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  1. Janne Ahonen

    Tempest Excursion Confusion

    WinISD pro 0.50a6 and below uses peak-to-peak excursion plots. With still upcoming 0.50a7 version you can actually choose how you want to show excursion and port velocities. One way value is multiplied by two when expressed as peak-to-peak. So 16.4 mm one-way means 32.8 mm peak-to-peak...
  2. Janne Ahonen

    BP 1803 "sag"?

    Actually, sag can be calculated directly from fs (derivation skipped, this is result if you combine all the equations in Adire's paper): sag = ga/((2*pi*fs)^2) where ga is gravity acceleration (ca. 9.81 m/s^2), and fs in Hz. Sag unit is therefore, in meters. WinISD pro driver editor...
  3. Janne Ahonen

    A few questions on my AV15 sub plan. With pretty graphs!

    Jeff, I can see that PE 300-794 is the same thing than is sold here in Finland under different brand. If that is the case (and assuming that you haven't modified it), then it is more like fc=28 Hz and Q=1.58. However, I don't know, if LSPCad specifies corner frequency or -3 dB frequency of...
  4. Janne Ahonen

    How would I test the output wattage of a reciever?

    Aaron, Assuming your multimeter frequency response is flat, then you can measure maximum output voltage from the amplifier. Outputs are connected into desired load, and then the output level is increased until desired distortion level occurs at the amplifier output(s). Then, the output...
  5. Janne Ahonen

    Lets talk Linkwitz Transforms

    Seth, If you use single-supply, then you'll have to modify LT circuit so that everything is biased at VCC/2. That means that input and output signal must be AC coupled. LT circuit must be fed from low impedance source, otherwise it won't work as designed. So input buffer is quite...
  6. Janne Ahonen

    Peerless XLS12 box calculation with 2 PM and WINISD

    Yes, it is just the way as Jack just explained above. I must say that 0.50a7 is not officially released yet. So use it at your own risk. Multiplying the PR Vas with the number of passive radiators is what WinISD does internally. If you examine the electrical equivalent model of the box and...
  7. Janne Ahonen

    WinISD pro 0.50a7 pre-release

    Bryan, I afraid that was my bug in closer investigation. I have updated zip file and page again. Feel free to test it again, see if it comes out correct. Regards, Janne
  8. Janne Ahonen

    WinISD pro 0.50a7 pre-release

    Brian, That is good idea. We have given much though about it with Juha, but there is one problem, when number of drivers grows large (add DVC drivers and its diverse variations, and possibilities grow into astronomical proportions !). But, we'll see what we can do. Thanks, Jack. However, I...
  9. Janne Ahonen

    WinISD pro 0.50a7 pre-release

    Jack, Actually, it refers whether the port ends in baffle (flanged) or not (free). See illustration of free and flanged end. It should not be confused with flared port, which is completely different thing. With flared ports, port must be longer than regular port, although difference is usually...
  10. Janne Ahonen

    WinISD pro 0.50a7 pre-release

    Hi bryan, It is excursion of each individual driver. I agree on limit line shown in air velocity graphs, I'll add them sometime near future. For the units, you can change units to your favorite one just by clicking on them with left mouse button. And a important note for all: I updated...
  11. Janne Ahonen

    WinISD pro 0.50a7 pre-release

    Hi all, After long painful work, I finally got filter behaviour simulation feature working. It can currently simulate all following filter types:Lowpass and highpass, (Butterworth, Bessel or Linkwitz-Riley). Orders 1 thru 10, except for Linkwitz-Riley, which is always of order 4, regardless of...
  12. Janne Ahonen

    Close Box with LT circuit design, help needed

    Dan, If I found correct plate amp type (PE 300-793), then I believe that there is a peaky second order subsonic filter built right into that plate amp. It looks very similar than what is sold here in Finland with different brand. I believe they are identical. If that is true, then LT...
  13. Janne Ahonen

    Confused about group delay...

    Hi Dave, LT is best equalizer for closed box when it comes to group delay. It has "interesting" phase property, it produces negative group delay, so that resulting transformed system has no more group delay than is absolutely necessary (same amount of group delay would have been resulted, if...
  14. Janne Ahonen

    purchase lspcad or new excel for unibox?

    Hi Anthony, I just wanted to know have you tried WinISD pro? What Isaac said of stuffing (Qa and box volume) applies also on WinISD pro, enclosure quality factors are found under "advanced ->" button. Another features we added during last release 0.50a6, is the calculation of maximum SPL...
  15. Janne Ahonen

    purchase lspcad or new excel for unibox?

    Hi Brad, I believe comments you read were referring to older version, I think that we have made quite a improvement over that.. It seems that many people haven't even tried the pro version. Again, even if it is called alpha, there shouldn't be any serious major bugs, at least we haven't...
  16. Janne Ahonen

    purchase lspcad or new excel for unibox?

    Why don't try WinISD pro, (You don't loose anything by doing that!), or subwoofer simulator for different approach: http://www.linearteam.dk/winisdpro.html (it says early alpha, but no serious bugs have appeared) or http://www.geocities.com/f4ier/subsim.htm Regards, Janne
  17. Janne Ahonen

    Dual uber 15's, is anyone actually thinking of doing this?

    Hi all, For your convenience, I just created entry for WinISD pro on Uber 15, you can download it from http://koti.mbnet.fi/~jahonen/Driver...o%20Uber15.wdr To install it, save that file to "Drivers" subdirectory, where you installed WinISD pro, and thats it. Note: Pe value is just...
  18. Janne Ahonen

    WinISD converted to Cubic Feet??

    Hi everyone, have you tried WinISD pro? http://www.linearteam.dk/winisdpro.html If you haven't then I suggest that you try it (nothing to loose, at least!) I would check port velocity calculations with WinISD pro, it shows peak air velocity vs. frequency at your desired power level...
  19. Janne Ahonen

    box modeling request

    Oh no.. Series resistance is sum of all external resistances seen by driver, e.g. amplifier output resistance, wires, connectors or anything in path to voice coil. It is set to 0.1 ohms by default (I think it is reasonable default). Default environmental values should work OK. They affect to...
  20. Janne Ahonen

    box modeling request

    Hi Seungsoo, what graphs are you interested in? If you want, you can try Adire's own limited version (in sense that you can't use any other drivers with it than Adire's) of LspCAD. On the free (no limitations) side, WinISD pro, subwoofer simulator or Unibox should fulfill your needs...
  21. Janne Ahonen

    new Subwoofer Simulator

    Isaac, It is very unfortunate, that I already completed my B.Sc. (EE) degree for some time ago. It is now very rare occasions when I can indeed do those "3am" days.. Ah those days.. :D I'll make more detailed tour to subwoofer simulator and I'll mail my findings directly to you. Maybe we can...
  22. Janne Ahonen

    new Subwoofer Simulator

    Good work, Isaac! As I am involved with WinISD pro, I realize how much work is required to produce decent software. However, I noticed small problem, because we use comma instead of full stop as a decimal separator around here in Finland, so I had to fix the input fields before getting any...
  23. Janne Ahonen

    Great Subwoofer Design Software

    Hi John, You might also want to try WinISD pro also, if you don't want to fiddle with Excel.. Regards, Janne