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  1. Jared W V

    Is a Denon A1 DVD player worth it?

    Is a Denon A1 DVD player worth it? I mean it's $2000.00US and it only plays one CD at a time. Will I really notice a difference in DVD movies and sound quality? Thanks :confused:
  2. Jared W V

    Better Toslink Cable?

    What is a better toslink cable: a AR Master Series Fiber Optic Toslink or a AQ Optilink 2? FYI, I can get the AQ cable for about $13.00 less. Thanks for all those who help! Jared :D
  3. Jared W V

    Denon vs Denon

    Dear Aslam, Do you think if I was the Subway Jared I would worry about spending the extra $1000 buck? Hell no! Had a great laugh though. How ironic because I ate at Subway today! BTW it was good. Thanks for your input! Jared ;)
  4. Jared W V

    Denon vs Denon

    Thanks for your comments Anthony! But only one person thinks so? I'm planning to connect a DVD player in the under $400 mark. I can't see the point spending more money for a DVD player when new DVD formats keep coming out. So, will I hear $1000 more sound using cheaper DVD player? Thanks Jared :)
  5. Jared W V

    Acoustic Research Component cables?

    Great thread; learnt plenty! Any opinions as to which Toslink cable is better: AR Master or Bettercables? Both about the same? I'm looking for a value toslink cable for around $100. Also, I guess the Bettercables S-Video cable is the best value in it's price range? Thanks Jared ;)
  6. Jared W V

    Denon vs Denon

    Is a Denon 5803 worth the extra $1000.00 compared to a 4802 or will the difference in sound quality be maginal? Thanks Jared :)
  7. Jared W V

    Which one for the money?

    I only chose the receivers above because they are the only ones I can get and I haven't found a Poineer dealer. Plus, I'm more interested in the most bang-for-the-buck. All of the top-of-the-line receivers are great but are they worth the extra money compared to the model below? When paying a...
  8. Jared W V

    Which one for the money?

    I'm new to this forum so hello. I'm thinking of buying a new receiver and would like some help. From what I've read most people like the receiver they have so to me it comes down to price. I'm trying to decide on the following: Denon 5803 for $2900US Denon 4802 for $1933US Yamaha RX-V3200 for...