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  1. Chris_MJ

    When is the time for another calibration?

    I had a professional calibration last September. I was wondering how long should I wait before I have someone in again to "touch up"?
  2. Chris_MJ

    Post Calibration distortion....need advice

    I had my Toshiba 50H82 calibrated recently. I was watching a DVD and when i saw that there was distortion (heavy horizontal lines) whenever there was movement on the screen. For example is a person moved he would be distorted. I fooled around with my DVD player and after switching the...
  3. Chris_MJ

    I need some advice..

    I am having a calibration done on Monday and I have the option of having the protective screen removed. I have a Toshiba 50H82. My question is what are the advantages and disadvantages? Will the image be greatly improved? has anyone had this done?
  4. Chris_MJ

    New Toshiba 65H82 just made a popping sound

    Yes, it is normal. Something to do with the CRTS breaking in. The manual for my 50H82 said that it is normal for the first month or so.
  5. Chris_MJ

    50 watt sub...

    I am interested in purchasing a sub-woofer and Sony has a 50 watt one for 150 CDN. I have no need for anything loud. I play my DVD's at a soft volume. Is 50 Watt enough for my small needs?
  6. Chris_MJ

    What I have realized...

    Before buying my Toshiba 50H82 I was very worried about the quality of the pic I would be getting. I researched all types of TV's and finally settled on the 50H82. What I have realized is that to most of us who are untrained most RPTV's made by good companies once calibrated (pioneer, Toshiba...
  7. Chris_MJ

    Thinking about getting a Toshiba 57H81, need help

    Might as well get the 57h82. I have the 50h82 and I am no expert on home theater but DVD's look gorgeous.
  8. Chris_MJ

    RPTV and digital cable box.

    I have a digital Cable Box hooked up to my RPTV. When I change channels there is a rectangle box at the bottom that shows what is on, the time, etc. I am sure you are familiar with it. Can this burn in the TV? It is not on all the time but when you change channels it appears. Over time can this...
  9. Chris_MJ

    DVD Progressive Scan compatibility with HD TVs

    I agree. I have a 50h82 and the picture looks a lot better with my new Prog. Scan player than it did with my old interlaced player.
  10. Chris_MJ

    Burn-In and Contrast Level

    When "breaking in" a new RPTV is 35 an acceptable level for the contrast? Does brightness level contribute to burn-in as well? Thanks.
  11. Chris_MJ

    New Toshiba 50h82---Sharpness and Ghosting

    I never understand when people say to turn the sharpness down to 0. It is virtually unwatchable.
  12. Chris_MJ

    Digital Noise Reduction

    I have a Toshiba 50H82 and I was curious as to whether the DNR should be off or on. Thanks!
  13. Chris_MJ

    HD Rear Projection TVs Issues!

    I have the 50H82 and I always watch regular cable in Full mode so that it takes up the whole screen. It looks great to. Can hardly tell that the image is stretched.
  14. Chris_MJ

    New Toshiba 50H82, problems already!

    Not professionally calibrate it but use Video Essentials on it. Also, beginners error as my components input were not inserted all the way which accounted for the lines. My bad :b
  15. Chris_MJ

    New Toshiba 50H82, problems already!

    I had my new TV just delivered. I have it hooked up with component inputs. I have not video essentialled it yet. There are lines running vertically across the screen. Is this something to be worried about or will it clear up when I calibrate it? Thanks
  16. Chris_MJ

    When using a progressive scan player...?

    So does a progressive scan DVD player make a difference with the Toshiba 50H82?
  17. Chris_MJ

    When using a progressive scan player...?

    If I hook up a progressive scan player to my Toshiba 50H82 do I have to somehow disable the TV's line doubler and enable the DVD line doubler or will it take care of itself when I hook it up?
  18. Chris_MJ

    Panasonic admits it's newest HDTV tv may be obsolete soon!!!

    The Toshiba 50h82 is DVI upgradeable. Is that correct? That alone is a reason to buy this set. Not sure if it is true but a dude at Toshiba Canada said that the upconversion has been improved.
  19. Chris_MJ

    Tosh 50H82 is out!

    I was seriously considering the Panny but I from what I understand it is not available in Canada...:frowning:
  20. Chris_MJ

    PT53WX42 in Canada??

    Does anyone know if this model is going to be available in Canada?
  21. Chris_MJ

    I'm thinking of holding off on my HDTV purchase

    I am in the process of buying a widescreen TV. Maybe it will be outdated in a couple years but I could be hit by a bus by then.
  22. Chris_MJ

    Tosh 50H82 is out!

    Brajesh, I am in the same boat as you. I had decided on the Toshoba 50h82 and I have even ordered it but now I am considering the new panny you linked. I am interested in what other people have to say on this. When you decide Brajesh, please inform me of your decision and vice versa. And you...
  23. Chris_MJ

    Toshiba 50H81 or 42H81 remote control

    Hey, you might want to hold off a purchase of the 81's as the 82's are being released soon. It will be an upgrade of the 81 that has some problems that you can read about if you search the forum and other sources.
  24. Chris_MJ

    Widescreen HDTV-Toshiba 50" vs. Panny 47"?

    Johnny G, when you get that info can you please post it?
  25. Chris_MJ

    Widescreen HDTV-Toshiba 50" vs. Panny 47"?

    Well I am not an expert but from what I understand the Toshiba widescreens that end in 81 upconvert their 480i signal to 540p. However, doing this makes the image on the screen appear softer. Apparently, this new model will not do the upconversion and will display 480 natively. Check out my...
  26. Chris_MJ

    Widescreen HDTV-Toshiba 50" vs. Panny 47"?

    Pete: I am in the same boat as you. The Toshiba stretches the 4:3 image better. However, there is a new model of the 50 inch Toshiba coming out in July/August. You might want to wait.
  27. Chris_MJ

    Toshiba RPTV's poor 540p upconversion...

    Well I called Toshiba Canada and my HT dealer and the 50h82 is being released in July. In Canada it is $300 more than the 42 inch widescreen and it sounds like it is worth itfor the extra 8 inches. Apparently it doesn't do the 540p upconversion. So anyone considering this TV should wait till July.
  28. Chris_MJ

    Toshiba RPTV's poor 540p upconversion...

    Thanks for the input. I called the place where I bought my TV to ask if they have a bigger size, they said they have a Toshiba 50h82. They said it is this years model. I have looked around but cannot find such a model number. Does it exist?
  29. Chris_MJ

    Toshiba RPTV's poor 540p upconversion...

    I have ordered a Toshiba 42h81 widescreen TV. An issue has come up and since it is not too late to cancel my order, I need some advice. I read that the 540p upconversion is a problem and that it softens the images on the screen. Can anyone with these sets tell me what you think? Also will a...