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  1. BrettGallman

    Check SP Wire message--but receiver still works?

    I've had an Onkyo TX-NR609 for about two years now, and I had an interesting experience last night. I was watching a movie, when my receiver turned off; I assumed that I accidentally hit the power button the remote (I always keep it nearby, and I was shifting in my seat), so I turned it back...
  2. BrettGallman

    Eosone RSF-1000 setup help

    This is going to sound like a totally newbie question, but, after years of dealing with HTIAB speakers, I have this set of real, genuine speakers. The only problem is that I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to the fronts, which have built in powered subs. There's also two sets of...
  3. BrettGallman

    Bad Teacher - quick review

    I thought it was fine; I really liked Diaz, but I think the movie needed more Segel. Still very much worth a look.
  4. BrettGallman

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ American Graffiti -- in Blu-ray

    I think this one is pretty timeless, regardless of what age you are or were when you first saw it. I wrote a full review of it if you want to read what a 27 year old thinks about it these days. :)
  5. BrettGallman

    Bond 23 news

    Am I going to to be the guy that sticks up for QoS? Granted, I haven't seen the movie in about 2 years (back when I revisited it on Blu), but I remember thinking it was such a good, logical follow up to Casino Royale. A smaller, more intimate flick that wrapped up establishing Bond as a...
  6. BrettGallman

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ American Graffiti -- in Blu-ray

    I can't wait to give this one a spin; it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Glad to know the Blu-ray is up to par, quality-wise. As far as I'm concerned, American Graffiti is the best and most important teen flick of all time. And Lucas's best movie.
  7. BrettGallman

    Super 8 - An Amblin Entertainment Production, a J.J. Abrams Film

    Yep, I got my tickets for an IMAX showing tomorrow. I'll have one day of work before summer break starts the next day, so I hope Super 8 is going to get it started off right. The trailer is certainly awesome, and even though I'm not sipping the Abrams/Spielberg kool-aid yet, I have pretty high...
  8. BrettGallman

    "X-Men Origins: First Class"

    I think the X-Men movies have all been pretty good adaptations on a thematic level--the kernel of the story has always been there, but I like that "First Class" really embraced being a big comic book movie. Is it still really faithful to the comics, plot-wise? No, but I just see it as another...
  9. BrettGallman

    Scream 4

    Yes. Two or three more of them please.
  10. BrettGallman

    Scream 4

    I saw it last night and had a blast. So much fun--very much an improvement over part 3 and very close in quality to part 2.
  11. BrettGallman

    "Source Code" starring Jake Gyllenhaal

    Ah! It was Bakula! I can't believe I didn't hear about that until just now. Great nod. A great film too. A prime example of how a film can surprise you if the marketing team restrains itself from feeding you every plot point in the promotion.
  12. BrettGallman


    Yeah, good old fashioned horror. Just as creepy when its lights are on as it is when they're off. Good stuff.
  13. BrettGallman

    Conan the Barbarian - A New Take ?

    That teaser has already certainly annoyed the piss out of me; I think I've seen it 4 times in theaters already.
  14. BrettGallman

    Sucker Punch Trailer - WOW!

    If this is any indication, as long as Snyder isn't writing Superman, it should be fine. I especially can't wait to see Amy Adams's midriff in the role of Lois Lane. :p
  15. BrettGallman


    If you must see one alien movie released in the past month (between this and Paul), pick the one with the well-directed action scenes. That would also happen to be the one loaded with dick and fart jokes. ;)
  16. BrettGallman

    "Paul" - Starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

    I thought most of the humor was solid, but what made it work was the heart. More detailed thoughts can be found here (any and all feedback appreciated, btw).
  17. BrettGallman

    The official 83rd Academy Awards Nomination and Predictions Thread

    I was disappoitned for Steinfeld too; that's one that I guess I might sort of disagree with, but I find it hard to take anything away from Leo in The Fighter too. And yeah, I would highly recommend both of those.
  18. BrettGallman

    The official 83rd Academy Awards Nomination and Predictions Thread

    I thought the show was okay; maybe it's just been the stretch of poor hosts that's conditioned me to accept it, but I've come to expect awkward, forced humor. I was mostly disappoitned that they seemed to drop the thing about honoring past winners; I know they did something with Gone with the...
  19. BrettGallman


    I really liked it a lot. You can click the link in my signature for my full thoughts. But despite my love for it, I'm not really that surprised by the performance--the marketing was pretty poor, plus, after the Grindhouse fiasco, it's clear that audiences don't care for this low-budget...
  20. BrettGallman

    *** Official PIRANHA 3D (2010) Discussion Thread

    LOL The original was a self-admitted Jaws rip-off/homage, so it's hardly a generational thing.
  21. BrettGallman

    Black Swan - quick review

    Here's my review of it--any feedback is appreciated. I really enjoyed this movie and enjoyed writing about it--so much to discuss.
  22. BrettGallman

    *** Official PIRANHA 3D (2010) Review Thread

    My thoughts on it.
  23. BrettGallman

    Splice Review

    My extended thoughts. I will just say that it was uh...interesting.
  24. BrettGallman

    2010 at the Box Office

    Interesting as always, Terry. I thought that international hauls were deemed less important than domestic in determining a film's relative box office success, and I suppose they were at the time. That certainly seems to have changed, though.
  25. BrettGallman

    2010 at the Box Office

    I have an odd and random question, and I figure this is the best place to ask it: what's the process for international distribution? I mean, how much money does the studio see from international grosses? I've always been under the impression that they make most of their money from domestic...
  26. BrettGallman

    Off to see Nightmare on Elm Street (the '10 edition)!

    Shaye was absolutely right in the case of Nightmare 3. I'm not just going on hearsay when I talk about how awful Craven's Nightmare 3 script is. I've read it. It's godawful. And anyone who thinks Shaye didn't LOVE Freddy and all that he did for New Line, I urge you to check out the upcoming...
  27. BrettGallman

    Off to see Nightmare on Elm Street (the '10 edition)!

    That was Craven's first pitch for Nightmare 3. Shaye and company said it wouldn't work, then he came up with the absolutely atrocious script for Dream Warriors. Barely anything from it remains in the final product aside from some names and the stuff about suicide. They further anyone stays...
  28. BrettGallman

    Off to see Nightmare on Elm Street (the '10 edition)!

    Figured I'd share my horror/NOES fanboy take on the whole thing. Can't say it was an abomination, but it certainly wasn't a home run either.
  29. BrettGallman

    2010 at the Box Office

    As always, thanks Terry. :)