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  1. Tommy Rodgers

    4ES Discontinued

    Does anyone have a link to the review of the Sony AVD-C70ES from DVD Etc. magazine referred to above? Or any link to any review of this unit? Or even personal experience? I am looking to buy a second system and space is a huge consideration, so if this thing sounds good, I may be a guinea pig...
  2. Tommy Rodgers

    Aperion vs. Ascend

    I actually considered Nohr as well, Brad, I just had a lot of trouble wrapping my head around the idea of ordering something from Thailand sight unseen with no easy way to return it if I wasn't satisfied. Love the looks of the ceramics though, and I've never read a bad review on them either (4.0...
  3. Tommy Rodgers

    Aperion vs. Ascend

    I would like to add that from all I've heard and read about these two speaker systems, you can't really go wrong with either. Both offer excellent value and sound, and if one is better for movies or music than the other, it's really splitting hairs. At this price level, for five speakers and a...
  4. Tommy Rodgers

    Aperion vs. Ascend

    Look here- http://www.aperionaudio.com/reviews/re_index.html Professional reviews from The Perfect Vision (current issue, very complimentary), CNET (Steve Guttenberg review, he reviews equipment for several of the major mags), Widescreen Review, Home Theater Magazine, Stereophile, Secrets...
  5. Tommy Rodgers

    Aperion vs. Ascend

    I haven't heard the Ascends, but I own the Aperion 6.1 set with the 12" sub. I assume that the Ascends sound great, everyone who has them loves them, and their frequency response is close to ruler-flat. I bought the Aperions sight unseen, and here's my reasoning- both have stellar reviews...
  6. Tommy Rodgers

    would this work to get 7.1 from 6.1 receiver?

    Hi all- I was thinking about it last night- I have a Yamaha rx-v2200 receiver (6.1 channels) and was considering wiring two rear surrounds in series to achieve 7.1 sound. Could I instead use an additional 2 channel amplifier (like a used Rotel or similar) to avoid strainig the receiver? I...
  7. Tommy Rodgers

    2K Speaker Budget

    I second the Aperion Audio recommendation. Super nice people to work with, and OMG the finish on my speakers is phenominal. Oh yeah, they sound better than anything I've heard under $1000/pair (I haven't heard any of the other "internet direct" brands though, to be fair), excellent detail and...
  8. Tommy Rodgers

    one subwoofer or two?

    OK, I think the single 12" sub is the way to go for now (until I can afford a second, if needed). The room is 12' by 20', vaulted ceiling, and with an opening (large) into the kitchen, and a hallway on the other side. Will probably be hard to pressurize. Therefore.... Could I use another sub...
  9. Tommy Rodgers

    one subwoofer or two?

    Hi guys- I just got my Aperion 522 system in (5.2)- I got 2 8" subwoofers, my reasoning being that the 8" would be tighter and maybe better for music. If I decide that they don't play low enough (volume of bass is not a concern), I could either go with 2 10" subs ($200 extra) or 1 12" sub ($200...
  10. Tommy Rodgers

    Aperion Audio 522D all around?

    Hi- I will be able to let you know in about 5 days- my 5.1 Aperion system should be here then. Actually, having identical speakers all around was one of the reasons I went with Aperion (great customer service, return policy, and excellent reviews besides), as I am into SACD multichannel and...
  11. Tommy Rodgers

    New Home, Same Wife, Reckless Kids...HELP!

    I am actually selling some Polk RT series speakers on Ebay right now. No reserve and a low starting price- here is a link. [LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN.] This auction is for a CS400, check my other auctions for RT800 (pair) and RT55 (pair). All in excellent condition, I too am buying a new home...
  12. Tommy Rodgers

    nOrh (and other comparable speakers) questions

    Any more input from anyone? Tommy
  13. Tommy Rodgers

    nOrh (and other comparable speakers) questions

    Hello all, I have finally almost decided on 4.0 ceramics as a 5.1 set for my new home's den. First, I would like help on deciding on a color. Since it is hard to tell from the Norh website exactly how the colors look, I would love input from anyone who has seen or owns these speakers. I will...
  14. Tommy Rodgers

    The Revelation of Being a Newbie ( help! )

    If sound quality for music is your main concern, stay away from the Sony DA5ES. I had one for about 2 weeks, really wanted to love it because it had every connection I needed for a great price. But in the end the thin sound it gave on any type of music was too big a drawback. I ended up with a...
  15. Tommy Rodgers

    Theater in a box...Help me decide

    I don't have a link to any professional reviews, but judging solely by my experiences, Onkyo at any price point (but especially the entry-level) stomps Kenwood in sound quality, ease of use, and build quality. MUCH more plastc on most Kenwood receivers. -TR
  16. Tommy Rodgers

    Looking for a 2nd HT system - for about $600. Any recommendations?

    Are you set on the HTIB idea? If not, and you are not afraid to buy used, I would look at a mid-priced receiver from, say, Onkyo or Yamaha, maybe Denon, that's a couple of years old. If it's in perfect shape, all you lose is maybe Pro Logic II processing, I'd rather have better amplification and...
  17. Tommy Rodgers

    Yamaha RX-V2200 amps vs. Parasound 855

    Mike- Would buying 2 Parasound 855 units to biamp all speakers (I have Polk rt800 fronts, CS400 center, rt55 surrounds, all run as Large in receiver setup) be a good way to go? Would this be equivalent to having a 170w X 5 amp (85w X 5 times 2)? -Tommy
  18. Tommy Rodgers

    new reciever

    I can give my opinion of the Sony da5es vs. the Yamaha rx-v2200- I bought the Sony first (to replace an Onkyo 575x) and found it extremely bright and shrill on music, good on HT. Surprisingly, when I tried the Yamaha in my system, it sounded much more full and neutral, not warm, but definitely...
  19. Tommy Rodgers

    Yamaha RX-V2200 amps vs. Parasound 855

    Hi all- I currently have a RX-V2200, rated 100W X 6. Would I see improvement from using it as a preamp for a 85W X 5 Parasound 855 or would I need to go to higher wattage to see any gains? Thanks for any help- TR
  20. Tommy Rodgers

    H/K AVR-520 Intermediate User's Review

    Regarding digital cable- Never run any coax cable line through your VCR, this is the worst case scenario for picture quality. Use a composite connection to your TV (yellow video cable), this will improve things a bit. On the other hand, sometimes it pays to ask your cable company what hardware...
  21. Tommy Rodgers

    New setup, not getting a suround effect

    Hi Johnny- I live in Hickory, NC and would be glad to stop by and check out your setup. Did your receiver come from Tri-City Electronics, by chance? I got my Yamaha there. Just e-mail me directly if you still need any help. -Tommy Rodgers
  22. Tommy Rodgers

    Connectors for Polk Speakers (5 Way Gold Binding Posts)

    I have rt800, rt55 and cs400- I have found that the cheap banana plugs at Radio Shack are great. Gold plated and everything, no different from Monster Cable version and less than 1/2 price. Very sturdy connections.
  23. Tommy Rodgers

    STR-DA5ES Receiver?

    Hi, I thought I'd ad my 2 cents' worth here- I ordered the da5es from an authorized retailer about 3 weeks ago. At the time, it seemed like the ideal answer- 2 sets of multichannel inputs (I already have an SACD player) and an upgrade port for under $1000. Deal of the century. Anyway, I got...