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  1. Stevan Lay

    The Wrestler

    Thi, If you want to get more info on The Wrestler, I recommend you check this website At the Movies where there's a great interview with Rourke & Aronofsky at the Venice Film Festival. You can download the vodcast (interview is 23 minutes in). I'm also awaiting the release, even moreso after...
  2. Stevan Lay


    Here's what to expect from W.: Source
  3. Stevan Lay

    The WWE™

    Probably to fill the John Cena void who has just started shooting his second movie - 12 Rounds.
  4. Stevan Lay

    The WWE™

    I like the idea of that situation too. And Hardy is improving with his in-rings skills so there is potential to his title reign. How sad was it to see Val Venis reduce to jobbing like that? I remember his gimmick back in the days of "Saving Ryan's Private" :D
  5. Stevan Lay

    The WWE™

    Yeah, by winning the title from Orton. BTW, whatever happened to RVD. He featured up for the Raw anniversary show then haven't seen him since.
  6. Stevan Lay

    The WWE™

    I'm not sure how the entire sequence was choreographed but Hardy did not just dived into a pool of water, it was Orton's flattened body down below. The stage seemed a bit higher than the structure of the steel cage, though it may be due to the camera angles that gives it that perception. And...
  7. Stevan Lay

    The WWE™

    He outdid himself this week on Raw with that dive off the stage.
  8. Stevan Lay

    Shanghai Kiss

    Really enjoyed the movie also, made my top ten of 2007! Good job David Ren. Loved the taxi scene. Funny because it's true, experienced something very similar in Shanghai myself :D And I chuckled at The Rock reference. Hayden Panettiere is so adorable in the movie - she has Natalie Portman...
  9. Stevan Lay

    Showtime's "Dexter" Season 2

    On a side note, just watched The Brave One with Jodie Foster. Erica Bain is no Dexter Morgon but still it'll do for my Dexter fix. Anyone know a good sponsor? ;)
  10. Stevan Lay

    Time to Thrown Down! 2007 Top Ten Lists

    I'll play: This Is EnglandEastern PromisesKnocked UpShanghai KissWaitress3:10 To YumaAmerican GangsterI Am LegendSunshineThe Bourne Ultimatum
  11. Stevan Lay

    Will Theaters Be Extinct In 10-15 Years?

    My last cinema visit cost me $15.50AUD ($13.60USD in current conversion) for one admission. Kids prices were $9.00 ($7.90). $7.50 is a bargain IMO.
  12. Stevan Lay

    Looking for some movie reccomendations...

    Definitely check out The Matador. Another featuring Greg Kinnear: Nurse Betty Also check out: The Station Agent Raising Victor Vargas Sideways Better Luck Tomorrow Thank You For Smoking
  13. Stevan Lay

    The WWE™

    Not surprised at all by this news...
  14. Stevan Lay

    frightening horror movies

    One to look out for is an Australian feature called Wolf Creek.
  15. Stevan Lay

    Best movie while stoned?

    The Big Lebowski
  16. Stevan Lay

    Phrases and terminology that needs to STOP!

    "What was your name again?" IS, not was. I'm right here, I'm not deceased yet.
  17. Stevan Lay

    The Shanghai Kid

    Yeah, have fun. I was just over there a month ago. Amazing city. And Kelly Hu. WOW!! Can't wait...
  18. Stevan Lay

    Texas hold 'em question (Now WSOP 2005 - Spoilers!)

    Yep, first place was a cool $7.5 million, but converted to Australian dollars... it's around $10 million.
  19. Stevan Lay

    World Poker Tour Season 3

    Any word on the Season 3 DVD release? I missed some of the episodes/tournaments.
  20. Stevan Lay

    Texas hold 'em question (Now WSOP 2005 - Spoilers!)

    Well congratulations to Joseph Hachem - a fellow Aussie - on winning it all. I'm sure now that many more Australians will take the journey across the Pacific and try their luck next year seeing how "Average Joe" took on the 5000+ field and came up trumps. I think that a non-American winner is...
  21. Stevan Lay

    Weekend Alone: What movies should I watch?

    Home Alone... Home Alone 2... & Home Alone 3.
  22. Stevan Lay

    World Poker Tour Season 3

    Vince, it takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master! ;)
  23. Stevan Lay

    The WWE™

  24. Stevan Lay

    The WWE™

    Stone Cold Steve Austin was recently Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher's crew on the show. Is the guy really the same as his in-ring persona?
  25. Stevan Lay

    World Poker Tour Season 3

    Just caught up with the WPT Grand Prix De Paris episode... IIRC, Tony G had Howard Lederer - who came in 7th and just missed the final table - on tilt in season 1 of WPT and gave Howard the "it's only a game, I don't mean it personally" farewell. The most annoying aspect of his chatter is that...
  26. Stevan Lay

    What Happened to Rambo Rick?

    Just so people know who or what you're talking about, these following links will provide the answer... click here and here. Perhaps Ernest (thread starter) could enlighten us on his whereabouts.
  27. Stevan Lay

    World Poker Tour Season 3

    Interesting final table indeed. My money is on Negreanu for his passive aggressive plays - he knows how to play the tournaments. I think Daniel should have Josh's measure if he decides to gamble with his stack.