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  1. Everett Painter

    For Sale: Oppo BDP-103 Universal Blu-ray Player *like new*

    Very lightly used Oppo BDP-103 universal blu-ray player. I ended up using it mainly as a network player to pull audio off an external drive. Transport has seen only about 20 hours of use, the unit as a whole around 40-50. I am the original and only owner. The unit is in perfect cosmetic and...
  2. Everett Painter

    Dream Theater - New Song "As I Am" (link inside)

    Dream Theater is back folks!! Please remember that it is tough to judge an entire album by a low quality, radio edit of probably the most radio friendly cut on the album. I personally feel this album is going to be massive. Also, be aware that they are going for a more 'metal' album this...
  3. Everett Painter

    Help me get tix to "Friends"...

    Normally don't do this kind of thing but my wife has been dying to go to a studio taping of this show. Now that we are in California, and the show is in it's final season, I'd like to make this happen. Unfortunately, I've heard, the only way to do this right now is if you know someone at NBC or...
  4. Everett Painter

    Need help acquiring Fox Demo #3 Disc

    Subject says it all. If someone could help me out with this I'd appreciate. We'll work something out or I have a bunch of the #2 discs so we could do an even trade. Thanks!
  5. Everett Painter

    Dust control and the cleaning of equipment

    I have a problem with dust in my current location and have to dust evey day or so just to keep my equipment clean...and it's not even in an "open" rack. Any ideas on dust control? Can it hurt the components?
  6. Everett Painter

    DTS "Out" and DTS ES & 6.1 Discrete

    Great! Thanks for the help guys.
  7. Everett Painter

    DTS "Out" and DTS ES & 6.1 Discrete

    I just upgraded my receiver this week to a Ymamha RX-V1300 and had my first taste (finally) of DTS sound last night. :D :D I do have a question about DTS ES and 6.1 Discrete (and I guess really DD ES as well). My dvd player is a 2 year old Pioneer DV-525 with on-board DD decoding and "DTS...
  8. Everett Painter

    Is new receiver refurbished?? need info ASAP

    Just purchased a Yamaha RX-V1300 from my local authorized dealer. I won't go into details but when I unpacked it, it became obvious that the box had been opened before and resealed. It appears to have been done at the factory...the staples, sealing tape is identical. Everything in the box...
  9. Everett Painter

    Fox/Best Buy Demo Disc #1 Request

    Hey guys, I picked up the new (2nd) Fox demo disc this week and would really like to get a copy of last year's. If anyone has an extra, please email me and let me know if we can work something out. Thanks! Everett [email protected]
  10. Everett Painter

    Pioneer DV-525 - Making multi-region ?

    While looking for an online version of the owner's manual for this player I stumbled upon directions to use the remote to give this player the ability to read discs of other regions. Is anyone familiar with this process for this specific player? Is this a safe process (ie, will it have any...
  11. Everett Painter

    Connecting external sources to a receiver

    I've searched for the answer to this with no luck and thought I'd post it here since it pertains specifically to the "Yamaha Dvd-s2300/Onkyo Dv-sp800" info being discussed. I want to jump on board with SACD/DVD-Audio and have narrowed my choice to these 2 players. Right now I'm waiting for...
  12. Everett Painter

    *** Official E.T. Discussion Thread *2 Disk Set Includes Original Version of the Film!

    Hey folks....for all of us that got in on the $25 Gift Box deal at Suncoast/Sam Goody/Media Play...I just got my shipping confirmation from Suncoast this morning! Just thought all of you would like to know.
  13. Everett Painter

    Best Buy 'Manhunter' sale: Any luck with this?

    Wow....thanks for posting this Bob! I took a chance and ordered this last week (while they had the additional sale going on-line) and got it for $16.92 shipped. It arrived today and it is indeed the limited edition...#5406/100,000. I had held off buying this before because of the price. Very...
  14. Everett Painter

    Speaker Upgrade and Center Channel ?

    Hey guys...I'm getting ready to upgrade from small surrounds to larger speakers. I'm on a real tight budget and have KLH speakers. I know that a lot of folks have issues with these but that's all I can afford and I have really had a good experience with them. I currently have there as my main...
  15. Everett Painter

    New Tori Amos

    Her new album "Scarlet's Walk" is due out Oct 29 and ToriAmos.com has a new design and a clip of the first single "a sorta fairytale". Sounds cool so far...anyone else excited about this? E
  16. Everett Painter

    Sound & Vision Mag

    Just discovered this and wanted to get everyone's opinion on it before subscribing. I've gotten a couple of issues and it seems to cover a great deal. I love music as well and it hits this too. Thoughts? Any better, mutli-topic mags out there? Everett
  17. Everett Painter

    Music on the Rob Roy trailer and others?

    Thanks Chris!! I have been trying to track this down for a long, long time. You also pointed me in the direction of a cool website. Everett
  18. Everett Painter

    Music on the Rob Roy trailer and others?

    This has been bugging me for years now and I can't find the answer. The RobRoy trailer consists of two pieces of music 1) a soft piano only track going into 2) a majestic, flowing march piece. Does any one know what this is and where I can find a recording? I first heard the 2nd piece in this...
  19. Everett Painter

    Help from those with The X-Files Season 2 Set

    I bought this in December and have just now gotten around to making it all the way through it. The season finale on disc 7 has some audio problems. The sound seems to be very left channel heavy with very, very little coming out of the right. Also the dialogue seems to have a slight echo to...
  20. Everett Painter

    Millennium DTS Decoder ?'s and help...

    Hey guys, I did a search before posting this but really didn't come up with much. I'm thinking of adding this to my system but wanted to check in here first. 1. I have a Yamaha 5140 receiver with Dolby Digital. Would this be a worthwhile upgrade? I have heard DTS and like it but should I...
  21. Everett Painter

    Volume control and dB ?

    Thanks guys! That was very helpful. Everett
  22. Everett Painter

    Volume control and dB ?

    Ok...I've had my Yamaha receiver for a couple of years now so I feel silly for asking this question. The volume knob has the following listings...at the bottom "-dB" and then as you turn up the volume the numbers go down....80, 40, 22, 20, 18 etc. How exactly do you read this? When someone...
  23. Everett Painter

    Cosumer mass market equip. vs. pro shop equip. ???

    Hey guys, I've wondered about this for some time now and was hoping you could help me out. I know that many times electronics companies will issue a product with a different number to different sellers (ie. Best Buy vs. your local electronics shop). To use my example. I'm getting ready to...