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  1. LorenH

    Anyone else pick up Metal Slug 3?

    I like it quite a bit and my review should be going up tomorrow for it (I just finished writing it). The only problem I see is something that they changed from the Arcade and Neo Geo release. When you continue in this game you start at the beginning of the stage. In the Arcade and Neo Geo game...
  2. LorenH

    FS: R1 Anime DVDs (Bandai)

    YGM back.
  3. LorenH

    FS: R1 Anime DVDs (Bandai)

    Thank you everyone for your interest.
  4. LorenH

    World Series Baseball (XBOX) & Home Run King (GameCube).

    Eric, only problem is there might not be reviews until after E3 since most of the on-line reviewers will be at E3 when WSB comes out. IGN X-Box has said they are going to try to have a review out before they leave, but I'm starting to doubt that. Hil has yet to get his 2nd part of the...
  5. LorenH

    No ICO2 :(

    Morgan, the better question is if what happened after the credits was a dream or not. There are LOTS of ideas out there to explain the ending of ICO.
  6. LorenH

    World Series Baseball (XBOX) & Home Run King (GameCube).

    Not saying WSB2k2 was bad, but I know many people that nitpick such things as no different animations for fielders depending on where they are in relation to catching the ball and throwing to a base, infield play was a bit difficult, etc. These are just some nitpicks I have picked up from other...
  7. LorenH

    World Series Baseball (XBOX) & Home Run King (GameCube).

    They are both made by Sega, but made by totally different divisions. Home Run King is by WOW and WSB is by Visual Concepts/Blue Shift. WSB will be the more simulation-like game and, in my opinion, will easily be the better game. As long as they have fixed what was wrong in WSB2k1 and 2k2...
  8. LorenH

    No ICO2 :(

    I never saw it on IGNPS2 or EGM, must have missed it. ICO is still one of the most underrated games of all time. It was easily brushed aside by people that heard it was too short. In my review on another site I even talked about it being a spiritual successor to such games as Out of This...
  9. LorenH

    No ICO2 :(

    Where did you hear this if I may ask? Ico was the most underrated game of last year. I did nothing but hype it through reviews and other forums...sad, very sad to see that a sequel will not come :frowning:
  10. LorenH

    Where is Orgazmo?

    What happened is that USA Films was purchased by Universal/Vivendi and all USA Films (except for Gosford Park, which is being released soon) that were coming to DVD were put in limbo for at least a while.
  11. LorenH

    Command & Conquer: Renegade

    Renegade has certainly flown under the radar. Of course, since it was originally due early last year that could have something to do with it ;}. I shall wait for reviews (I seem to be doing that a lot lately except for Wolfenstein and Medal of Honor on the PC side).
  12. LorenH

    What gaming systems do you own?

    Here's my list (in order of purchase, including computers) Colecovision Intellivision Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 7800 NES Master System Genesis 386SX Computer 486SX Computer SNES Pentium 100 Computer Pentium 200 Computer Playstation N64 Pentium II 300 Computer Pentium II 450...