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  1. Gary Kellerman

    Lossless audio over 5.1 analog.

    Had the receiver manufacturers had the 5.1 analog inputs connected to the chip inside the a/v receivers that performs bass mangagement, crossover, and time delay, all the analog ouputs on any kind of surround sound player(sacd,dvd-audio,pcm uncompressed) would have had to do is output the audio...
  2. Gary Kellerman

    Help me understand Blu-ray audio formats/codecs

    Hector, did the soundtrack on CASINO ROYALE seem to have more dynamic range, even though it seemed to play at a lower level on the 5.1 channel input. There is a 5.1 dolby digital track on that disc. Can this machine output that over the analog outputs. If so, how does that sound volume wise? I...
  3. Gary Kellerman

    BDP-S300 audio out

    In answer to Bob Siegels question, from my readings over the web, there is no firmware upgrade at this time to have the player decode the two high definition codecs you seek to listen too. IMHO, the whole handling of audio on the high definition formats has been confusing to say the least. This...
  4. Gary Kellerman

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Santa Fe Stampede

    Michael; I would much rather have a box set of the 8 Wayne THREE MESQUITEER films. IMHO this is B western nirvana. There is or was a CD out that has much of the music in these films called SHOOT 'EM UPS.
  5. Gary Kellerman

    DTS Neo 6 vs. Dolby Pro Logic II (CONSOLIDATED THREAD)

    I have not had the opportunity to play with a receiver with the features of DPL-2 and DTS-NEO. In reading many of the responses on this thread, Mr. Dressler I believe gave important advice as to how to look at the movie and music mode of DPL-2. Use the movie mode on Dolby Encoded sources. Use...
  6. Gary Kellerman

    Republic Serials on DVD

    I saw episodes at a film festival of Captain Marvel on 16mm film many years back. I did not think it was Republics greatest serial. On LD, I have ZORRO RIDES AGAIN and DARKEST AFRICA. On LD, the latter did not have particulaly good sound but surprisngly had a nice print. The formerS first...
  7. Gary Kellerman

    DVD Review HTF Review: To Live and Die in L.A. - Special Edition (Highly Recommended!!)

    Seriously, a couple of times while viewing this DVD, I had to remind myself that this was once a mono soundtrack. Jim, the above was a quote from your review. The IMDB states the mix was DOLBY. I first saw this film on HBO a number of years back. It was in Dolby Stereo and did have Surround...
  8. Gary Kellerman

    Enterprise epis.#15..You knew it would happen.(SPOILERS)

    Randy, your post is hilarious. One bad show(ELIMIDATE) spoofing another bad show(ENTERPRISE). And for once I would have no sympathy for those that were eliminated. Now as far as for WHO WANTS TO MARRY A KLINGON, I think many of the male and female wrestlers from the WWE would qualify.
  9. Gary Kellerman

    ABC's new station bug....

    Soon the bugs will take over most of the picture on your screen while the programming will be shown in the lower right hand corner. All the networks will be having contests trying to win an emmy for who had the best bug to watch during the tv season.
  10. Gary Kellerman

    JAG'S tribute to the late Trevor Goddard

    Many shows acknowledge the passing of a technichian or actor at the end of a episode with a statement in the credits. At first, there was a statement in the credits acknowledging the memory of Mr. Goddard. A clip from an earlier show was shown at the time Mr. Goddard left the series after the...
  11. Gary Kellerman

    HT has demo dvd............... DAREDEVIL!!!!!!!!!

    Yes Terence; Daredevil's D.D. and DTS soundtrack IMO was superb. The reviewers at Widescreen Review felt the same. Outstanding bass on my semi-DIY passive sub system powered by NAD 3040PE power amp section.
  12. Gary Kellerman

    Austin powers, Goldmember disappointment

    Hisham; I am in full agreement with you. Although I do not have a receiver with a center back channel, a 5.1 receiver can be set up to reproduce the center rear surround track. I heard the same differences between BLADE 2 which I rented some time ago and GOLDMEMBER. I think the word that you are...
  13. Gary Kellerman

    The Sounds of Gunfire on DVD

    I think Jorossy has brought up an excellent topic. It covers really the area of sound effects of gunfire in movies used through the years. There were times I could tell what studio made a movie while watching tv just by the sound of the gunfire. As just one good example taking the serials of...
  14. Gary Kellerman

    Contacting Scifi re logo?

    Jack is right that it would take political force to remove the logos. The thing is that I think most people have so many other troubles to worry about each day that they just do not have the energy to organize and put up a fight. Then there are those who do not care to begin with. Political...
  15. Gary Kellerman

    LaserDisc fans: let's talk about killer PCM tracks

    While I do not own the disc, I rented the clv and cav versions of Jurassic Park a few years back. The cav version's picture quality was sharper and clearer than the clv version. I could say the same about the PCM sound quality as well. This was the best LD that I saw and heard.
  16. Gary Kellerman

    HTF REVIEW: "We Were Soldiers" (with screenshots)

    I also got a chance to watch WWS today. First; in taking the "grain" issue into account, some of us are watching this film in interlaced or progressive scan mode on various manufacturers DVD players and an assortment of video equipment with different formats and screen sizes as well as each...
  17. Gary Kellerman

    optical cable differences

    I did hear a difference between a GE optical cable that ran me about $12 and a former friends AR optical cable. The GE seemed to give a sharper high end response. The AR sounded overall nice, but there seemed to be rolloff on the high end freqencies. I have had a huge argument over this on...
  18. Gary Kellerman

    Fox Movie Channel's Stereo Sound is in Reverse

    Ken; I think you did the right thing firing off a letter to DIRECT TV. I really believe that the problem with the reversed audio does lie with them. Note Mr. Eatons post over the cable company problem he had with reversed channels. Me thinks that alot of subscribers and cable operators need some...
  19. Gary Kellerman

    Pioneer Elite DV-37

    My brother has this unit. It is hooked up in S-Video mode to a 35 inch Sony set. I personally would have liked to have scene it play on my own set vs two players I own. I think the picture quality in the mode mentioned above is very good. I could not sense any real changes using their...
  20. Gary Kellerman

    Fox Movie Channel's Stereo Sound is in Reverse

    Ken; You are right about the "voices coming out of the rear" problem. This does involve phase problems. In this case, the negative is hooked to the positive or vica versa on one channel. Some years back, I worked with an engineer from the cable company involving HBO having this problem. I used...
  21. Gary Kellerman

    Pioneer DVD DV-525

    My brother has this machine so I have had the opportunity to fool with it to a small degree. Your problem is interesting because it is the first type of this problem that I have read. I am not a technician but here is my theory. This player along with many other brands use a DUAL LASER...
  22. Gary Kellerman

    Fox Movie Channel's Stereo Sound is in Reverse

    I do not get DIRECT TV. I am not familiar with their set-up which might involve retransmission of FOX MOVIE and the oldie music channel you mention. The problem may be the fault of DIRECT TV if there is a retransmission device involved whose wires are crossed. I would contact DIRECT TV. They...
  23. Gary Kellerman

    When listening to CD's through a receiver, do you find the bass adequate?

    I have a Sherwood 6095R receiver whose sub pre-out is connected via a y cord to a 40 watt per channel Nad's power amp section. The sub pre-out has a range of plus-minus 15 steps from 0. To keep this simple, If I listen to a D.D. movie, I use a specific volume and subwoofer setting. Lets say that...
  24. Gary Kellerman

    TV Guide's 50 Worst Shows Ever

    Here is one that somebody forgot. CAPTAIN NICE fron 1967.
  25. Gary Kellerman

    best DVD (sounding)

    Currently, BLACKHAWK DOWN has an amazing Dolby Digital surround sound track. I also like: PEARL HARBOR: Battle scenes; D.D. and DTS track on same disc SAVING PRIVATE RYAN: D.D. and DTS versions are on separate discs. The Normandy Beach landing and the battle between Tom Hank's soldiers and...
  26. Gary Kellerman

    Robert Harris on The Bits - 7/1/02 column - OFFICIAL THREAD

    The complexities of color restoration on Eastmancolor are somewhat beyond my comprehension but I do remember hearing about the fading aspect of this particular film many years back. I saw WILLPENNY in the theater. Its colors were very subtle to my recollection. It received favorable reviews...
  27. Gary Kellerman

    _Invaders From Mars_: better version of a guilty pleasure?

    Tony; I read most of the two part discussion on the film. You would think somebody was writing a thesis for this movie.
  28. Gary Kellerman

    _Invaders From Mars_: better version of a guilty pleasure?

    I do not have any info on whether this film could be restored. Despite a few shortcomings that some sci-fiers have noted in this film, what makes this film great is the mood in direction, storyline, the acting of the whole cast, and the simple but frightening sets inside the martian spacecraft...
  29. Gary Kellerman

    ATTN!!!! New, HORRIBLE butchering of programs on TNT!!!

    Jack; We have written to each other on this subject before. I cannot think of a way to fight this. I wonder how many people really give a damm. Once we were talking about logos. Now there are promos for other programs while you view the show you want to watch. I do not blame you for "cutting"...
  30. Gary Kellerman

    Different audio levels between channels (cable)

    Eric; This is not your imagination. Currently, my system is AT&T, but it was Telecable and TCI. Some 10 years back I wondered about the volume levels between stations. First, let us eliminate the terrestrial stations because there variance in most cases have nothing to do with the cable company...