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  1. genero

    FS: Two SVS CS+ 20-39 Subs and Samson 1000

    Do you still have one left? Thanks, Dennis [email protected]
  2. genero

    FS: SVS 20-39 PCi Subwoofer

    Thanks Shawn. I'm new to this website and misread when it was posted. Now I know where to look. Dennis
  3. genero

    FS: SVS 20-39 PCi Subwoofer

    Hello. I am interested in buying your svs. Please contact me at: [email protected] or phone - 760-297-1444 - if you call, I'll call you back if you give me your phone number so you don't run up charges. New to this web site and I'm having difficulty using its system. Thanks...