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  1. Jason Caudill

    Paradigm Speakers/ Audiotron/ PS2

    All sold. Thanks!
  2. Jason Caudill

    Paradigm Speakers/ Audiotron/ PS2

    Audiotron Sold!
  3. Jason Caudill

    Paradigm Speakers/ Audiotron/ PS2

    Audiotron and PS2 sales pending.
  4. Jason Caudill

    Paradigm Speakers/ Audiotron/ PS2

    Bump, Still available for local delivery.
  5. Jason Caudill

    Paradigm Speakers/ Audiotron/ PS2

    Dane, what is your location? PM me your email. Thanks, Jason
  6. Jason Caudill

    Paradigm Speakers/ Audiotron/ PS2

    All sales local to Columbus, Ohio only. I am not interested in shipping at this point. All speakers have black cabinents. Paradigm Monitor 5 v.2 (mint) $440/ pr. (includes stands) Paradigm CC-370 v.2 (mint) $280 Paradigm Atom v.2 (mint) $140/ pr. (includes stands) Audiotron...
  7. Jason Caudill

    Holy Cow! Take A Look At These Speaker Systems!!!!

    So if he would have been happy with $50 speakers why did he bother to research and purchase JBL Studio series? And who can't use a 800 watt amp with a headphone jack? I should have waited for my Rotel until they added that feature!
  8. Jason Caudill

    48" Mitsubishi

    I have been looking at some of the smaller projos and have decided on either a 48" Mits or 46" Toshiba. I have a Tivo, PS2, and Xbox connected. HD is not something I am in a hurry to watch due to the small amount of content and my inability to record it. So a few questions... 1) What are the...
  9. Jason Caudill

    Is Panny really progressive?

    Thanks guys, I will take a closer look at this.
  10. Jason Caudill

    Is Panny really progressive?

    Hopefully someone here has some insight into this issue. While hooking up several new panasonic dvd players (dvds55s and dvds35s) I noticed that my displays (Mitsubishi WS65x11's and Hitachi Plasmas) both show that the signal is 480i. I enabled the progressive feature on the menus but that did...
  11. Jason Caudill

    Trouble with my amp

    The problem with using the signal sense instead of the trigger is that I tand to listen at low levels and the amp never turns on. I am using a Pioneer 45tx as my pre/pro. I will try disconnecting the trigger cable and see if there is any result. It is not that the amp is not turning off...
  12. Jason Caudill

    Trouble with my amp

    I just moved and got my HT set back up. Now I am having a problem with my Rotel rmb-1066 amp. Once I turn off my receiver there is usually a five minute delay before the amp shuts off (via the 12 volt trigger). About 1 minute before the amp shuts off it starts to make a buzzing sound. It is...
  13. Jason Caudill

    Pioneer SD533 vs Toshiba 50HD82

    My $.02, Pioneer no question. I have seen the two side by side and Pioneer always looked a little better regardless of the source. I dont know what role dvi will play during the life of that tv, but neither does anyone else. Either Tv is a great set. You should consider the HDX82 as it is in the...
  14. Jason Caudill

    Audiotron vs. Tivo w/ Home Media Option

    Have you figured out the real cost of adding the home media option to your tivo? You may be better off not adding it and buying both peices. I have both units and they do very well at their intended purposes. Not knowing anything about the HMO, I will go out on a limb by saying that it will not...
  15. Jason Caudill

    57 is too big! now what :(

    Go down to the 50". Your salesperson should not have sold you a 57" with 5' of viewing disatnce. Did they even ask? At Best Buy probably not. You need more like 10' (or more) for a set of that size. I doubt you will be happy with that set in the long run. Jason
  16. Jason Caudill

    Philips "Mirror" Plasma

    Has anyone seen/ heard of a new HDTV plasma display by Philips (I think) that when turned off works as a mirror? I have heard from two people that this is on its way out. One of them saw it in a Home and Garden show in Charleston, SC the other is a dealer who saw it in some of his literature...
  17. Jason Caudill

    Monster Cable speaker connectors

    Haris, You have to own monster speaker cables with the monster lock system in order to use these. They are not for terminating bare speaker wire. I just wanted to make sure you knew that. Jason
  18. Jason Caudill

    Stereo Preamp with optical input

    Mike, At this point I was looking to see if it was even an option. If it was an option but not in the price range, I am looking at using my receiver's zone 2 operation. So to answer your question I am looking at all the options regardless of price range. I am thinking that I want to spend no...
  19. Jason Caudill

    Stereo Preamp with optical input

    I am looking for this feature because I am crazy about my new Audiotron. I dont trust its analog outssince it is a piece of computer equipment, but since it has an optical out I can avoid them for now. I want to seperate my ht gear and my music gear and I was trying to find some kind of preamp...
  20. Jason Caudill

    Stereo Preamp with optical input

    Is there such thing? Thanks, Jason
  21. Jason Caudill

    Outlaw Audio

    I think that it is quite a leap to interpret "We don't need no stinkin' factory..." to mean
  22. Jason Caudill

    Paradigm Studio 100v2 / CC / PS1000

    Mike, I emailed you about the sub. Jason ps - if you already replied please do so again
  23. Jason Caudill

    I am a full-fledged XM Radio addict! This is my story!

    I am going on 5 months of XM service and couldnt be happier. I dont even take my cds in the car anymore because I can always find something on. The real reson I got it is because I am a talk radio junky. If I could just get them to not all take commercial breaks at the same time life would be...
  24. Jason Caudill

    How Many People "Use" Preouts?

    Mark- I have sold H/K on and off for the last 4+ years. There were more than a few problems with their receivers in the past but last years (20 series) and this years (25 series) seem to have addressed those problems. I would buy one without any reservations at this point. I have also sold...
  25. Jason Caudill

    PLASMA life span?

    Those of you who mentioned LG, Sony, and Runco are you sure they actually make the entire set? They may do some of their own work but I don't think they make the actual plasma part of it. I could be wrong but I have seen aerial photos of the manufacturing facilities and their are like 4...
  26. Jason Caudill

    PLASMA life span?

    Yes they do have a limited life span. I do not know the technical sid eof this but it is my understanding that most current sets have a life of about 30,000 hrs. But I have also heard from manufacture reps that over 5 years, 10% pixel loss is "acceptable." I would wait on this technology as long...
  27. Jason Caudill

    Pioneer USB input

    Camp, It is called Easy CD-DA Extractor 5.0 and is made by Poikosoft. This is the website I got it from. Jason
  28. Jason Caudill

    Pioneer USB input

    Camp, On the program I am using there is something called "LAME configurator" It is under this mode that I am able to select "perfect quality" as my format. Is this similar to what you are talking about? Jason
  29. Jason Caudill

    Pioneer USB input

    Camp, I will take a serious look at what you are suggesting with the slimp3 device. I have to run some more cat5 soon anyway seeing as how xbox is going online. I am using what my program calls "perfect" as quality. Bitrate is 320 kbs. Jason