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  1. Stefano B

    Blu-ray Review HTF Blu-ray Review: THE GHOST WRITER

    What do you think are the chances for this, which I consider one of Polanski's finest works, to get the UHD upgrade?
  2. Stefano B

    UHD Review A Few Words About Qualche parola su... ™ Luca - in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    Parola è corretto, non parole. "Qualche" takes a singular noun. Greetings from Italy! ;)
  3. Stefano B

    Pre-Order The Naked Spur (Warner Archive) (1953) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Yes, at last! A dream come true. :dancing-banana-04:
  4. Stefano B

    A Man Alone Blu Ray Review

    It seems like the bluray for this particular title recently went OOP, unfortunately...
  5. Stefano B

    Pre-Order Randolph Scott 12-Movie Collection (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Seven Men From Now would make a wonderful entry in the Criterion line (as would Tony Mann's The Naked Spur ;))
  6. Stefano B

    Criterion Press Release: The Gunfighter (Blu-ray)

    As Worth pointed out, this deal was most likely made before Fox's absorption into Disney... I also know of other pre-merging 4k restorians of Fox classics that have been shown at festivals or retrospectives and have yet to be released in physical format, such as Tourneur's Way of a Gaucho...
  7. Stefano B

    International Columbia Classics 4K Italy

    I can confirm it is the same box released in the States, they are not individual releases. So I guess you may consider deleting this thread...
  8. Stefano B

    Warner Archive Announcements Thread

    How much longer will we have to wait for Warner to release this Hawksian classic? Are the elements in such a bad shape as to rule out a blu-ray release? If a blu-ray is not possible, I'd be content with a dvd-only release, as they did for other top-tier titles like Fuller's Run of the Arrow or...
  9. Stefano B

    In November, The Far Country (1955) coming from Arrow

    I second that; Gannon-McIntire always reminds me of Little Bill Daggett-Gene Hackman in Unforgiven. Actually, the whole final sequence of Mr Eastwood's movie sounds to me, visually and thematically, like a tribute to the corresponding sequence in Mann's film. I'm sure good old Clint must've had...
  10. Stefano B

    In November, The Far Country (1955) coming from Arrow

    And one, if I may add, that we definitely should be getting from Warner Archive at some point...there isn't even an official DVD release available :(
  11. Stefano B

    Western Wish List: List the Westerns you wish were on Blu-ray/UHD

    The Hanging Tree has been out for more than a year from Warner Archive...wonderful film and HD transfer. As to the Boetticher titles highlighted in bold, I strongly advise that you check out the UK Indicator Powerhouse boxset, provided you have multiregion capability.
  12. Stefano B

    Western Wish List: List the Westerns you wish were on Blu-ray/UHD

    Ok, I tried hard but I could'nt resist to the combination westerns + wishlist. Here are the top ten westerns I would like (at least) on BLU-RAY (I avoided mentioning titles that have already had a Region B release): 1. The Naked Spur (1953) 2. The Far Country (1954) 3. Wagon Master (1950) 4. A...
  13. Stefano B

    Warner Archive Announcements Thread

    What do you folks think are the chances of seeing, among the next Archive releases, Arthur Penn's The Left-Handed Gun (1958)? I'd love to see a hi-def upgrade of this terrific though little-talked-about western. The DVD was all right but I think there might be room for improvement... Speaking...
  14. Stefano B

    Press Release HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time August 2019 Release Announcements

    Now that The Tall Men has been announced, l hope TT will consider releasing another great mid-1950s western, Delmer Daves's The Last Wagon (1956), in one of its next slates... That, too, has been available for a few years in Germany, though I couldn't find much information about the quality of...
  15. Stefano B

    UHD Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Wants Your Votes

    My write-in title was Mackenna's Gold (1969)
  16. Stefano B


    Full name: Stefano Bosco Are you going to give a blu-ray upgrade to Anthony Mann's The Furies? Speaking of Mann & westerns, would you consider (if you haven't already done so) giving the Criterion treatment to both Winchester 73 and The Naked Spur? Thank you so much.
  17. Stefano B

    Nick Redman Passed Away

    My deepest condolences to Ms Kirgo and all of Mr Redman's family. He did such an invaluable work for us film lovers and collectors, which is bound to last. Rest in peace.
  18. Stefano B

    What is your 2018 4k UHD Wishlist?

    Here is my list (very much genre- and director-driven; I guess not all of these would pass the "realistic/popular mainstream" test): The Searchers Rio Bravo El Cid The Fall of the Roman Empire Hatari! (maybe just a DNR-free remaster on blu-ray would do) El Dorado (same as above) The Wild Bunch...
  19. Stefano B


    Now that Kino Lorber Insider just announced the release of Bend of the River (1952) and also hinted that both Winchester 73 (1950) and The Far Country (1954) may be not far behind (the former possibly from Criterion), wouldn't it be great if Warner Archive announced The Naked Spur (1953) so as...
  20. Stefano B

    International Winchester '73 (1950)- Blu-Ray from Shock Entertainment 2/7/18

    Looks like a proper restoration is in the works: https://patch.com/california/studiocity/scorsese-spielberg-team-restore-classic-films
  21. Stefano B

    Criterion Wish Listing 2018

    And speaking of "Naked" wishes, here's my biggest one: Anthony Mann's The Naked Spur! I don't know how many chances there are though, since it requires a lot of restoration work...
  22. Stefano B

    3D Meet Bob Furmanek: HTF Golden Age 3-D Consultant

    As an Italian collector of classic American cinema on home-video, I just wanted to let you, Bob, know that your efforts and those of all your collaborators are greatly appreciated on this side of the pond, too. I'd love that more people here in my country, where even among film buffs knowledge...
  23. Stefano B

    Official KINO Insider Announcements Thread: STRICTLY MODERATED: READ GUIDELINES

    Tourneur's Great Day in the Morning would make another marvelous release for me, but I guess it's WB that owns it...
  24. Stefano B

    HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time Nov/Dec 2016 Release Announcements

    I'm definitely in for The Barefoot Contessa, Moby Dick (if the transfer is different and better than that of the Aussie blu-ray), I Want To Live!, and The Boston Strangler. What a terrific slate for Twilight Time this fall!
  25. Stefano B

    Why has The Grey Fox never made it to disc (DVD or Blu-ray)?

    Mr Cowe, do you have any other classic westerns in the works at Panamint? I would love to see some other release of this kind, especially from the Universal vaults...
  26. Stefano B

    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    And it would be great if they could obtain The Gunfighter (1950), too.
  27. Stefano B

    James Stewart Westerns

    Where on earth did you find Bend of the River, The Far Country, and especially The Naked Spur in "at least HD quality"?
  28. Stefano B

    James Stewart Westerns

    Well said, Robert. To me, Winchester 73 is the quintessential western for its ability to synthesize with perfect balance all the typical features of the genre in a tightly packed 90-minute feature. On a par with it I'd put The Man from Laramie for its depth of character analysis coupled with a...
  29. Stefano B

    James Stewart Westerns

    For me, Stewart and the western make up one of the most fascinating combinations in classic American cinema: human torments and weaknesses meet the epic grandeur of the genre, and each element is enriched by the other. My personal favorites: 1- The Naked Spur 2- Winchester 73 3- The Far Country...