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  1. Filmgazer

    Where are "Stage Door" and "Summertime"?

    I recently wrote Criterion suggesting they might release Gregory LaCava's STAGE DOOR, since they did such a fine job with his earlier MY MAN GODFREY a few years ago, but never heard back from them (which I guess isn't unusual). The previous posts are probably correct, though, in assuming that...
  2. Filmgazer

    Press Release Criterion Press Release: The Prince of Tides (Blu-ray)

    I can't wait to hear the lush musical score by James Newton Howard in lossless audio!
  3. Filmgazer

    Pre-Order Enemies, A Love Story (1989) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I wonder if this Sony release will include the interesting commentary track by writer-director Paul Mazursky that was featured on the previous DVD by Warner Home Video? There's no mention of it in the description on Amazon.
  4. Filmgazer

    Press Release Criterion Press Release: An Unmarried Woman (1978) (Blu-ray)

    What terrific news! Nick Redman told me a few years ago that he wanted to release this on the Twilight Time label, but was never able to secure the licensing rights from Fox Home Entertainment. So glad that Criterion picked this up, as it's one of Mazursky's finest films, with a spectacular...
  5. Filmgazer

    James Lipton (Inside the Actors Studio) Has Died at 93

    What a Class Act and what a collection of fascinating interviews he gave us! He will be missed.
  6. Filmgazer

    What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael (2019)

    You're exactly right, Matt, that Pauline Kael filed her review of "Nashville" as a rough cut before her annual six-month tenure at the New Yorker expired because she felt so fiercely about Robert Altman's epic vision of America and wanted to make sure people knew about it before it opened. Her...
  7. Filmgazer

    What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael (2019)

    Gosh, no one wrote like Pauline Kael - - not with the euphoric passion, razor-sharp observations and great slangy prose that were the hallmarks of her reviews in The New Yorker. I can still remember racing to the mailbox every Friday to reach for the magazine to see what films she'd be reviewing...
  8. Filmgazer

    Press Release Criterion Press Release: Show Boat (Blu-ray)

    I'm so glad Criterion has decided to port over the outstanding 1989 commentary track by Miles Kreuger that was on the Laserdisc.
  9. Filmgazer

    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    Thanks for putting it into proper perspective, Robert. We need to give Julie and Brian as much time as they need.
  10. Filmgazer

    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    I know this is asking a lot of Julie Kirgo and Brian Jameson after losing Nick Redman such a relatively short time ago, but it sure would be a nice gesture to their loyal customers if they would make some sort of official announcement as to the future of Twilight Time and the possible release of...
  11. Filmgazer

    A Letter To Julie Kirgo of Twilight Time

    Thank you, Dick, for beautifully stating what many of us here at HTF feel about Nick, Julie, and Twilight Time. It has been such a pleasure to own and watch these wonderfully remastered titles on Blu-ray, to read Julie's insightful liner notes, and to listen to Julie and Nick's entertaining...
  12. Filmgazer

    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: The Bad And The Beautiful (1952) (Blu-ray)

    No one's mentioned the great, modernistic score by David Raksin ("Laura"). It's the driving force of the movie. My favorite Elaine Stewart line is when she slinks out of Kirk Douglas's bedroom and confronts Lana Turner on the staircase: " By the way, Georgia, I saw the picture. You were swell."
  13. Filmgazer

    The Major And The Minor coming from Arrow

    I'm a huge fan of Billy Wilder films, but, incredibly enough, I had never seen this movie until I watched the fine-looking Arrow Blu-ray last night. I found it to be be an absolute delight! Ginger Rogers never had a better comedic role and she handles it with assurance and a genuine sense of...
  14. Filmgazer

    Pre-Order IceMan (1984) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Boy, this one's a beauty! In her New Yorker review, Pauline Kael wrote that it had perhaps the greatest opening shot she'd ever seen in a movie. John Lone (The Last Emperor) gives a remarkable performance as a prehistoric man, discovered encased in a block of ice, who is brought back to life by...
  15. Filmgazer

    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: Days of Wine and Roses (1962) (Blu-ray)

    As fine as Jack Lemmon's performance is in this, it's Lee Remick who will haunt you after the movie is over. She's heartbreaking, especially in the final, bleak reunion scene with Lemmon. Her performance was certainly Oscar-worthy in a very strong year.
  16. Filmgazer

    Blu-ray Review A Foreign Affair Blu-ray Review

    Marlene Dietrich's piano accompanist in the cabaret scenes was Frederick Hollander, who wrote the songs for the film. Their musical collaboration goes all the way back to Germany in 1930, when he wrote "Falling in Love Again" for "The Blue Angel". As an interesting side note, he later wrote the...
  17. Filmgazer

    RIP Carol Lynley

    Actually, TCM will be airing both "Bunny Lake is Missing" and "Blue Denim" this Sunday night beginning at 8 p.m. EST. "Bunny Lake" is particularly good, with a lovely performance by Carol Lynley. She reportedly wasn't intimidated by director Otto Preminger, which may account for why she is so...
  18. Filmgazer

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Blackmail - in Blu-ray

    I just ordered the Blu-ray from Kino Lorber and I have a question for those who have seen it. Since both of the aspect ratios of the sound versions have reportedly been stretched, either horizontally or vertically, which sound version would you suggest watching for the least amount of distortion?
  19. Filmgazer

    ROOM AT THE TOP...Is This Release Legit?

    Great news! It was announced today (8-20-2019) on the Digital Bits that Kino Lorber will be releasing "Room at the Top" for Region A on Blu-ray sometime in 2020. I hope they'll include a commentary track.
  20. Filmgazer

    DVD Review I Love Lucy Colorized Collection DVD Review

    I saw the Fathom Events screening of the five colorized "I Love Lucy" episodes a few nights ago and was duly impressed. I'm normally not a fan of colorization, but the technicians did an outstanding job in bringing the lustrous black-and-white to acceptable, even believable color. In the...
  21. Filmgazer

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ A Foreign Affair - in Blu-ray

    Thanks for the confirmation about "The Lost Weekend coming to Blu-ray. Pretty exciting news! Just awaiting release date.
  22. Filmgazer

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ A Foreign Affair - in Blu-ray

    Has a Region-A Blu-ray of "The Lost Weekend" been announced?!
  23. Filmgazer

    A trip back to the Summer of 1976 at the movies...

    Thanks for the blast from the past! In the summer of 1976, I definitely remember seeing That's Entertainment Part 2 , Lifeguard, Family Plot, Obsession, Ash Wednesday, Islands in the Stream, and The Last Tycoon. What a summer! Now it seems like all we get are Marvel comic adventure movies and...
  24. Filmgazer

    Your new BD titles requests from Twilight Time

    I wonder if there's any chance they might release some relatively newer 20th Century-Fox films from director Paul Mazursky like "Harry and Tonto"(1974) and "An Unmarried Woman"(1978)?
  25. Filmgazer

    Pre-Order The Good Mother (1988) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Really looking forward to this! It's an underrated film, directed by Leonard Nimoy, with a luminous performance by Diane Keaton.
  26. Filmgazer

    ! At Fox Studios with the Execs! Post Your Fox Questions Here and We Will Ask Away

    Yeah, I realized it was too late after I posted it. Oh, well... maybe Twilight Time will release these films at some point.
  27. Filmgazer

    ! At Fox Studios with the Execs! Post Your Fox Questions Here and We Will Ask Away

    Is there any chance of you releasing Paul Mazursky's "Harry and Tonto" (1974) and "An Unmarried Woman" (1978) on Blu-ray? By the way, the previous DVD versions of both of these films had Mazursky commentary tracks that I hope would be ported over to the Blu-rays. Thanks!
  28. Filmgazer

    Anyone else interested in That's Life (1986) on blu ray?

    I have fond memories of seeing this movie in the theater in 1986. It was written and directed by Blake Edwards in response to his recovery from debilitating Epstein-Barr syndrome. I also recall that the house used as Jack Lemmon and Julie Andrews' home in the movie was the actual Malibu home...