
  9. Patrick TX

    Inexpensive receiver for pre-pro

    Sony DA4ES is hard to beat for the $.
  10. Patrick TX

    Receivers with spectrum analyzers

    Maybe a Pyramid. Those will surely CRANK.
  11. Patrick TX

    need help on choosing New T.V. from Best Buy

    My friend just bought 2 of the Samsung 30" 16:9's from there. VERY IMPRESIVE for the price. They are being used in bedrooms.
  12. Patrick TX

    Two Channel Amp,Product_Name
  13. Patrick TX

    Samsung DVD-HD931 DVD player with FLi 2300 chip
  14. Patrick TX

    Samsung DVD-HD931 DVD player with FLi 2300 chip

    I read somewhere that it will only offer that resolution on NON COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Sucks for us. I would like to see that puppy hacked. If so, I'm first in line!
  15. Patrick TX

    Yamaha RX-V1 to Rotel?

    I NEED to have my head checked, according to my Wife! Do you know what kind of special the HTS is running? I'm TRYING to get the most bang out of my bucks, and the HTS I talked to told me straight MSRP. Call me a cheapskate, but I don't & WON'T pay retail for anything other than SVS. The...
  16. Patrick TX

    Yamaha RX-V1 to Rotel?

    Marvin Electronics in Fort Worth is having a 10th Anniversary sale Feb 7th-15th. He told me Rotel would be on sale
  17. Patrick TX

    Yamaha RX-V1 to Rotel?

    Damn this obsession! Well, I've convinced myself that I need another upgrade. I have a Yamaha RX-V1 currently, which is an excellent unit. I only paid $999 for it new a few months ago, & it still has warranty. With the remote, it will bring what I paid nearly. It is lacking in a few areas. #1...
  18. Patrick TX

    JVC XV-SA600BK VS Panasonic CP-72K

    I stand corrected. THEY call it bass management, lol.
  19. Patrick TX

    SVS Port Blocker

    DOH! I forgot to set mine to 20. Thanks!
  20. Patrick TX

    Amplifier upgrade (long and rambling post)

    I wouldn't get too hung up on all that. I bought a new Mitsubishi 55" with Firewire for Christmas. Firewire WAS a deciding factor for me, as far as the TV was concerned. There has been some recent agreements between cable companies & electronics manufacturers on Firewire. I will not be basing my...
  21. Patrick TX

    Amplifier upgrade (long and rambling post)

    Here is an excellent source for Rotel info, and a good thread.
  22. Patrick TX

    Amplifier upgrade (long and rambling post)

    I used to have that same Sony receiver, and you are right. Do NOT even THINK of using it as a pre-pro. Adding a quality Amp to that would be like putting a Corvette engine in a Yugo. I would do the Rotel RSX-1055 Receiver, & add a nice 2 channel amp for the front speakers. You will also have...
  23. Patrick TX

    What's more important 1080i or built-in ATSC tuner?

    I like it alright. I sold a 2 year old Sony 61" RPTV & got this one. Needless to say, the regular 4:3 TV looks like crap. Progressive DVD's look amazing though. I'm out in the boonies, and can't get OTA HDTV. My HD cable box will be here Jan 25th, BARELY in time for the Super Bowl. I can't wait...
  24. Patrick TX

    which speakers?

    There are a BUNCH of people that run Klipsch with HK. Klipsch speakers are VERY sensitive, not needing much juice to make them wail. Seeing as you listen to METAL, the Klipsch would be an excellent choice. The RF-3II's are nice sounding floorstanders. I would still put a sub with them though. A...
  25. Patrick TX

    SVS Port Blocker

    I just did that yesterday on my 2531PC+. I haven't re-calibrated yet though. I used a micro flathead screwdriver, a little on the back, then the front, then the back. It is a SNUG fit, to say the least!
  26. Patrick TX

    JVC XV-SA600BK VS Panasonic CP-72K

    I would LOVE to have a player that zooms at even 25% increments. The JVC's 1X is as most as I'll ever use, unless it's porn. JUST KIDDING!
  27. Patrick TX

    Best HOME THEATRE Subwoofer

    SVS is unlike Deaf Tech in that manner. Forums talk back, & DEMAND that you back it up with performance. Magazine advertising & "glowing reviews" come hand in hand. Did SVS pay me to write that, NO. Did I get a penny discount on my 2531PC+, NO. Did Deaf Tech piss me off, no. I actually...
  28. Patrick TX

    What's more important 1080i or built-in ATSC tuner?

    I'm in Time Warner San Antonio's reach. ALL the boxes offered by Scientific Atlanta in this market already have Firewire. Is it active, nope. But it's there, LOL. As far as their offering goes, it's CBS, ABC, HBO, & Showtime. They SAY that NBC, FOX, PBS, Discovery, & ESPN should be announced...
  29. Patrick TX

    Aspect Ratio Control on DVD players

    Well, on a 55" 16:9, 1:85 Anamorphic is a thing of beauty to MY eyes. I would gladly give up a TINY bit on the sides to gain 100% coverage on my set. The difference is huge to me.