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  1. SvenS

    THE KEEP (1983), Where The Hell Is The DVD?! (Lend Your Support)

    If anything gets produced it BETTER BE Blu-ray! I would love to get this film on Blu-Ray, it's one of the best atmospherically filmed movies I have ever seen.
  2. SvenS

    Best Buy 9/1 -- Blu Ray Deal on Gladiator and Braveheart

    And if you have these two on DVD you get a $10 rebate for each bringing the cost for each down to $7.99 each before sales tax!
  3. SvenS

    DTS HD-Master Audio woes

    Check to be sure you have bitstream set on the blu-ray player for all surround formats.
  4. SvenS

    Inexpensive screens..

    Link 1 is OK IF your friends are getting DLP projectors but if they are getting LCD projectors then they want a grey screen not white matte like the first two links. The second link is for a 4x3 format screen which is a NO-NO these days. 4x3 is old school, 16x9 is the now and future! Also it...
  5. SvenS

    Where's my Excalibur?

    Geez you make it sound like The Right Stuff was a piss poor film! The Right Stuff rightfully deserved a SE and is certaining a much more citically acclaimed (and box office sucess) then Excalibur is (although I do like Excalibur).
  6. SvenS

    Colossus: The Forbin Project coming from Universal

    You forget the Willy Wonka DVD debacle of 2003! But the difference here is Warner listened to it's customers and released a OAR DVD months later. I am positive that Universal could care less and the DVD that is out is all we'll ever get.
  7. SvenS

    Jerry Lewis on DVD - NEW UPDATE 7/11

    On the Family Jewels DVD they have an extremely cute segment with the little girl in the film doing a screen test with Jerry Lewis and Jerry keeps trying to trip her up and get her confused with his questions to her. It is a really great segment and the film is also pure Lewis magic!
  8. SvenS

    New DVDs

    First off if you mean by "cleaning the DVD player ever month" that you use those CD/DVD cleaners that you play in you player to clean the optics all I can say is STOP DOING IT!!!! Those "supposed" CD/DVD cleaners are never needed (except as a last ditch effort to fix a player that is...
  9. SvenS

    Is there ANY market for used 43 inch non-HD TV's?

    I don't know where you get that used CRT based HDTV's have no market! Considering CRT based HDTV's still offer the best quality picture and also the fact that there are a lot of people out there who would love to have an HDTV but can't afford a new one but would jump at the chance for a decent...
  10. SvenS

    A Small new Group for borrow/lend DVD Movie

    WFT? Can you please post things in English?!
  11. SvenS

    Boondock Saints....WOW

    I couldn't stop laughing after the scene with the cat! It just came so fast and out of nowhere!
  12. SvenS

    Are today's HD sets better off with interlaced DVD players ?

    I have yet to see a upconverting DVD player look all that good. If you have a HDTV then the best way to watch DVD's upconverted to HD is without-a-doubt a HTPC (Home Theater PC). Not only do you have unmatched flexibility but vastly better electronics to upscale the DVD's output.
  13. SvenS

    Some device that converts DVD PAL into NTSC? which?

    The best one BY FAR I have encountered is the Philips DVD727! It excels at almost all activities and is one of the rare DVD players that can convert (PAL to NTSC)Anamorphic DVDs correctly (aspect ratio). It also plays video files just burnt to CD's r DVD's abd offers a menu to slect which ones...
  14. SvenS

    DVD Player out or coming out that meets these standards...

    You want a HTPC which does all that and much more!
  15. SvenS

    dvd-r and mp3s

    It all depends on the DVD player you have. Some will play MP3's off DVD's some will not. Go to www.videohelp.com for all the info you would want for DVD-R & CDR's.
  16. SvenS

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

    I find it rather funny the reviewer thinks the acting was not very good in LOTR but thinks the horribly stiff and un-emotional acting of the older films were better.
  17. SvenS

    Night of the Comet

    Isn't this film being bootlegged by the low life company PFE (Pacific Family Entertainment)? I thought I remember in the thread about them bootlegging The Final Countdown that thet were going to try bootlegging that film as well.
  18. SvenS

    Lord Of The Rings, The: The Motion Picture Trilogy (MERGED THREAD)

    Watch Costco! This is the type boxset they like to do their secret bigtime sales on. Remember the Alien Quadrilogy for a mere $42.00 they had?
  19. SvenS

    Need DVD Reviewers!

    Then I guess you should ask for anyone with a good DVD or VHS library as long as audio/video quality is secondary. I have to agree with a couple others in that if you want to be a DVD review site you MUST have reviewers with good solid equipment to do a proper review. Maybe you can have 1 or...
  20. SvenS

    Looking to buy a Region-Free DVD Player...I need help and suggestions.

    I would recommend the Philips 727. It has very nice Progressive Scan out and is one of a very few players that can convert PAL to NTSC and get the aspect ratios correct on Anamorphic DVD's. The best part is you can grab this player for $65-$70 on the Net.
  21. SvenS

    The longest Day? Color version?

    While changing of MONO to Stereo or other is changing things you are not having anything taken away like you are when you butcher the OAR with the video side. I have no problems with trying to enhance a film using technology today that was not available years ago, but you are doing no...
  22. SvenS

    How to determine a DVD is bad?

    The only way to determine if a DVD is bad is to play it and if it doesn't work try it in another DVD player. If it still doesn't work it's a 99% chance the DVD is bad. As to the "water mark" spots you see that is perfectly normal on many DVD's and will not cause any playback problem at all.
  23. SvenS

    Should you force Dolby 5.1 --> Dolby EX 7.1? (same with DTS) (feedback please)

    Forcing a 5.1 to 6.1/7.1 tends to collapse the surround field in the rear which to me leaves the positioning of alot of ambient sounds, and produces to neutral a based sound in the rear surrounds.
  24. SvenS

    Lot's of DVD's For Sale. Great Prices! (New/Unopened Alien Quadrilogy $60) and more.

    I have the below DVD's for sale. Buyer will pay for actually shipping. Alien Quadrilogy Boxset (Brand New Unopened) $60 (Bought from Costco B&M with no loose discs!) Alien Legacy Boxset (All 4 Films + 5th Legacy Disc) $40 Andromeda Strain - $7 Ants (DTS) - $12 Arlington Road - $8...
  25. SvenS

    Panasonic DVD Firmware Updates!!

    Yes the RP62 DOES play DVD-R's and when I updated to the newest firmware I can now play both DVD-R and DVD+R's/ How are you buring your DVD's? What software, what settings etc.. Check out www.dvdrhelp.com for the all you DVDR questions etc..
  26. SvenS

    Lord Of The Rings, The: The Motion Picture Trilogy (MERGED THREAD)

    3 Minutes of extra footage! Try 30+ minutes of extra footage on both EE's. These extra 30+ minutes are very much a improvement on things like why Smeagle turns back to Golum because you see in the extra footage how man mistreats him by beating him several times (which is not shown in the...
  27. SvenS

    The Final Countdown SE due 3/30

    Good Lord! You really are digging for anything to pick apart on this DVD aren't you. You are the first person I have ever heard who critiques the lettering on the opening credits! Overall the video transfer was very good with a few of the inside scenes displaying a out of focus look around...
  28. SvenS

    Dances With Wolves....4-Disc Release w/ DTS and Both Versions....Region 0??

    I would not use this criteria as you sole reason to beleive a DVD is NOT a bootleg. Case in point is the PFE release of The Final Countdown which was a bootleg and sold by Best Buy for a while.
  29. SvenS

    The Pink Panther Collection DVDs

    The BIG reason to upgrade to these new DVD's is the video which on the old ones is rediculously bad!
  30. SvenS

    News from DVDfile.... Godfather single disc...

    I'm sorry but for those who are trying to say they have perfect recollection of the film's quality 32 years ago I must call you on it! There is absolutely NO WAY you will be able to make any type of comparison of a film you watched 32 years ago and a current DVD. When a film comes out like the...