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    Product Information & HELP ?

    On My ' Harman Kardon AVR 20 Dolby Pro Logic Suround 5.1 AV Receiver '. There Is Not Any Sound Playing Out Of The Suround Sound's Right & Left Rear Speaker's. But When I Press The 'TEST' Button The Tone Is Heard Just Fine Through The Left & Right Front Speaker's & Also The Center...
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    Fix Output Subwoofer Signal

    Is there a simple & easy way to determine if the Driver is Blown
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    Fix Output Subwoofer Signal

    Yamaha Natural Sound AV Receiver Model # HTR-5450 Monoprice Powered 8" Subwoofer Model # MSUB-A082 The subwoofer Stopped Working Correctly & Only Made Alot Of Backgroud Static & A Little Krackeling Noises. I Thought The Problem Was The Subwoofers Builtin Amp, So I Replaced It With A Brand...