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  1. Gavin_L

    Ladder 49...worth it?

    I'll be picking this up for sure, liked the movie a lot :)
  2. Gavin_L

    Merged Thread: LOTR: ROTK - Theatrical & EE Release Dates? & DVD Features

    can't wait, finally I can complete my ee colleciton of lotr movies... The dvd should be awesome
  3. Gavin_L

    DVD Review HTF Review: The Bourne Supremacy (Highly Recommended!)

    Think I'll be picking this movie up, it looks fun, and sounds like the dvd could be some fun
  4. Gavin_L

    DVD Review HTF Review: Hero

    might just have to pick this up for the fun it.... thanks for the dvd review...
  5. Gavin_L

    Spider-Man 2, which version??!!

    2 disc se
  6. Gavin_L

    Just Met HTF Member in LR BestBuy

    I never have, but I often think, wonder if this person posts at htf
  7. Gavin_L

    *** Official NATIONAL TREASURE Discussion Thread

    thought the movie was fun, it was a good entertaining movie.. Thought the money was worth it.... Will be buying this when it comes out on dvd
  8. Gavin_L

    DVD Review HTF Review: Dawn of the Dead - Unrated Director's Cut (Highly Recommended!)

    will be picking this up tomorrow, saw it in theater's and love it. Sounds like the dvd is great.. Thanks for the review
  9. Gavin_L

    Today has turned out to be a total nightmare.

    Stephen, Don't know what to say, but that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm very sorry for your losses. When it rains it pours sometimes, I know how that feels. Try to lean on your friends and family during this tuff stuff in the coming days, weeks and months. Talk when u need to talk...
  10. Gavin_L

    Rodney Dangerfield: RIP (MERGED THREAD)

    a comdian legend is lost today One of best lines was I get no respect, But I respect him a lot One of my favorite comedians of all time, Back to School is one of my all time faves, and who can't forget caddy shack he will be missed :frowning: Comic Rodney Dangerfield Dies in L.A...
  11. Gavin_L

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Mean Girls - Special Collector's Edition

    Thanks for the review, nice job :) excited to see the movie on dvd and look at the special features I saw this in the theaters and loved it, and will be picking it up next tues on the 21st..... All around fun movie with tons of laughs
  12. Gavin_L

    Charley at my house Friday the 13th!

    upgraded to a category 4 hurricane
  13. Gavin_L

    Charley at my house Friday the 13th!

    has just been upgraded to a category three, the hurricane has winds up to 125 mph.... wow sounds like its gonna be bad... stay safe down there...
  14. Gavin_L

    Anyone bought from LEES Audio & video in Bellevue, WA lately?

    no I haven't, haven't heard of this buisness until now.... I've made a few puchases of my video and audio equitment from Definitive Audio on Roosevelt and also theirs one in bellevue http://definitiveaudio.com/
  15. Gavin_L

    Weekly RoundUp 6/01/04

    Yeah I went to Best Buy too. I couldn't find them too, finally talked someone from Best Buy and found it in the tv sci fi section, I don't know why it was in their but..... also Flight of the Navigator, was in the action section, I finally found that after a while looking.... Seems like they...
  16. Gavin_L

    "Flight of the Navigator" in June!

    thanks for link to the review, glad to see it's in widescreen, one of my childhood faves, and will totally be picking this up next tues :)
  17. Gavin_L

    The Girl Next Door DVD

    yeah it'll be released in unrated and rated r versions too, there was a thread posted about a week ago or so with info.....
  18. Gavin_L

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

    watched it earlier today, it looked and sounded great.... great to have this finally on dvd and looking forward to the EE
  19. Gavin_L

    Are there two different covers for Return of the King?

    if I remember right they changed the coverart after the movie won the oscars.....
  20. Gavin_L

    Sad news...........

    Donny, u and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers.... I've been their, my mom had a 2 1/2 year battle with cancer and lost it, she never gave up her fight. Hope and faith is where its at. keep on keepin on
  21. Gavin_L

    The Lost Boys 2 Disc Special Edition - Region 1 - Announced

    such exciting news, will be picking this up on the day its released :) looks like some cool special features....
  22. Gavin_L

    DVD Review HTF Review: Peter Pan (Recommended)

    saw the same thing Paul when i was at target earlier today, thought it was totally lame of how they priced it.... will pick it up one of these's days, thanks for the review....
  23. Gavin_L

    Weekly RoundUp 5/4/04

    thanks for the roundup.....
  24. Gavin_L

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Big Fish

    been looking forward to seeing this movie for a while, will be picking it up tomorrow, thanks for the review.....
  25. Gavin_L

    Cashier at Best Buy stuck it to me today...

    today a best buy gal, while i was checking out, asked me "Do You Know its Widescreen your buying", i was like heck yeah....
  26. Gavin_L

    "Flight of the Navigator" in June!

    wow cool cover art, can't wait to buy this one, one of my childhood faves... thanks for posting the cover art Patrick
  27. Gavin_L

    *** Official DAWN OF THE DEAD Discussion Thread

    good movie, it was very nice and entertaining.... one thing about the end Thought I remember one of the characters saying that the island did have a few people on it, so anyways I would think they would be expecting possible zombies when they pulled up to the dock at the end. The ending was...
  28. Gavin_L

    American Idol - Season 3

    He originally did not make the final 32. He replaced another guy a few days before the group 4 show, who was arrested. But glad to see him around and making it to the final 12 :) happy with the picks, nice to see a fellow seattle person on Idol......