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  1. Matt Bahnson

    Subs are chirping...please help!!!

    I've got two PS10INF Infinity 10" 250 watt subs in my setup and they have recently started making a noise when they power on. A lot of subs have a three step power switch "Auto on - ON - OFF" my subs are both Auto On only. This powers down the subs after a certain amount of time if there is no...
  2. Matt Bahnson

    Commercial Digital Theaters?

    I'm curious to know where I can find out what theaters around the country have digital projectors and are recieving movies in digital form? Is there a web site I can look through or does someone happen to know a lot of them? I live in the Middle Tennessee area and I'm willing to make the...
  3. Matt Bahnson

    Upcoming Camcorders?

    Go ahead and buy one of those if that's what you're interested in. I've usually got a couple of new ones on order just before they come out, or once the current model goes discontinued...but there are no new ones on order. I'd take that as a sign they will not be out till fall. That's my two...
  4. Matt Bahnson

    Will this space be okay for an IB setup ?

    Joe, An IB desgin has to be exactly that, an infinite baffle, in order to take full advantage of the design. This is a great idea, but take this into consideration: How many high end or even mid range subwoofers have you encountered that are made of 2x4's and dry wall? Your storage area was...
  5. Matt Bahnson

    Help on getting the Best Deal on the Mitsubishi WS-65315.....Please.

    "Matt Bahnson, thanks for the info -- I know you can't disclose what your company pays for it but, can you honestly say that you believe Best Buy pays less than $1500 for it, cost? I appreciate your time." Best Buy has over 500 stores and growing. They out buy the NATM buying group by far...
  6. Matt Bahnson

    Finally, my 7.1 full bi-amp experiement

    John, I'm right there with you man. I too was an audio engineer for some time and it just so happened that I got out of the recording engineering business right as the JBL S38 speakers came out and the first time I heard them, the one thing that came to mind was "Genelec." I could have been...
  7. Matt Bahnson

    The Last of the 65" Mitsubishi's at Best Buy....Model: WS-65315

    The pattern I've noticed over the past few years since Mits started their line of HDTV's has been WS65311 - 313 - 315 I'm guessing it'll be 317 before long. As far as the differences between the two....I'll say this. The differences between this years 315 and 3 years ago 311 is velocity scan...
  8. Matt Bahnson

    Anyone Have the Panasonic (SCHT 920) Home Theater System (HTiB)?

    I have had a lot of experience with this system, it has been my experience that this system is for the value conscious, and feature oriented customer. They really are not designed to sound good. they're designed to get a lot of sound out of a little box. Most HTIB systems are designed the same...
  9. Matt Bahnson

    Need to repair CRT

    CRT replacement is a very labor intensive task, and I'm very surprized you got a quote on a CRT replacement for less than $400 for just the part. But also consider this: CRT's wear just like any other component, they get used a lot and end up showing signs of wear. Let's say your red gun goes...
  10. Matt Bahnson

    The Last of the 65" Mitsubishi's at Best Buy....Model: WS-65315

    Oops, I just checked stock on this piece, 1085 in the company as of now...and yes, they are 7" guns.
  11. Matt Bahnson

    The Last of the 65" Mitsubishi's at Best Buy....Model: WS-65315

    I haven't hard any news as far as discontinuing this TV, (I still have at least 400 in stock) however, I can pretty much guarantee you that when the new one comes out, there will be little difference between the two other than asthetics and price. The model number will probably be WS65317 and...
  12. Matt Bahnson

    Help on getting the Best Deal on the Mitsubishi WS-65315.....Please.

    I work in retail. The company I work for carries this TV. Although I am not at liberty to share what we pay for it...I can tell you that $1799 is a good deal. That's a great TV. As far as BB's service, Best is the only major retailer out there that deals in Appliances and electronics that has a...
  13. Matt Bahnson

    55PL977S ... Bargain or Junk?

    I've been presented with an opportunity to purchase a 55" Phillips LCOS television at around $760...is it worth it. The features on this model are very impressive however it has a service history. It has a new brain, mirror and light engine....anybody have an opinion on whether or not it's worth...
  14. Matt Bahnson

    Harman Kardon AVR 525 / DirecTV H10 HD Receiver Audio Issue

    Sorry to hear about your problem, but I know of at least one line of receivers that does not experience this problem in the same hookup situation. I work in the HT retail business and I have probably hooked up more HT systems than I can possibly count, and most recently when we put out the newer...