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  1. JohanD

    It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake.

    Sllightly disturbing, yet hard not to watch. (It's not dirty)
  2. JohanD

    Who has played Half Life 1 on PS2?

    HL1 is very undemanding though.. my p3-450mhz with geforce2 runs HL1 fine.
  3. JohanD

    Engagement Rings....

    Check out costco. I wonder if their return policy is the same as on other items. If something comes up you may be able to get a full refund?
  4. JohanD

    best cable tuner card

    For standard cable.. Hauppauge is the brand to get. If there is special decoding or decrypting a set top box is probably your only route.
  5. JohanD

    The Real Ghostbusters: When Can We Call Them to Get On DVD?

    I'd buy. :emoji_thumbsup:
  6. JohanD

    What's the Best Movie on your Home surround system?

    Sort of like your favorite and mine: The Wilhelm Scream With regards to the JP DTS.. I didn't notice the sand at the beginning.. I think I was busy getting comfortable.. hehe
  7. JohanD

    VHS transfer to DVD

    If your recording is infrequent, you could always just swap the cables around. It can be inconvinient but will get the job done.
  8. JohanD

    >>> Direct from Universal Home Video: How to exchange your DTS Jurassic Park

    I'm not sure what version I have.. Just purchased it about a week ago so I would assume I have the new version.. watched it last night and the bass was shaking the walls..
  9. JohanD

    What's the Best Movie on your Home surround system?

    I just watched it last night on my system.. the t-rex scene where the water in the cub vibrates.. and the following attack were great.. had the walls shaking.. :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: not to mention picture quality was excellent!
  10. JohanD

    Do movie theaters 'compress' and 'level' sound?

    Ah, the greatness of HT. You control the volume. It does seem like theaters have quieted down over time..
  11. JohanD

    HELP! Accidentally put period at end of folder

    In DOS you can rename a file or folder with an illegal character by using the following method. Lets say your folder name is F/LDER.. / is an illegal character so it will freak out. You can type ren F?LDER FOLDER the ? is a wildcard for a single character that works when the *...
  12. JohanD

    Help!! Experienced A/V people FEEDBACK.

    I have an infocus 4805.. have had it for about a week. After about 10 hours of watching on it I have yet to see any rainbows.
  13. JohanD

    MAME cabinet

    I have a scratch-built mame cabinet in progress.. and most of my information I got from Build Your Own Arcade Controls. What I would do is take a look at the BYOAC website. www.arcadecontrols.com Specifically the forum: forum.arcadecontrols.com If you do not have the tools,time, or...
  14. JohanD

    Whatever happened to T3 extended cut?

    I just ran across T3 widescreen at circuit city for 4.99 yesterday! Had to pick it up for that price.
  15. JohanD

    Best Buy -- Many Superbit DVDs now $9.99

    Thanks! I picked up: Lawrence of Arabia Vertical Limit Underworld Resident Evil The Fifth Element The kicker is I have not seen any of these! (only parts of a few that were on TV)
  16. JohanD

    Buying 4805 @ Bestbuy

    I just bought one brand new for 1099 out the door a couple weeks ago. It also had a $100 rebate bringing my final cost down to 999. This is in USD. If it is in new condition and you can buy it for less than that, then it is a good deal.
  17. JohanD

    HDTV reciever question

    I believe charter is my current provider. Thanks for the tips!
  18. JohanD

    HDTV reciever question

    My projector has component connectors on it, what would the converter be used for? Also will my other TV's still run fine without a cable box? Or would they need the HD box?
  19. JohanD

    HDTV reciever question

    I recently purchased an infocus 4805 for my HT. Currently we only have basic cable service. To take advantage of the projector I was contemplating trying out an HDTV service. Currently we do not use cable boxes, just a straight feed into the TV. If I get an HDTV tuner and feed, will I need to...
  20. JohanD

    PVR with no subscription fee

    Are there any PVR's out on the market that do not require a subscription fee?
  21. JohanD

    Sealed Tumults - dual subs

    Rythmik amplifiers have a defeatable rumble filter, but their highest output model is 380w rms. You can check them out at http://www.rythmikaudio.com/. I just purchased one for my 12" passive radiator setup. They are "apex sr." amplifiers with some modifications.
  22. JohanD

    What are the current best 12" drivers out right now..SQ is the goal.

    I just recently built a 12" subwoofer for my infocus 4805 based HT. The Sub I bought was a GR-Research 12" sub and 12" passive radiator. The box is 2.4 cubic feet. http://www.gr-research.com/drivers/sub_pr.htm The sub and PR on on sale as a combo for $129. I used a rhythmik 350 amplifier to...
  23. JohanD

    Help me decide. GR A/V3 or Exodus(Adire)61

    Yes, what are the pros and cons? :)
  24. JohanD

    What's a good brand of RAM?

    I have always been a fan of corsair and crucial.
  25. JohanD

    Removing 2 Second Gap When Burning CDs w/ WMP9

    If it was me, I wouldn't use WMP9 to burn audio discs. Download the nero trial version and see if it does what you want. I'm not too familiar with the nero plugin for WMP9, but I would check the documentation associated with it to see if you can select that option. (I have taken the gap out...
  26. JohanD

    soundcard help!!! 7.1? only getting a pcm signal

    I have a chaintech and it works great for DVD's using the optical output.
  27. JohanD

    The woes of high DPI

    I was doing some research on windows XP and they have a feature to anti-alias text. Here is the base website: Microsoft ClearType Here is the page that will install a component into your browser: Cleartype Web Installation I have used it and yes it does make text smoother, especially...
  28. JohanD

    Audiophile HTPC

    I had some jitter in mine.. I downloaded a utility called Reclock. It completely fixed the jitter for me. http://ogo.nerim.net/reclockfilter (edit: BTW I am using chaintech AV-710 with optical digital output to receiver)
  29. JohanD

    Considering GR AV3s, here come the questions.

    Any updates after a few months use? :)
  30. JohanD

    How do I get rid of windows messenger?

    Here is where it is: Control Panel -> add/remove programs -> windows components Then look for messanger and take it off... also you can take off MSN while your at it.. :)