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  1. walls

    Top ten movies for the home collection

    OK im in.... ALIENS Dog Soldiers Dawn of the Dead (original) SpaceBalls Young Frankenstein The Thing (Carpenters) Fletch/Fletch Lives Vacation/Xmas Vacation The Burbs Texas Chainsaw (remake) Star Trek (all motion pics including newest) Friday the 13th part 2 Firefly/Serenity (can you really...
  2. walls

    Just thought I would say HELLO!

    Thanks! Funny thing, it says I joined in Jan 08 but actually I joined years ago when the forum was mostly Rocket fans. LOL!!
  3. walls

    Just thought I would say HELLO!

    Havent been on the site for years.....I like the changes and will start to post again! So.....HELLO!
  4. walls

    Looking for good hardware to support 5.1 audio through headphones

    I have the Senn 555's and 595's and for movies or TV I prefer the cheaper 555's. They have a nice open soundstage and they actually place the action on screen fairly well. Unfortunately I dont have any real experience with true 5.1 headphone rigs but if you go to headfi.com and do a search you...