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  1. DonJ

    BOSE Speakers?

    Hmm the guy who started this tread never came back. I wonder if he was a TROLL!?!
  2. DonJ

    Hk 630

    What modes are you using? Are you using the OSD for you setup? I had the same thing happen when I first tried using my AVR320. Be sure to read the manual thoroughly. The HK AVRs can be very complex for the beginner Home Theater hobbyist, private message me and I can walk you through your setup.
  3. DonJ

    Harmon/Kardon AVR630 vs Denon 3805

    Actual power vs. Factory rate power… HK is very conservative when rating there receivers while most other manufactures overate there receivers (some by a lot). Also HK rates the receivers all channels driven most do just one.
  4. DonJ

    $2400 to spend on 5 speakers (getting sub on other budget)

    I'm surprised no one has mention Paradigm.
  5. DonJ

    Receiver conundrum...(I'm new)

    I have an HK320 not only does it sound great. It also has second zone capability.
  6. DonJ

    Dented Tweeter.

    I would by a new tweeter dome and have it installed at the dealer.
  7. DonJ

    Nautilus 802 vs. Infinity Prelude MTS

    I would pic the N802 out of these 2 but I would also consider Paradigm Reference Signature.
  8. DonJ

    paradigm pw series subs......pw2500???

    You got a V2 and not the new V3. TAKE IT BACK
  9. DonJ

    Is it worth spending $3K on used B&W????

    Even if they warranty won't cover the gasket it will be cheap to replace. If you like'em get'em.
  10. DonJ

    Pardigm Monitor 7 Floor Standing & CC370 Center Channel

    I have Paradigm monitor 9's with the CC370 and I love them. Great bang for the buck. I have also heard good things about Swan also but if the price is right get the Paradigms you won't be disapointed.
  11. DonJ

    HK AVR430 won't play test tones during EZSet

    Hate to say it but it's operator error. Don't worry because it took me a while to figure it out also.
  12. DonJ

    help me decide which receiver!

    Sorry about your experience with HK. My AVR320 has worked for three years without a glitch. If you do choose to go with another receiver you can't go wrong with Marantz or Denon. BTW the only time my HK would shut is when I had it plugged into a wall sock next to a light switch and turned my...
  13. DonJ

    Going crazy-Panasonic sa xr45 or HK avr330?

    I'm always smiling see.
  14. DonJ

    Help: I think my receiver sucks:

    I agree with you but I believe moving from a low to midgrade receiver has a bigger bennifit than moving from low to mid grade speakers without a change in amplication.
  15. DonJ

    Going crazy-Panasonic sa xr45 or HK avr330?

    john seitz, Yep they don't have carry them anymore so I contacted someone who has the XR25 that's local to me for a comparo. You mention that the HK DPR1001 doesn't sorce as well. where is this published, that would be an interesting read. Right now it looks like a bunch of hyperbole...
  16. DonJ

    Going crazy-Panasonic sa xr45 or HK avr330?

    Wayne Ernst I took them down because I wanted to takje a listen before I posted next. And Yes I am more inclined to believe Kendrid you can read his post here I also completly believe that Nicholas R is an idiot or a fanboy at best.
  17. DonJ

    $300 to spend...

    I built this system going on 3 years ago and added the Anthem PVA7 about a year ago also. So prices are little foggy and will be off a little or maybe a lot. I paid about half for my open box HK320 around $400.00 I paid retail for all my Paradigms (except my new sub)like an idiot. i...
  18. DonJ

    Going crazy-Panasonic sa xr45 or HK avr330?

    just read the Newform and I don't belive it at all. I will have to hear it for my self. there is just to much in the article that doesn't make sense. Are any major publications that are doing reviews? I'm going to Circuit City tomorrow to listen for my self.
  19. DonJ

    Going crazy-Panasonic sa xr45 or HK avr330?

    Maybe to your ears but I'm still sceptical at best. After reading the specs I'm even more sceptical. The whole unit weights can these little amps make 100w/channel.
  20. DonJ

    Speakers: Please recommend...

    Check this out for HK refurb products, they come with full manufacturer's warranty.
  21. DonJ

    $300 to spend...

    I would wait the 8 months and used that extra $300 on a better sub, speaker package, or receiver. You would end up happier that way. My friend got a Sony HT-6600DP HTiB he said it should sound better than My HK AVR320 Paradigm Monitor setup because it has more watts. Hate to say it but I...
  22. DonJ

    Pics of my HT

    I looks great. I have a 32" Toshiba that does component input but I still longing after an HD set. Have fun and be sure to enjoy it.
  23. DonJ

    Help: I think my receiver sucks:

    First off I don't put any stock in website like audioholics. Second you named on the most efficient speaker brands out there. I'm sorry if you power a pair of B&W Nautilus 800's with a $300.00 Sony receiver it would sound like utter crap.
  24. DonJ

    Going crazy-Panasonic sa xr45 or HK avr330?

    I'm not a John Kerry all I was saying is that HK are noted for being one of the best no fill receiver manufacturers because of there amps. HK have been a world leader in build amps for along time and up untill I read this thread I have never heard of Panosoinc being noted for makeing anything...
  25. DonJ

    Musical speakers?

    I would look at B&W they are the UK's favorite.
  26. DonJ

    Experiences with HK Factory Remanufactured AVRs?

    They come with a full manufactures warranty. Can't go wrong that.
  27. DonJ

    Going crazy-Panasonic sa xr45 or HK avr330?

    Hmm a Panisonic that Sounds Better than Harman Kardon ? I haven't heard the Panisonic (I refer to Panny for my watch a Panerai)so I can't comment just sounds fishy to say the least.
  28. DonJ

    Help: I think my receiver sucks:

    This is just plain wrong. Try to power Paradigm Signature S8's with a $300.00 Sony receiver and it will sound horrible to say the least. Your sound starts in the Amps and that's where you need to start to get good sound. A friend and I did a direct comparison between a cheap $300.00...
  29. DonJ

    Musical speakers?

    My Paradigm Monitor's do Jazz and Rock very well but Classical and Contemporary Orchestral ie LOTR are lacking a little but nothing I can't live with.