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  1. R-T-C Tim

    Arrow Films to release Day of Anger, Blind Woman's Curse, and Mark of the Devil

    Well Day of Anger is one of the most thorough presentations of a Euro-cult film I have ever seen. Including both versions of the film, full English and Italian audio with English subs, a stunning HD print and over an hour of extra features. This one is a must-have for any genre collectors...
  2. R-T-C Tim

    International Rollerball (1975) Arrow Blu Ray.

    I've just posted my review with full HD screencaps - Rollerball review
  3. R-T-C Tim

    The Spaghetti Western

    I watched these films on DVD a few years back and wrote a short feature on them - The Karl May Westerns. Would love to see them on Blu-ray, is there a list of which titles include English audio/subtitle options - I remember some of the German DVDs advertised English options but did not include...
  4. R-T-C Tim

    the odd angry shot

    A very good little film, the British disc has been out for a while, I reviewed it a while back - [b]Odd Angry Shot review. I wonder if the audio commentary is new or ported over from the R4 release.
  5. R-T-C Tim

    Great looking Euro-sleaze from Severin

    Not reviewed a Severin title in some time, their new Intervision imprint however is certainly releasing some interesting projects, including - released tomorrow - a low budget, shot-on-video German gorefest from the early 1990s - Burning Moon.
  6. R-T-C Tim

    International Odeon Entertainment - DVD distributor

    Good news, these two are pretty rubbish but have been hard to get hold of on DVD and selling for silly marketplace prices.
  7. R-T-C Tim

    Trailers Ruin Movies

    Best news story of the year. On the earlier topic of this thread, if you think modern trailers are bad, try watching some Italian trailers from the '60s and '70s, many of them would give away huge chunks of the film - I watched a Spaghetti Western last week and later watched the trailer which...
  8. R-T-C Tim

    Scorpion Releasing (new company that offers rare/obscure/campy flicks)

    I think the DVD (presumably the Swedish one) is taken from that VHS, one of the better VHS transfers out there but still obviously cropped. An excellent film and much deserving of a new print. Perhaps we will have to wait for someone to make a new MacLean film, but he seems to have disappeared...
  9. R-T-C Tim

    Melancholia (aka When Worlds Collide

    For anyone unfamiliar with the Danish director's work - this is not a sci-fi or disaster film. I saw it yesterday in the cinema and it was an amazing experience, but like most of his projects it is deliberately outside of the normal genre categories. A harsh portrayal of a woman with depression...
  10. R-T-C Tim

    Drive - quick review

    A superb art-house take on the crime movie. Long languorous driving scenes with beautiful long-lensed camera work, combined with a kick-in-the-teeth storyline (the ending was superb). Obviously not one for audiences wanting a Hugh Jackman car-porn action flick (which this was originally going to...
  11. R-T-C Tim

    Great looking Euro-sleaze from Severin

    Rather less sleazy, but probably the best film I have seen for quite a while, this cyberpunk horror is a superb production from film-maker Richard Stanley (Dust Devil) who manages to turn what really should be a short film into a feature production that looks amazing. Released as a two-disc...
  12. R-T-C Tim

    Great looking Euro-sleaze from Severin

    Severin have recently released this great pair of Roger Corman's classic 1980s high-school raunchy comedies, Screwballs and Loose Screws. The DVD print, particularly of the first film, is not the best quality, but they are packed with extra features including deleted scenes and audio commentaries.
  13. R-T-C Tim

    MGM's MIDNITE MOVIES (A Comprehensive List Of All Movies Midnite)

    Well compiled list. I really loved this series and it is a real pity that the people in charge when Sony took over simply didn't realise what they were working with, hence the bizarre change of logo and the releasing of completely unrelated films. The film that really should have been on...
  14. R-T-C Tim

    Great looking Euro-sleaze from Severin

    Just a heads-up. I have completed a complete updating of all my Severin Black Emanuelle reviews as part of a new Laura Gemser biography and a Black Emanuelle series guide, which also covers the other films from the series, both official and unofficial, available on DVD.
  15. R-T-C Tim


    If anyone is putting in an order from the new Amazon, just a few Italian DVD recommendations for cult cinema fans, all English friendly: Pistole Non Discutono - a good quality 5 disc Spaghetti Western boxset including: 7 Donne per I MacGregor 7 Pistole per I MacGregor Duello nel...
  16. R-T-C Tim


    As far as I know, all of the Spaghetti Westerns released by Koch Media including English subtitles or audio - there is a complete list here.
  17. R-T-C Tim


    A lot of the time, particularly for European films, the rights to the English audio track are strictly limited by the licensors. They don't want a DVD firm to buy the Italian releasing rights and then release a DVD which is sold to the US/UK markets when they might miss out on licensing the film...
  18. R-T-C Tim

    Great looking Euro-sleaze from Severin

    Italian exploitation director Joe D'Amato is unflinchingly difficult to predict. His films vary from hardcore sleaze to softcore drama regardless of storyline. This time we are much more in the softcore court with a surprisingly well written but still sex filled drama, starring Laura Gemser...
  19. R-T-C Tim


    Doesn't sound too positive, from the original post it sounds like they have assembled a film from the limited footage filmed for part IV and clips from the earlier films. An interesting curio perhaps but surely it cannot be a good film and while he says "an unfinished sequel is a black smudge on...
  20. R-T-C Tim

    The Prowler (1951) from VCI on February 1, 2011

    Always good to see more of Mr Losey's films coming to DVD.
  21. R-T-C Tim

    Shout! Factory's 2011 DVD Line-Up (Tentative)

    Is there any chance of getting Cockfighter on DVD? The AB release is only available for silly money and the alternative is an Alpha release (is this uncut and a decent print BTW?)
  22. R-T-C Tim

    Shout! Factory's 2011 DVD Line-Up (Tentative)

    He directed 'Secret Invasion' (1964) and 'Von Richthofen and Brown' (1971), both of which are available on good looking DVDs.
  23. R-T-C Tim

    Sword and Sandal wishlist

    I have been out of the loop for a while, just wondering if any good Peplum titles with English sub or dub have snuck out in the last 12 months? Cheers.
  24. R-T-C Tim

    Great looking Euro-sleaze from Severin

    Finally back to reviews after far too long in the real world, Severin's latest DVDs are more sexy than sleazy but should still please fans. A French erotica two-fer Joy and Joy et Joan
  25. R-T-C Tim

    The Spaghetti Western

    Two more reviews, although these are not Spaghetti Westerns, being made a full decade after the Italian Western boom came to a spluttering close. From infamous exploitation director Bruno Mattei, these films have gained a reputation as mere exploitation pieces and do include a lot more blood...
  26. R-T-C Tim

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (FEEDBACK)

    Devil-Ship Pirates looks similar (look at the curved walls on the comparison pics at the bottom of the review)
  27. R-T-C Tim

    Great looking Euro-sleaze from Severin

    Despite Lucio Fulci in the director's chair and Joe D'Amato as producer, this one is certainly not sleazy. Door to Silence is Lucio Fulci's last horror film and a rather generic horror film with none of the director's trademarks. Of interest to fans of the director only.
  28. R-T-C Tim

    The Spaghetti Western

    I've got more new reviews of the latest two-film pack from Wild East, this time some seriously obscure genre entries: Kill or be Killed is a very American style Western, but it is well made and certainly worth watching. Kill the Wickeds was made at the same time, by the same director, but is...
  29. R-T-C Tim

    The Spaghetti Western

    It does look very interesting, but all bootlegs (one print even still has the television channel logo on it) so I'm not sure I will pick it up. There is more information on the Spaghetti Western forum.
  30. R-T-C Tim

    The Spaghetti Western

    A couple more reviews to peruse - New reviews of Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay (1970) and Light the Fuse... Sartana Is Coming (1971). I've also written an all new biography of Spaghetti Western regular Gianni Garko.