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  1. Lloyd Mann

    ALCS: Angels vs. Twins

    Personally, I think there should be a mandatory 90 days in jail for running out on the field like that. That way, anyone doing that would loose their job. That might reduce the number of times that happens. BTW, he just ran around, trying to keep his 15 seconds of fame, before they tackled him...
  2. Lloyd Mann

    AL: 1st round playoffs

    I'll be in the Metrodome for the tomorrows game, as I was for the Division series. You really have to be there to appreciate how loud it is, I wore earplugs much of the time. The Twins were not given much of a chance in '87 or '91 either, and look what happened! -Lloyd
  3. Lloyd Mann

    [email protected] Part 3 (Take 2)

    I just hit the 98th Percentile! -Lloyd
  4. Lloyd Mann

    [email protected] Part 3 (Take 2)

    I just completed my 1,000 th work unit. They come faster now with 3 machines plugging away. I should reach 50th place shortly! -Lloyd
  5. Lloyd Mann

    What? no posts about MLB contraction???

    Polad is a tightwad for sure, but new ownership would not solve the problem of the lack of revenue sharing, nor the fact that we have a stadium without the high buck suites for corporations to pay big bucks to get. The Twins have won 2 world series in the last 15 years, only the Yankees have...
  6. Lloyd Mann

    Which portable MP3 player should I get?

    Apple has not said there would be windows software for the iPod. Jobs said they would think about it. They claim 10 hrs of battery life, a reviewer tested this. After 11 hours it was still running, as he wrote his review. They run the HD only long enough to load a half hour's worth of flash...
  7. Lloyd Mann

    [email protected] Part 3 (Take 2)

    After a year and a half or so, yesterday I finished my 500th work unit. Time for the adult beverage! After plugging along with a G3/400 at just under a work unit a day, about a month ago I added a new G4/867, so now I am cranking out 3 and a half work units a day. The day I put the new computer...
  8. Lloyd Mann

    [email protected] Part 3 (Take 2)

    I am finding version 3.03 to be MUCH slower that 3.0. Anyone else have the same results? -Lloyd