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  1. kurtZoom

    Belkin PF40 PureAV™ Home Theater Power Console

    I got the PF60 before the price jump and couldn't be happier. No UPS capability, no super noticible PQ or Audio change...it is more for protection and convenience. It has a lot of set up options with outlet switching and delays. Just a nice piece of equipment for the price...and if it saves my...
  2. kurtZoom

    DIY cable problem - canare die/parts express crimp frame

    At first I was wondering if the supplier didn't send me the wrong pins...because I bought a bunch of the L-5CFB/RCAP-C5F stuff as well. I have not had a problem with the those. I double checked the pins and they are to small to fit on the L-5CFB cable so I doubt they are in correct. KurtBJC -...
  3. kurtZoom

    testing DIY cables

    That makes two of us. Thanks guys.
  4. kurtZoom

    testing DIY cables

    thanks Alfonso...I was wondering...I was under the impression that the RCA ends were also "75 ohm"...shouldn't I get a 75 ohm reading on those ends as well? or is it just the F type?
  5. kurtZoom

    DIY cable problem - canare die/parts express crimp frame

    I'm following the http://www.bus.ucf.edu/cwhite/theater/DIYCable.htm recipe for buidling cables. I've purchased the exact tools listed on the site including the Canare die and Parts Express crimp frame # 360-680 . I followed the suggestion at the bottom of the DIY page to "tighten up" the crimp...
  6. kurtZoom

    PF60 and 3 amps

    thanks Bob... I'm a tad confused...wouldn't the sub amps act the same as the outlaw amp? There are two individual amps that drive the subs. They are separate from the sub speakers. I mihgt be mis-understanding. Is it that the outlaw amp is reproducing almost full range vs. the sub amp only...
  7. kurtZoom

    PF60 and 3 amps

    I have a Belkin PF60 power conditioner. The PF60 has one bank with two outlets specifically designed for high draw amps. I have a Outlaw Audio 7125 that will go to one of the outlets. I also have two NHT 250watt sub amps that I also want to plug in. Should I "split" the other amp outlet for...
  8. kurtZoom

    testing DIY cables

    thanks guys...I'm ready to start
  9. kurtZoom

    testing DIY cables

    I've searched this forum and came up empty on what I'm looking for. I purchased a used set of tools and all my materials to follow the recipe provided in http://www.bus.ucf.edu/cwhite/theater/DIYCable.htm to make DIY cables. My Outlaw 990/7125, and Oppo 971 will be delivered today...so...
  10. kurtZoom

    Funny read

    I was looking at an old buddy of mine's wife's website and came across this blog and found it entertaining....thought you all would enjoy it as well. A clearly non-enthusiasts view point. Here is an exerpt... Back to the Future or My Quest for HDTV I had been looking with hungry eyes at...
  11. kurtZoom

    Opinions on Sony Sony KDS-R60XBR1 60" HDTV?

    Gregg Which model are you referring? Is this the HLRxxx series?
  12. kurtZoom

    Flat Speaker Cable

    check out http://www.decorp.com/dewire.htm I do not have personal experience with this....just ran across it at some point and it seemed interesting. I'm sure there are other alternatives but this might fit your bill. On the website anyway the shortest length they show is 25'...since you...
  13. kurtZoom

    Best Outdoor Speakers Under

    Check out the AW650s from http://www.proficientaudio.com/ These are much less than your budget but sound awesome.
  14. kurtZoom

    Explain A-B selector on a receiver

    for several years I ran a set up..not exactly the same but may give some insight. I had a 1995 Denon AVR-2500 (?) that I used the A speakers as the main speakers and the B speakers were my deck speakers. I used the "Zone 2" out to a mid 80s yamaha 2x80w receiver. That receiver then went to one...
  15. kurtZoom

    looking for a tv to hang above fake fireplace

    sorry Patrick I was gone most of the weekend. here is the avs link on the Phillips 42pf7220 http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...&page=29&pp=30 for the wall mount...I purchased a Peerless unit from Costco...$99 http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product...rodid=11070514 If the link doesn't...
  16. kurtZoom

    looking for a tv to hang above fake fireplace

    Patrick I purchased a 42" Phillips 42pf7220 plasma from Costco for above the fireplace in my hearth room. I liked the plasma technology because it had such a wide horizontal and vertical viewing area. Hanging it on the wall also meant I could tilt it down to the sitting area. The price was...
  17. kurtZoom

    Any easy to use banana plug recommendations?

    Jed Do you have experience with the locking vs. non-locking plugs from them? I'm about to pull the trigger on close to 50....20 of which will be plugged into wall jacks. Do I really need the locking plugs for the wall jacks? I like the concept but not the price. Nice speaker wires btw...Is that...
  18. kurtZoom

    DIY cables - compression vs crimp

    thanks Bob it does help I was starting to lean back towards the canare stuff and this pushes me further my only concern it I have RG6 run througout the house and may eventually re-terminate the lines. with the canare I'm doubting the I can do it. Bob - have you used the canare "boots" for...
  19. kurtZoom

    DIY cables - compression vs crimp

    I've been driving myself mad researching and planning my cables. I am planning on making 25-30 cables (mostly RCA/RCA...but a couple F connectors also) I had planned on the Canare crimp stuff but then came across the Permaseal and F-Conn compression stuff. Crimp Canare - est $300 for...
  20. kurtZoom

    How did you run your speaker wires to the rear surrounds?

    I have not seen this in person but it might be a fix for some... http://www.decorp.com/dewire.htm basically some super flat wire that can be painted to match the wall...making it "dissapear"
  21. kurtZoom

    dlp on wall

    Kevin...how far from the TV will you be sitting? We recently mounted a 42" Plasma up above the fire place in our hearth room. distance is about 8 - 10 feet. The 42" is sized just right for what we use it for and was less than $2K. The 42" TVs look small in the store with 30foot ceilings sitting...
  22. kurtZoom

    dlp on wall

    also...don't forget the vertical viewing angles on a dlp are not anywhere near a plasma. We have a new restaurant near the house that put a big dlp up in the wall...it is almost unwatchable. you can mount a plasma at an angle pointing down at the seating area giving an even better picture.
  23. kurtZoom

    standard vs. locking banana plugs

    What is your opinion on using locking vs. standard banana plugs? I'm going to be wiring a complete 5.1 system soon and will need to purchase a lot of plugs. I'll be using "bannana plug wall plates" behind the AV equipment rack and at the subwoofer speaker locations. I like the concept of the...
  24. kurtZoom

    Is a dead XBR worth anything?

    my 1994 32" XBR suffered a similar death about two years ago. for the couple of hundred it took to fix it I could not have bought anything anywhere close to the PQ. I'm still amazed at how nice it is. The only drawback to the Sony crt XBRs are their size and weight. unless you are looking for an...
  25. kurtZoom

    3806 on the way!!!! Have a few questions about HDMI switching and audio

    Using the receiver to video swith is a convenience issue...like was posted above...just send one cable to the TV. However, you add another cable to the signal path and the switch or whatever the receiver does to it. Does the quality decrease? probably not enough for most people (including...
  26. kurtZoom

    3806 on the way!!!! Have a few questions about HDMI switching and audio

    correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the Oppo only has a DVI out and you must have a HDMI/DVI cable. Only video will be output by the Oppo DVI out...no audio. In addition, the Oppo does not upconvert over the component cables...only the digital out. Get a digital coax or optical cable to get...
  27. kurtZoom

    short inexpensive audio interconnects

    Thanks Dick and David...that is exactly what I was looking for. I had been searching on line (google is my friend :rolleyes:)and had not come up with anything reasonable that wasn't >3' or custom...with the exception of www.cablewholesale.com which has 1 foot "premium" audio cables for $11...
  28. kurtZoom

    short inexpensive audio interconnects

    I am looking for 0.5M (18") audio cables to connect a pre/pro to the amp. I don't mind the inexpensive cables like the NXG's from hififorless.com but the shortest cables they sell are 1M(3 ft). I'm afraid that having 3 foot cables on equipment right above/below each other will be sloppy. I've...
  29. kurtZoom

    cable questions

    I've been searching and reading and just want to make sure I have it correct. digital audio cable=composite video cable=subwoofer cable=any 75 ohm rated cable including something like RG-6 Is this right? So for my LFE out on my pre/pro I could buy a subwoofer cable or just use a...
  30. kurtZoom

    Suggestions at the $1600 price point

    thanks Rick