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  1. JohnZ

    budget subwoofer for small studio room

    I am looking for a cheap (around $100) subwoofer for a small studio room. Any recommendations? I am considering: Sony 8" Subwoofer (SA-WM250) $90 or Infinity 8" Subwoofer (PS 8) for $110
  2. JohnZ

    Is digital optical cable important?

    Digital optical cables carry digital signals. You would not lose any signal if you use cheap ones? Am I right? Are there any reasons that you should go for those expensive cables?
  3. JohnZ

    WTB: sony SA-WM40 subwoofer

    email me at [email protected] Thanks
  4. JohnZ

    Fs Onkyo 595 Receiver

    Is it still available for sell?
  5. JohnZ

    It is really a tough call.

    I bought a pair of B&W DM603 speakers from a classified ad. One was damaged in shipping. The damage was not too bad and the speaker is still working fine. I filed a damage claim with UPS and the claim is approved today. But they said before they will send out the check, they would take the...
  6. JohnZ

    WTB: S video cables and DVD/MP3 player

    I need two S video cables and one DVD/MP3/CD-R player. :rolleyes
  7. JohnZ

    Low Cost Subwoofer suggestion

    I need a low cost subwoofer for my B&W 603 + B&W CC6 system. I live in a small apartment room. My budget is around $300 or less is better. thanks
  8. JohnZ

    FS:Hometheater System/Plus DVD's

    Do you want to sell your DVD player separatly?
  9. JohnZ

    Fs: b&w dm 603

    I have two pairs of B&W DM 603's and want to sell one pair because I just moved to a smaller room. It is less than three years old and in perfect condition. I am asking for $650 OBO.
  10. JohnZ

    wire connection. banana plug,spade or bare wire?

    What kind of connection should I use for binding posts. Banana plugs, spade connectors or just bare wires? What's the advantage of using connectors? Some connectors are crimp-on. Where can I find the crimping tool?
  11. JohnZ

    WTB: DVD player

    want DVD player that also can play CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and Video CD.
  12. JohnZ

    Floorstanding tower speakers for rear channels in 5.1?

    I have a question about the placement of the tower speakers as rear. As far as I know, the basic principle is that place your rear speakers at least as high off the floor as your ear height when you're standing. Do you guys actually raise the height of the rear tower speakers or just let them...
  13. JohnZ

    Help from B&W 600's owners

    Should I just use twisted bare wires to connect binding posts or I need extra banana plugs?
  14. JohnZ

    Monster XP cable, not enough WIRE?

    You mean $0.25/foot 12G HomeDepot wire is better than $0.6/foot Monster XP? I was planning to buy some Monster XP on ebay for about $0.3-0.4/foot. If the 12G wire from Home Depot is really better, I'll go the local Home Depot store this weekend.
  15. JohnZ

    Help from B&W 600's owners

    There are two pairs of gold plated terminals on the back of each speaker and they are connected by gold plated links. According to the manuals, when you bi-wire, remove these links. Otherwise leave them on. Now I want to do single wire connection, but I lost the links. How should I do the...
  16. JohnZ

    B&W speakers registration

    I am going to purchase a pair of used B&W speakers. But the owner lost the receipt. Is it possible to find out the information about the speakers (like original owner, age of the speakers)? If the owner has registered them, the information may be on the b&w website. How can i get it.
  17. JohnZ

    speaker opinions

    Did anybody try to mix B&W with nOrh? Currently I have b&w 603's. I am thinking about buying a pair of nOrh 4.0 for rear. I am also considering b&w 601's or 303's or axiom or paradigm atom or other unexpensive good speakers. Any suggestions? I live in a small apartment room. I don't need to...
  18. JohnZ

    Denon 2802 receiver

    Sound Professional is not an authorized dealer. The warranty may be not valid. All the on-line authorized dealers I checked sell that for $799. Did anybody find a better price?
  19. JohnZ

    denon 3802 online pricing

    Did anybody try to use American Express Blue to make the purchase from an authorized dealer and then use pricematch? I am interested in 2802 and the lowest price I could find is $499. Any better deal?
  20. JohnZ

    too good to be true? help

    I just won an auction of a pair of Dynaudio Audience 80 speakers (brand new) for only 255$. I haven't paid yet because I am highly suspicious of this deal. First, he is new and has no credit at all. He only accepts money order. Second, I think these speakers are worth about 1000$ in the US...
  21. JohnZ

    Best bookshelves for ~$300

    This article may be useful: Battle of The Bookshelfs Our expert listeners pit six $300 speakers against each other. http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/hot...p?ArticleID=34
  22. JohnZ

    dealers in new york city area

    I am going to buy some Paradigm or B&W speakers. Does anybody happen to know any dealers in new york city area that have good prices on them? thanks
  23. JohnZ

    B&W CM2 vs 602

    Is CM2 much better than 602?
  24. JohnZ

    the best place to buy cheap speaker stands

    I have four bookshelf speaks. Where can find the cheapest speaker stands for them. One speaker is about 30 lbs.
  25. JohnZ

    Axiom vs. Titan

    Sorry I mean paradigm Atom. Not Axiom
  26. JohnZ

    Axiom vs. Titan

    Paradigm Axiom has received good reviews. How about Titan. It is just a little bit more expensive than Axiom. I can not decide which one i will buy.
  27. JohnZ

    Is nOrh 6.5 better than nOrh 6.1?

    nOrh 6.5 has been discontinued. How does 6.5 compare to 6.1 Synthetic Marble? Is 6.5 better?
  28. JohnZ

    How is Kenwood VR-509?

    Kenwood VR-509 is really a bargain and has great features. I need opinions from the owners.