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  1. Dan_Jones

    Just Ordered My Axiom's : )

    Joe's great. He was very helpful with me after a horrible dorm move in day that left the cabinet for one of my M3's mutilated. Was very helpful, offered to service it himself for simply the cost of shipping, then after finding out how much shipping was going to be ($50 through FedEx) he just...
  2. Dan_Jones

    Manually Opening a DVD Changer.

    Should be some screws to take the casing off, just be careful to not break anything inside :).
  3. Dan_Jones

    Panasonic DVD-CP72S starting to hit stores, anyone tried yet?

    I know the PR82 has a "Audio Only" mode that turns off all video components (or something like that) to supposedly improve audio quality...does the CP72 have this?
  4. Dan_Jones

    Panasonic DVD-CP72S starting to hit stores, anyone tried yet?

    Sounds very good...couple more questions: How's the Audio CD playback via toslink? How's the changer mehanics...is it a loud carousel..any idea at how long it will last? (hypothetically) Thanks!
  5. Dan_Jones

    RP-82 - Why won't remastering work?!

    Anyone know if the Onkyo TX-DS595 can handle 88.2?
  6. Dan_Jones

    Panasonic DVD-CP72S starting to hit stores, anyone tried yet?

    Well I'm looking to buy a new DVD changer here and wanted to go with a changer. After the very good reviews (well, minus the bad tray batch) the RP82 seemed like one of the best all around budget players out there, so the CP72 seemed to be the right choice in changers (they are the exact same I...
  7. Dan_Jones

    Axiom M3Ti, Adire Kanada, Klipsch RB-3, Polk Lsi-7' ?

    I'd go with the M3's; I've been loving mine for quite a while now :)
  8. Dan_Jones

    Best Mains For Under $1200

    Axiom Audio M80Ti's?
  9. Dan_Jones

    suggestions for under 1200 speakers

    Also check Axiom Audio at www.axiomaudio.com Can read a number of reviews here
  10. Dan_Jones

    Charactristic Differences between Axiom and Atlantic Tech. Speakers?

    Wish I had experience with Atlantic Tech. but alas I do not...so its tough to make any kind of a logical comparison.. but I still hold that Axiom has a better price-to-performance ratio then most other companies out there. Maybe someone else can help here with a comparison?
  11. Dan_Jones

    Axiom M50 owners?

  12. Dan_Jones

    Axiom M50 owners?

    I talk a bit about my M50's in this thread. If you've got anymore questions about them feel free to ask :)
  13. Dan_Jones

    I can't seem to decide between a Klipsch RF-3 II package or Axiom M60 package

    I have the Axiom M50's/M3Ti/VP100 and love them. Crystal clear pristine highs, excellent midrange and solid bass from the 50's. I'd go with Axiom IMHO as I think Klipsch is a little overbright for my tastes, but everyone's ears vary so good luck with your decision!
  14. Dan_Jones

    is it worth it to upgrade to the axiom m40ti from m22?

    I'm powering my M50/M3/VP100 with a Onkyo 595 and am perfectly happy with the levels I can reach in my relativly small room, and to my ears the sound is not fatiguing at all. If I had more money (which I don't), I probably would have tried to go seperates (perhaps Outlaw 950/770) or perhaps a...
  15. Dan_Jones

    Recommend Some Bookshelf Speakers for $100-$200

    I'd second the M3Ti; you can get it cheaper via Axiom Audio's factory outlet (blems are supposedly very hard to find), or via Marc H. at the Audioshop in Canada.
  16. Dan_Jones

    Need Bookshelf size Speakers for 1/2 mus. & 1/2 HT in $500.00 range a pair

    I'd consider the Axiom Audio M22Ti's with a VP150.
  17. Dan_Jones

    is it worth it to upgrade to the axiom m40ti from m22?

    I personally own the M50s and M3s. From what I've read and heard the M40 is essentially an M3 in a larger cabinet giving it deeper base excursion. I went with the M50 to give me a bit more bass output down low with its dual woofers. I used the M50s without a sub for while as I was waiting on...
  18. Dan_Jones

    Bookshelfs <$500 to consider

    Errr...Bose 301's use the Bose direct-reflect technology...how can they possibly have good imaging...?
  19. Dan_Jones

    Bookshelfs <$500 to consider

    I'll second the Axiom Audio M3Ti's and M22Ti's. Pristine highs and excellent midrange.
  20. Dan_Jones

    Is the axiom M3Ti > NHT super one?

    I love my M3Ti's, crystal clear highs and exceptional imaging. BUT, if you're going to go for BLARING music, you should probably shoot to the M22Ti which is more capable at higher levels (from what I've heard). I'd definitely go Axiom though, loving my setup :)
  21. Dan_Jones

    Donnie Darko...a very strange movie

    Remember when they talk about dreams, how when you wake up you remember them perfectly, but then they slip away and there is nothing you can do about it. I believe at the end Cunningham realizes A LOT of things due to this long dream he has somewhat experienced (Donnie calling him an...
  22. Dan_Jones

    Donnie Darko...a very strange movie

    I definitely loved this film; just a very original piece of work from a first-time writer/director. I can only hope it finds its audience in the home market as it clearly failed in theaters. I just wrote a review of the DVD here if you'd like to check it out :) Great film IMHO.
  23. Dan_Jones

    Best Floorstanding Speakers under $1k

    I'll second the Axiom Audio M80Ti's.
  24. Dan_Jones

    Axiom owners, let's hear opinions

    I've got M50Ti's up front, M3Ti's in the rear and a VP100 for center with a Pinnacle Digital Sub 350 for the LFE. I've truly been blown away by the Axiom's quality since day one. They are incredibly detailed speakers with great midrange and exceptional highs IMHO. Exceptional bang for the buck.
  25. Dan_Jones

    Best price on Avia disk?

    www.dvdpricesearch.com is your best bet.