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  1. Jeff R.

    Looking for the Wii? (Update 2/11/07 - Circuit City/Target)

    I'm surprised you were able to get one at Target. Most Targets around the country do have them in stock right now but they are all also under orders to not sell any until Sunday (Feb. 11). So, Sunday morning at Target is the place to be if you are still looking for a Wii.
  2. Jeff R.

    2006 Formula1 season

    A few thoughts:Ferrari is back!More reliability problems for McLaren?Super Aguri, the new Minardi.The new qualifying format and relaxed tire rules are going to keep things interesting.Will Jenson Button finally get his first win this season?
  3. Jeff R.

    SNL 1-15-2005 Topher Grace

    I only saw a couple of skits and the one thing I noticed was that several of the actors where obviously reading off of cue cards. When they were supposed to be looking at another character, there eyes where looking somewhere off camera.
  4. Jeff R.

    Disney to support Blu-ray

    With the battle between DVD-R and DVD+R, instead of one format winning out over the other, nearly all DVD burners now support both formats. I think something similar will happen with Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. Supporting both formats in the same box will probably only inflate the price for two or three...
  5. Jeff R.

    Anybody work for the Post Office

    I once had a package sent to me from England where the sender put the correct street address and city but got the state and zip code wrong. I still got the package. It took about 3 or 4 months to arrive but I did get it. I also recently had a letter sent to me with all the correct address...
  6. Jeff R.

    ALIAS season 4 ongoing thread (merged)

    The shorter seasons may also be due to increased production costs and time. I remember hearing that each episode of 24 takes twice as long to make as a traditional hour long episode. Unless they start filming year round (which won't happen), they won't have a choice but to shorten the seasons.
  7. Jeff R.

    Formula 1 2004

    Ironic, since McLaren can barely make their current engines last through a single weekend. For me, F1 is just as much about the technical achievments of the teams as much as the driver competition. Limiting the teams ability to develop unique cars is a huge turnoff. I'll give it a chance...
  8. Jeff R.

    24: Day 3 - 4/27/04 - Hour 20
  9. Jeff R.

    HTF SURVEY: What else would you like to see done with DVD?

    I don't know if this has been suggested already but I would like to see it more common to have the CD soundtrack bundled with the DVD. I've only seen this done with some of the larger boxed sets.
  10. Jeff R.

    Laptop Screen Cleaner?

    Klearscreen is another screen cleaning product. I haven't used it but I know some people who have and they really like it.
  11. Jeff R.

    Gilmore Girls 11/11/03

    Opening dinner scene: Rory: It depends on what they're doing when they're talking to you. I loved it.
  12. Jeff R.

    Got a problem with a 15 year old guys!

    My guess is that he has some sort of network sniffer set up. If all the computers go through a hub, the sniffer can be installed on any computer on the network because the hub sends all network traffic to all the computers. If the hub is replaced with a switch, then network is routed only to the...
  13. Jeff R.

    MTV music awards video quality...

    Not only was the video bad but so was the audio. I couldn't even hear half the people at the microphone.
  14. Jeff R.

    What is a good paid web host for my domain?

    The host I use is the same host that this forum uses: They do a really good job.
  15. Jeff R.

    How does one fix and replace damaged drivers in WinXP?

    If you know which patch might have caused the problem, you can try uninstalling it from the add/remove programs. All the Windows patches are listed at the bottom of the programs list. If it isn't listed or won't uninstall, then I agree with using the system restore feature.
  16. Jeff R.

    Remote access

    Try VNC. It allows you to access a remote desktop from anywhere on the internet. They have clients for just about every operating system. It is free and pretty easy to set up.
  17. Jeff R.

    Remote Procedure Call?

    So does the error message mean that the computer has been successfully hacked or been infected with a virus or that someone is attempting to hack in but fails?
  18. Jeff R.

    Computer reboots???

    I agree that it is probably video related. It could be the video card is getting to hot or there is a driver problem. Make sure you have the updated Geforce drivers. Also, check to see if there are patches to Falcon 4. From my experience, Windows XP will make everything run hotter than Windows...
  19. Jeff R.

    Router Configuration Problem For Running Nortel VPN Client

    Rob, You say you set up port forwarding in the router but if the router is also doing DHCP, then the desktop and laptop IP addresses will be changing occasionally meaning your router will be forwarding to the wrong IP. Try statically assigning IP addresses to the two computers or use the...
  20. Jeff R.

    Anyone know of a Ethernet to USB connector?

    Darren, That device appears to be a USB to ethernet converter. I think Parker is looking for the opposite, an ethernet to USB converter. I would be very surprised if such a device existed. USB was designed to have multiple types of devices attached to it (mice, keyboards, printers, ethernet...
  21. Jeff R.

    Quick Basic Excel Question

    correction: Replace 0 with "EXPIRED" to display the text you mentioned.
  22. Jeff R.

    Quick Basic Excel Question

    Try: =IF(ISERROR(DATEDIF(NOW(),N2,"d")),0,DATEDIF(NOW(),N2,"d"))
  23. Jeff R.

    24: Season 2 - Hour 15 - 3/4/03

    In case anybody is interested, here is a graphic that shows where the US has conducted nuclear tests in the past. This is a chart that I used in a short report on the global environmnental impact of the US nuclear weapons testing program that I did back in college. By the way, the "Nevada...
  24. Jeff R.

    24: Season 2 - Hour 6 - 12/03/02

    I don't think any of the bad characters we've been introduced to so far actually know anything about the nuke. I think this season will be a lot like last season where we won't find out who is really behind the whole thing until halfway or two-thirds the of the way through the season...
  25. Jeff R.

    Interference b/n WiFi and 2.4GHz phones?

    802.11b opperates at 2.4Ghz also. From what I hear, interference between the two is pretty common.
  26. Jeff R.

    Ebay identity stolen again!

    One thing I noticed about the account login on Ebay is that it is not a secure login by default. If you want to use the secure login, you have to click on the tiny "secure sign in" button in the corner. I would guess that most people use the default unsecure login which anyone sniffing packets...
  27. Jeff R.

    Okay, someone suggest a flatscreen LCD...

    You may be able to find out who the OEM is by looking up the FCC ID. Find the FCC ID on the monitor, probably on the back next to the serial number and then look it up at: It'll tell you the manufacturer but not all manufacturers ever sell the product under...
  28. Jeff R.

    Remote connection to company's T1 line ... Help

    I've never done this so I can't give you specific instructions but I'm pretty sure you would have to have a dedicated phone line at work that connects to the server. Your computer can then dial into that line and log in and use the remote access services which include internet access. It...
  29. Jeff R.

    The HTF Weight Loss Support Group

    I've been following this thread for a while so I should probably speak up. I've been periodically working out over the past few months but lately, I've been really working to be consistant. I spend 30 minutes a day on a home eliptical trainer and do a bit of light weight training. I've also...
  30. Jeff R.

    Vanilla Coke or Pepsi Blue?

    Pepsi Blue is quite good. I wasn't too impressed with Vanilla Coke.